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Apocalyptic inspired! ( The Written Word.)

Posted: Wed Mar 13, 2019 8:20 pm
by LibbyM098
Post your characters and powers and a bit of a back story here!

Re: Apocalyptic inspired! ( The Written Word.)

Posted: Thu Mar 14, 2019 7:49 am
by LibbyM098
Name: Ira Dolson
Age: 20 (and stuck at 20)
Hight: 5'4"
Gender: Female

Bio: Ira's parents where almost in their 50's when they suprisenly found out they where pregnant with a beautiful baby girl. Her father however was a General in the Australian army so Ira had to follow in her father's footsteps.

She was promoted to being a Captain at just age 20 and it was on her second mission when the bombs hit.

How and why she survived she would never understand and now she had been given a mission by an old military friend who died trying to complete a mission he put himself on years after the world had welcomed the Apocalypse. Get the bad of last surviving books to the Promised Land.

Personality: She had always been a team player untill the Apocalypse hit. Now she is very closed and a lone wolf. She never stays in one place any longer then 24 hours and is always on the move. She has never let herself get attached to anyone since and only ever goes into towns when she needs supplies.

Powers: Healing (to the point she could put her head back on), hightend senses.

Abilities: Before the Apocalypse came Ira was a Captain in the Australian army. The army was her life and since she was the only child to two elderly parents when they past she never let herself settle down. She was apart of the secret service and after the radioactive bombs hit she some who survived and has never aged since the incident happened.

Equipment: A M14 Enhanced Battle Rifle, two military standard hand guns.

Appearance: Shot brown hair, brown eyes.

Re: Apocalyptic inspired! ( The Written Word.)

Posted: Thu Mar 14, 2019 11:21 am
by Xcelgamer
Name: Dr Jaqi Tulimar
Age: 25 (and stuck at 25)
Height: 6’5”
Gender: Female

Bio: Before the Apocalypse Jaqi was a simple woman, living in a small house in one of the alleys of New Orleans. She was a phony witch doctor, tarot cards, placebo potions, that sort of thing. She wasn’t a rich woman but she always loved conning people out of their money, earning her the moniker The Shadow Queen. Then the bombs dropped.
She and her small abode was decimated, the only thing remaining of her was her broken mangled body and some of the few real voodoo trinkets that she had found. Her spirit was dragged to Hell and she managed to bargain her way back to life and some real magic taboot. The Deal was a simple one, she can come back to life and as long as she can damn souls to hell she gets to keep on going.
Nowadays Jaqi walks across the world, duping suckers or killing people keeping the freshest ones for her little friends temporarily of course, often taking odd jobs to kill people. