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[CS] You Won’t Fade (Xylohem)

Posted: Sat Jun 01, 2019 6:34 pm
by Light-Witch
Zodiac sign:

(YC only) Why did you move to Lyons, NY (the setting for the rp):



Supernatural feature:



Name: Raine Aurelia Smith
Nickname(s): Rai, Smith, and Angel (family nickname, but nobody knows how it came to be)
Birthday: October 17th, 1999
Age: 19
Zodiac sign: Libra
Species: Angel

Powers: Raine has control over the elements of air and fire, and she's been known to have telepathy and empathy at the same time. The telepathy and empathy have shown themselves to the world indirectly, but the control of fire and air won't begin to show themselves until after Nash is kidnapped. The only downside is that her telepathy and empathy will drain her to the extent that she gets headaches when around too many people, and the elements will drain her to the point of exhaustion if she's not careful.

Personality: Raine was once a bright, bubbly young woman who cared deeply for her family. She was always quiet around new people or in settings that made her uncomfortable, but aside from that, she was able to easily become the life of an event when she had decided to go to one. Her brother and their friends would agree that no matter what happened, she would act like she was okay unless something was truly wrong, and had hesitated to date for some odd reason. Nobody had anything bad to say about her, and the more she was around people, the more alone time she needed to be able to recharge. Many people had even tried to ask her out based on her personality once they got a glimpse of it, and they were denied just because it didn't feel right for her to try to be with them (until she meets YC). Then she got into a car accident with her mother, and everything began to change with Rai.

After the car accident and time spent in the hospital, Raine became very introverted and pessimistic about life. Blaming herself for the accident, she will lash out at those who tell her differently, and those closest to her have to get to know her all over again as a result. She dropped the majority of her friends due to the accident due to the amount of time she was stuck in the hospital, and it's a miracle she never lost her voice or her memories. Yet the moment she begins to fall for someone, she'll hesitate to show it due to how her and her brother grew up. She may or may not come out of her shell, and if she does, it'll show that her old ways are back with a hint of an attitude to go alongside it. Rai will keep those she deems important close to her, and the accident hasn't changed the fact that she'd do anything to protect those she cares about.
  • YC (even with denial at first)
  • Her family
  • Her and Matt’s friends
  • Rock music
  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Writing
  • Playing the guitar
  • The supernatural (not even realizing that she's one of them)
  • People who use others
  • Talking about the accident
  • Those who are friends with her because of her dad
  • Abuse
  • Self-harm
  • Showing off her talents without consent
  • Those who hurt her friends and/or family
  • Those who blame her for the accident (even if she agrees with them)
  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Playing the guitar
  • Studying the supernatural
  • Taekwondo
  • Losing her friends
  • Losing her family
  • Losing YC
  • Not being able to control her powers
  • Never seeing her friends and/or family again
Bio: On a cold, rainy night a long time ago, a woman had found a newborn child abandoned on her doorstep with a note saying for her and her family to take care of the child, Raine Aurelia, but there was no evidence of whoever left her on her doorstep in the middle of the night. As a result, the woman, Elise, her second husband Michael, and her son from a previous marriage, Matthew, had decided to take her in and adopt the child as Raine Aurelia Smith after months of fighting to keep her. It was clear that she had issues with being apart from her mother and brother, and her dad was under her radar of protection whenever he was home. The way she grew up made her happy and outgoing, yet whenever Matt's father was around, he was under supervised visitation due to how he treated Ellie when they were together. The only problem was that when the supervisor for the last visit had turned their back to go to the bathroom, Rai stepped in front of her brother's dad as he went to attack her family. While she miraculously hadn't been harmed, the result had been him going to prison while regretting going after them to begin with, and she was hailed as a hero as a result.

One of the times that Michael was home after the attack, he had Raine enrolled in Taekwondo to help her with learning more self-defense moves as she grew older. He also taught her the guitar and to sing, suddenly seeing how she had a natural gift for helping others after the attack made her want to watch over everyone around her. While going to the movies one day when she was eight, she saw a boy her age being picked on by a group of older kids for being with his sister, and next thing everyone knew, the older kids were on the ground as she checked on the boy and his sister. From that day forward, Nash and Danika (the siblings) were her friends, and they helped her out whenever they could. It appeared as though Rai had the perfect life despite her father being away most of the time to tend to matters with his band Breaking Starlight, until a couple months ago with the car accident.

Raine and Elise were going out for a drive while listening to the radio, and the younger girl was driving due to just getting her license. They had just went to dinner and Matthew was at his friend Seán's house, but the rain was coming down thick as they drove along the road. Next thing they knew, an eighteen wheeler slid through the intersection as they passed through a green light and t-boned them, crashing right into the passenger side and sent them sliding. By the time the three of them reached the hospital, Ellie had managed to slip her necklace onto her daughter's neck before succumbing to her injuries, and the driver of the eighteen wheeler was questioned as she was treated for a broken arm, cuts from the glass shattering, and a concussion. After learning of her mother's death despite being out of it when it happened, Rai cried and began to shut down, shutting out many of her friends as a result of finding out that she was adopted in the hospital. Now that she's out of the hospital, Seán and Matt decided to bring her along to meet the former's new neighbors, not even realizing that they set off a chain of events that can't be stopped.

Height: 5'4"
Weight: 82 lbs. (95 lbs. before the accident)
Figure: Slender but toned
Supernatural feature: Raine will release two sets of angel wings upon realizing that she's an angel, split down the middle with one wing in each set contrasting between snow and night. In sunlight, they have a rainbow shine to them, suggesting that one of her birth parents was a fallen angel while the other was still aligned with heaven.

Appearance: Image Normal
Image After her powers are revealed, but with two sets of wings

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Posted: Sat Jun 01, 2019 7:05 pm
by Xylohem
Name: Arius Lorne Morgan

Nickname(s): Ari, and Morgan.

Birthday: December 13th, 1839 (Woken from split and "raised" starting 1991)

Age: 178 (Physcial Age: 19)

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Species: The Forsaken and Tormented Son of Death.

Powers: Arius' powers when he is "United" is closer to his father's. Though, due to an old organization who fight to preserve life Arius was separated into five beings. Each holds different abilities and power limits, but they are all just fragments of a singular being. Arius is telepathic and is able to shift from his human form into one of a Fallen Angel. He often hides these abilities as much as he can as when he uses his telepathy he normally hurts others. Either making their minds twist and contort toward madness or, if he is angered, he can crush a person with just a thought. Though, if he does attempt to crush a person it does take a minute and requires all of his concentration. Afterward, he is incredibly tired and needs rest.

Why did you move to Lyons, NY: The Society of Heaven had determined that Arius was showing some promise and so they thought it would be useful to give him a more "human" life. While he would long outlast many of the humans he would live around, the Society thought it would be best for him to learn how to be human and then learn how to cope with his abilities. Little did the Society know, Arius remembered fragments of his old life as the tortured son of Death made to be a weapon. However, he recalls these memories and labels them as dreams.

Personality: Arius is quite open and holds himself with an air of importance. However, he does not always wear this mask and often at home he is prone to being very quiet. While his foster family has their own ideas for his silence, often preparing to warn the Society just in case, he is often just tired of socializing. Due to the recent move, Arius doesn't have many friends but his outgoing nature does draw many to him. Though his silence and outgoing nature is still a full cover. Arius doesn't know why but he seems to hunger for violence and relishes in death. He discovered this unnatural curiosity when his family had to put down their dog. Arius felt no remorse for the animal and instead fought with all his might against the wicked smile that wanted to cover his lips that day.

  • Raine A. Smith
  • His family
  • Freedom
  • The outdoors
  • Gothic Style
  • Music (Of varying types, he just loves specific songs of many different genres.)
  • The Supernatural
  • The dark
  • Horror Movies
Darker Likes: (He keeps his emotions hidden around these things, as well as he can.)
  • Violence
  • Fire
  • Destruction
  • Death
  • Insanity
  • The darker side of himself.
  • His "dreams".
  • Abusive people
  • Being constrained
  • Clingy people
  • Reading
  • Singing
  • Leaning about anything he can get his hands on.
  • The Supernatural.
Darker Interests: (He hides these as much as he can though sometimes he is compelled due to his hunger.)
  • Torture
  • Feed his hunger. (This means, making people fear him to a major extent, or eating a soul. Though he has yet to do the latter.)
  • The Dark Supernatural (Werebeasts, vampires, ghouls, etc,...)
  • Fighting
  • To unite with the other split pieces of his old self.
  • Killing (While he has never killed anyone before, the darker side of him pushes him toward this ultimate.)
  • His darker side.
  • His "dreams".
  • Losing Raine
  • Friendships/Relationships
  • His real father

"Idiot boy!" The crack of a whip shattered the still air. Searing white pain flashed over his mind. How long had it been? He had a life out of these chains, right? Another crack, more white. No... He was born chained. Iron, steel, blood, pain, this was his. Once more, seven swift blades digging into his back. Opening new and old wounds. Heat, fleeing from the painful marks. He was so cold... "What did I tell you?" A hand grabbed at the young man's neck and moved his gaze up. In front of his face stood a mountain of a man with a mask covering his entire face. All except for the man's piercing firey eyes. He was expecting an answer, to what? What had the man said before the young man had woken?

Pain, the pain held him still as the man towered over him. "Fine, you won't speak to me? Then never speak again." A sudden twist and shove and the man let go of him. It is not over... Footsteps, moving away from him. The tender sound was like music to his ears as his torturer walked away from him.

Slowly everything began to return. Carefully the chained man pieced the memories together again. Every piece, starting with his birth, and moving on to this moment. Each cruel experiment and new painful technique his father could think of. All used on the boy. Every shredded slice of darkness and evil that his father could cram into the poor boy. All of it, and the cold-blooded murder of his mother, just to make him into a weapon.

A bone-chilling cry spilled forth from the boy's mouth as the deeper pain began to register and the man returned. He held a thick black wire and a large steel needle. "This ought to shut up your screaming." Still, the young man screamed and struggled against the thousands of chains that held him as the pain became overwhelming.
Arius, the boy of darkness and evil. A concoction made to destroy all that was ever made. The Society of Heaven knew little of what the tormented being had endured. But to contain the beast and evil within him, they split the weapon into pieces. Each hidden and protected heavily just in case any of the parts decided to reunite. The Society also marked when Arius came to Earth during the Victorian era and after causing him to split they labeled it as his "birthday" to help catalog the date.

While Arius does not fully know where he came from, or what he is. He does have a decent amount of knowledge about his darker side due to the memories that he calls "dreams". However, he keeps these things to himself as they scare him and he doesn't wish to make his family or friends fear for him. But he struggles with his memories because of this. While he is reminded and does remember being in the foster program before his foster parents decided to adopt him, he also remembers coming to Earth during the Victorian age. But these things are long behind him, other than his dreams and twisted memories.

Due to a positive review of Arius' lifestyle and mental health, the Society decided he and his protectors would move to a place where he could be more like a human. This recent trip did hurt Arius as he had made friendships in his old home, but being a mostly open person he knows he can do well. The pain from the move did worry his mother, Anna, his father, Ethan, and his brother, Eli because it was the first big thing that had ever happened to Arius since he was taken in. Though their worries were calmed once they arrived at their new home and Arius couldn't seem to sit still. He acted much like an ecstatic dog would, as when they parked in the driveway of their new home, Arius was quick to explore the house. Of course, Eli followed his adopted older brother and the pair quickly attempted to lay claim to the biggest bedroom that wasn't the master bedroom.

This sense of levity was very relieving to Anna and Ethan as they watched the two boys run about like normal brothers. Anna and Ethan were full members of the Society of Heaven, while Eli was still preparing to join, and this held them all responsible for Arius. However, no matter how hard they tried to see Arius as a possible God-killer, they couldn't see it. Instead, they saw a boy, their son, and this was one thing that had kept Arius safe for so long. But now, being out in the open, the world and its mysteries are more accessible to Arius. And it may be sooner or later, but something is coming his way.

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 188 lbs.
Figure: Skinner side of healthy.

Supernatural feature: Due to his forgotten and scattered past, Arius can shift into a Fallen Angel. This spreads a pair of black feathered wings from his back. However, when this form is taken his lips are magically sewn shut meaning he can only talk with his mind. His body in this form is heavily scarred and the bones in his dark wings seem broken and reformed haphazardly. Though the wings still work fine, it just seems like they cause serious pain.


(He has crimson highlights in his hair that he was seemingly born with. If he ever reunites with one of his split pieces the crimson will turn white.)

(Here is his shifted form into a Fallen Angel.)

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Posted: Sun Jun 09, 2019 3:33 pm
by Xylohem

Name: Ethan Morgan
Info: Ethan was born a mute. Though this did not stop him from following the path of his family and committing to his own public dreams. Under the pen name, E.M. Morrison, Ethan has written many novels as they are his way to communicate with the world without having to use sign language. While this was not fully his parent's dream for him, he did follow through with what they desired. He became a full-fledged member of the Society of Heaven. Earning a place as a mage was simple as his disability became a blessing when casting magic that required hand movements.
Name: Anna Morgan
Info: Anna was born into the Society at the opposite end. She knows the pain that has befallen Arius as she lived through a minor, yet similar pain. The woman may look human, but this is due to the wedding ring that Ethan gave her. He specifically enchanted it to give her a second life out of the chains that the Society puts around inhumans. This was not just some random happenstance either. Ethan and Anna had a history before he offered her the ring, and a way out of her slavery. The elf herself is versatile in combat when it comes to hand-to-hand which makes her reflexes much faster than a normal human's. Yet she holds back when in the presence of her son Arius.
Name: Eli Morgan
Info: Eli is not a blood relative of Anna and Ethan either. Much like Arius, he was taken by the Society. Although, they treat him much kinder than they have ever treated Arius. A mix of human and devil blood resides in his veins making his features all the more present. Often when he is legitimately angry his eyes will change colors. Yet, with a mix of devil blood, other features have often threatened to take over. A set of horns and sharpened fangs in the place of teeth for example. To keep this quiet and to keep his son feeling human Ethan enchanted a bracelet to keep the devil blood away allowing Eli to live like he was nothing but a normal human. Yet, if the bracelet were to ever break then the spell would diminish and within a few months a set of horns would grow on his head and his skin would also change as well.

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Posted: Sun Jun 16, 2019 4:49 am
by Light-Witch

Michael Smith
717BB9F6-7C44-4DF8-85BA-6A1665E85DF2.jpeg (53.13 KiB) Viewed 757 times
Name: Michael Franklin Smith IV
Info: Michael is not only the lead singer of Breaking Starlight, but he’s also Raine’s adopted father and Matthew’s stepfather. A kind soul, he has made it clear that he would rather die than allow for someone to hurt his kids, and has grieved for his wife following the accident. Seeing no reason to mistrust Arius, he sees him as one of his own until Nash reveals that he was only freed because Rai took his place. He was heartbroken when it was discovered that his wife was barren after trying for a child, and knows now that he has to figure out how to be there for his kids with Elise passing away. He mentored his kids in music, finding that one flourished in it while the other struggled. Mike is also a natural chef, and finds time to cook while home no matter what time of day it is.

Matthew Fray
15694770-6906-4F70-B823-D67B939F0548.jpeg (15.37 KiB) Viewed 757 times
Name: Matthew Edgar Fray
Info: Matthew is Raine’s older brother and stepson to Michael Smith, and many know him as a giant teddy bear most of the time. He grieves heavily for his mother, and enlisted the help of those close to him and his sister to help her return to her old self, claiming that she’s in danger of fading if they don’t act fast. He knows little of the supernatural, and yet has always known his sister was different because she could always sense danger as her sixth sense. He always calls her Angel in private, and upon seeing her literally sprout her wings, now realizes that they all knew deep down she was an angel. He would always be seen with Seán growing up, and yet he works too much to be able to keep an eye on what little family remains, so he asked his best friend to keep an eye on her. Yet Matt will eventually begin to display an affinity for spells and rituals, prompting him to consult Ethan and Anna once it begins to grow out of hand.

Nash Ritz
36C132D7-F9CD-4DDB-9D71-0EADAABC2B65.jpeg (147.96 KiB) Viewed 757 times
Name: Nash Salvatore Ritz
Info: Nash is a very abrasive, no-nonsense kind of guy, and has been from the beginning. While he hates to tell the story of how he met Raine and Matthew, he feels indebted to her since her actions caused him to no longer be bullied. He was in her Taekwondo class for years, and has often sparred with her to keep his skills sharp. Unfortunately, he’s found himself eternally in the friend-zone with her as he witnesses her fall for Arius while having liked her since they were ten. He will bare the scars from his kidnapping for years to come, and will eventually begin to hear a voice in his head that will later reveal him to have become a Somnium through his extreme trauma. Eventually Nash will move on from Rai, seeing her as being happier with Arius (who he deemed too dangerous to ever want to face when angered despite having been traded with her for his freedom), and date other women to prevent a repeat of his kidnapping from happening again.

Danika Ritz
D5334EBB-794C-4D1C-A2C7-36A85BE526F7.jpeg (80.62 KiB) Viewed 757 times
Name: Danika Emmaline Ritz
Info: Danika is Nash’s younger sister, and unlike him, is much more open and friendlier. After Raine made it so the bullying ended for her and her brother, the two girls became friends despite one being much less girly compared to the other. She isn’t a fan of the supernatural, and upon seeing her best girl friend sprout wings, will actually faint from shock because of her trying to understand how they could be real. Having been protective of her brother, she will do everything within her power to find and bring him back, not realizing that Arius was capable of hurting anyone until after he was switched to grant his freedom at the cost of Rai taking his place. She was always a force to be reckoned with once angered, but nothing compares to how she will be when she’s vengeful. Dani will take a lot of time to get used to the supernatural, but will consider Arius an enemy no matter what his hunger made him do to those close to her.

Seán Myrick
740AB0DB-BEE8-4DEB-BB33-1F97FDE2F201.jpeg (120.16 KiB) Viewed 757 times
Name: Seán Wyatt Myrick
Info: Seán was originally born and raised in Athlone, Ireland, and was the eldest of three children when his father and sisters died in a fire that broke out when an unknown arsonist set fire to their car when he was four. His mother then used most of the insurance money and their savings to move to Lyons, NY, and it was hard to adjust as the foreigners who were stereotyped as alcoholics. Once he started school, he quickly made himself into a jokester before meeting Raine and Matthew when he was seven. He took to them like they were family, and was certain that they would be his best friends before he finally began to be accepted by their peers. Unbeknownst to the siblings, he’s a warlock that managed to get a hand on his powers early enough to control them, and has made sure to hide that in case they weren’t accepting, only to find out the girl he was friends with turned out to be an angel while the supernatural began to reveal themselves in his life upon meeting Caelia. Seán is also a drummer, and while trying to help Rai heal and being her confidante, he’s determined to start a band with his friends to show them that even people from Lyons can make it big.

Caelia Rojas
16F7B21E-4F7C-416A-B924-BF747DFAF293.jpeg (74.23 KiB) Viewed 757 times
Name: Princess Caelia Violet Rojas II
Info: Caelia was the princess of another planet, and while she was fleeing an invasion from another alien race, she was known as the Prophet while being able to wield magic to her advantage. She arrives shortly after Raine trades places with Nash, and has a keen interest in Seán due to him being the first human she met. Once Raine is liberated, she reveals that only those who dream of their match are destined to be together, which makes Arius her match since she always dreamed of him and his memories. She will eventually cast a glamor that will make her look more human, but will always wear her cloak in the off chance that it will slip and reveal her true appearance. However, she has a vision of them confronting “a man who can split himself” once things begin to die down, and will call out Adan as working for that being before he confesses that Rai is the reason he hasn’t tried to hurt them. It’s unclear if Caelia will try to return to her planet once everything’s said and done, but she will try to understand Arius despite knowing he may have been influenced by an unseen enemy they will know to be Trian.

C0DD9578-1557-4C25-8DF7-06B647F19420.jpeg (80.23 KiB) Viewed 757 times
Name: Trian
Info: A mysterious being known as a Somnium, Trian has seen many historical events and pulled the strings to see his desired outcome. He may act charming upon meeting him the first time, but if he deems someone a threat, he will take any means necessary to eliminate them by placing in events that shouldn’t have happened otherwise. He made sure the accident would happen, and while Raine survived, he was in turn responsible for her meeting Arius ahead of schedule since she was supposed to meet him after she got her wings. Every misfortune that befell her was his attempts at killing her, and he played on Arius’s hunger to see if he would remove her for him. He is also Adan’s guardian, and while he would never admit it, he was responsible for the boy’s transition into a Somnium as well. Trian is also the only Somnium to be able to separate from his Nightmate, making him more dangerous than any other of his kind.

Adan (Nightmare)
969FCF6C-1434-4327-974D-249D2636E875.jpeg (89.09 KiB) Viewed 757 times
Adan (Dream)
82CE1BFD-0BA3-43E4-B481-7EDC9A66BA57.jpeg (10.56 KiB) Viewed 757 times
Name: Adan Hunter Bennington
Info: Adan is a bit of a mystery to those that he meets, and yet he knows more about the world than he cares to let on. Initially struggling to control his Nightmare, he was drawn to Lyons before he was ordered to spy on the group as Raine and Arius began to realize that someone was messing with them remotely. He will try to convince her that they were connected originally, but after finding out about her dreams, he will remind her about her time spent missing in an attempt to isolate her. What he doesn’t expect is for her to call out the Nightmare, and once she does, he begins to question Trian despite him having raised him since he was awakened. When he meets Nash after he allows himself to hang out with Arius again, a short comment about him having woken up reveals that Somnium like himself are typically born through severe trauma, and that Nash has to wake up his Nightmare if he wants to move past what happened. Adan is also a very skilled musician and songwriter, and has written songs about many of his experiences alongside the titular song that inspired this known as We are Ignited.

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by Xylohem
(That is awesome...)

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by Xylohem
Name: Lily-Anne Rivara

Nickname(s): River, and Lily

Birthday: December 13th, 1839 (Woken from split and "raised" starting 1995)

Age: 178 (Physical Age: 17)

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Species: The Forsaken and Tormented Child of Death

Powers: Through extensive torture and many other heinous acts, the Son of Death was broken in more ways than one. To keep the child strong powers from other beings were spliced into him. Lily knows of her darker side and has mastered the ability to shift from her human form, into a form with demonic and otherworldly inclinations. Contrary to her lithe figure in both forms, she can lift ten times her weight easily. Though, with such strength, she can be quick and push her body to incredible speeds. However, she is not as accustomed to controlling her speed as she is in controlling her strength. Which can lead to plenty of clumsy interactions.

Why did you move to Lyons, NY: Lily-Anne didn't fight the choice to move as it was forced on her. For a few years, despite her "families" intentions to keep her in the dark she learned what she was. Through their fears and whispered words she discovered many secrets in relation to the Society of Heaven. While her "parents" thought it would be prudent to move away from the town they lived in, they couldn't have predicted Lily-Anne's movements. Her grasp for a job and distance from them brought them begging, perfectly into her control.

Personality: Lily-Anne is kind to a fault, yet is prone to swings in her behavior. Should something annoy her to a certain extent it is likely she will either break it or move on entirely. If something harms her or someone she loves then she lays out its destruction. So long as she does not out herself to her parents or any other being who doesn't know the truth of the world and the Supernatural, or so long as they aren't important. Just because she can be confrontational doesn't mean she isn't cunning.

  • Kind people
  • Freedom
  • Gothic Style (She's not sure why, but she likes it.)
  • Music (Mostly rock to power metal. But if it has a good beat she likes it.)
  • The Supernatural
  • Being in her natural form (She considers her Supernatural form her natural form.)
  • Humanity (There are exceptions, however, they are few.)
  • Lies
  • Being clumsy
  • Her "family" (The human guardians who raised her.)
  • Religon
  • Her true Father
  • Dancing
  • Reading
  • The Supernatural
  • Testing her natural form (Often this means she will transform and attempt to find her limits.)
  • Finding the "others"
  • Her true Father
  • Being found out (In her natural form or being outed as supernatural. As either would bring the wrath of the Society of Heaven.)
  • Heights
  • Making relationships of any kind with Humans
  • The Supernatural (In relation to beings of light.)
  • Being unable to find the "others"

Cheering rose from the entrance to the dark hallway she rested in. A dark metal door held fast to the ground it had sunk into the day she had been thrown inside. The lightless corridor reeked of blood and putrid scents meant to throw her off guard. For months she had been held within. Her captor, her Father, calling to the realm to show the strength of his child. In the deep darkness of that room, she swore her vengeance every day. And today, the roars of people echoed through the blackened door. Today she would show just how she would commit her revenge.

The sound of clicking chains broke the deafening sound of her light breaths. Grating against the stone ground, the metal door emerged to reveal an opening. Sickly green light from dozens of lanterns poured into her corridor as the roaring grew louder. Any normal being would welcome the sound, the sight. Yet her eyes, perfectly adjusted to the inky darkness of the void, squinted as she stood. With careful steps, she passed into the view of the people. Hundreds of thousands filled a massive stadium that she had seen once before, in ruins.

"And the challenger!" Across the way, another black metal door began to lift. Her eyes caught it immediately, then found their way through the crowd above. Indiscriminate faces, all of them. Save one. In a large booth of dark metal and bone, resting on a throne of bones and gold sat a monster. His fiery gaze linked with hers, and she could tell immediately that he was smiling beneath his mask.

Suddenly, a trunk of pure muscle slammed into the side of her body and face, throwing her tumbling through the air. With a sickening crash, she landed in the arena wall, not too far below where he sat. The crowd roared and jeered at her and the display of her distraction. Quietly a voice played at the back of her mind, "Stand and fight, or die." A beast of hulking mass roared where she had been standing previously and seemed to be preparing to charge once more for her. Pulling herself from the wall she wiped the black blood from her mouth and nose as a smile showed on her face.

"Watch well. One day, it will just be me, and you."
Lily-Anne, the child of darkness and evil. A concoction made to destroy all that was ever made. Though, this wasn't its name when it was whole... The Society of Heaven knew little of what the tormented being had endured. But to contain the beast and the evil within it, they split the weapon into pieces. Each hidden and protected heavily just in case any of the parts decided to reunite. The Society also marked when the being came to Earth during the Victorian era and after causing it to split they labeled it as her "birthday" to help catalog the date.

While Lily does not fully know where she came from, or what she is. She does have a decent amount of knowledge about her darker side due to the memories that she calls "dreams". However, she keeps these things to herself as they would terrify others. But she struggles with her memories because of this. While she is reminded and does remember being in the foster program before her foster parents decided to adopt her, she also remembers coming to Earth during the Victorian age. But these things are long behind her, other than her dreams and twisted memories. Or so many believe.

For Lily-Anne, the truth was paramount. And when her life began to conflict with what she remembered, she investigated. Her "dreams" became vivid and real. They were more than just lucid dreams where the dreamer was in control. These were unchangeable. No matter what she attempted to change, or see, nothing altered the course. With a desire for answers, Lily-Anne made the mistake of talking with her parents. Trying to dissuade her did nothing as something deep inside of her told her that they were not revealing everything they knew.

One night, after wishing her parent's sweet dreams, Lily-Anne snuck around and listened as her parents spoke with a few other members of the Society of Heaven. That night she learned many things, but most importantly there were others like her. Her true family. Not this one, shrouded in lies and fearful looks. But one where she belonged. She learned she had abilities, beyond human and that something would have to change or she might be returned to one of the Society's main locations. From that night Lily-Anne devoted herself to mastering her abilities and her "natural form". Through the years she acted well and kept up the guise of a peppy child. Until she was old enough for a job.

When the prospect for work arose Lily-Anne jumped on it immediately. This not only shocked her guardians, but also made them more concerned. During the years she had been training, she had also been absorbing as much knowledge of the town as she could. Those that kept an eye on her saw her quick expansion to work as a way to uncover more about this town that did not exist on any outside maps. To quell her desire, it was determined best that the family relocate. As to distract Lily-Anne from uncovering the fact that the Society existed. A fact she already knew and was confirmed the day her family moved to Lyons, NY.

Her desire for knowledge of occult things diminished, as expected by her guardians. Yet nothing else did. In order to keep her coming back to them, her parents did the only thing they could think of. Allow her to get a job, and beg her to keep living with them. For a time, this was enough. However, one day something shifted inside of her. It felt like a wave of cold and warmth colliding together, much like when she shifted between her human and natural forms. But this, this was not caused by her. And for the first time in her years, Lily-Anne's heart lifted with true glee.

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 154 lbs.

Figure: Slender.

Supernatural feature: While her past is still lost and her memories are fragmented and hazy, she knows well what she is capable of. Without shifting into her "natural form" Lily-Anne can lift a car with a single hand and run at thirty miles per hour for a brief period. However, in her natural form, Lily-Anne can lift the weight of a bus with a single hand and sprint at a speed of fifty to sixty miles per hour for a few hours. Even with wings on her back, she refuses to attempt to fly or even attempt to glide as when she had tried it in the past it did not end well.


(Her hair is not as platinum as in the above image, it is a bright blonde and her eyes are a mix of silver and the color seen.)

(If she ever enters a fight and gets serious she will wear the mask shown in the image below. The mask itself is formed through a rather painful method of blood hardening.)

Re: [CS] You Won’t Fade (Xylohem)

Posted: Thu Jun 04, 2020 2:49 am
by Light-Witch
The Angel of Judgement:

The angel of Judgement, known to those closest to her as Sententia, was a unique angel compared to her peers. Due to her ability to read and manipulate the Threads of Fate (though she’d only alter them in dire circumstances, resulting in the Somnium being created), she was kept mostly in isolation save for her interactions with the Fates to tell the final destination of a soul: Heaven, Hell, Purgatory, or the highly coveted Reincarnation (which most souls desire if they feel that they need to make different choices in life). Upon realizing that she had her soulmate finally appear, she was eager to read his Thread to see what their life would be like together, only to see that the Thread had been altered before she could read it to show him becoming a weapon capable of destroying everything around him. Determined to meet him anyway, she appeared once he was old enough to recognize her in a sense, and it soon became clear what the end result had to be for him to give him a second chance. Sententia realized that for him to live the life that could’ve made him into a normal being with his abilities, he needed to be Split, and it was due to this that she decided to instill a fail safe in beings whose fates held the potential for greatness, but the cost of doing so would make the negative aspects of themselves manifest into an alternate form.

These beings would eventually be known as the Somnium, and Sententia was seen as their deity for those that eventually manifested.

One of these Somnium, Trian, decided that instead of barely using his ability to manipulate the Threads of Fate, he’d use it for his own personal gain. Sententia went to Earth to warn of threats against life itself, and those that heeded her words eventually joined together to call themselves the Society of Heaven with her as their patron. Once Trian managed to kill the angel, her sword was given to a family of humans to guard with their lives, and the world began to go down the corrupted path it’s on today. The angel of Judgement was reborn multiple times under much different names and lifestyles, and yet she knew of her endless battle with the Oracle turned corrupted Fate-Weaver (the technical name for Trian’s ability) she’d given a second chance to. Once her soulmate was finally Split, Heaven focused on their mission to find and kill the Somnium. Some still believe that Judgement will return to stop Trian once and for all, and the Society waits with baited breath for the first sign that she’s returned to them once again.

While nobody can agree on what Judgement looks like, they know that she had two sets of wings: one pair that was as pale as snow, and the other as dark as raven feathers with a slight rainbow sheen depending upon the lighting. The wings are the only way to determine if she’s returned, and once they’re revealed to the world, things will never be the same if the angel’s found to be alive once more.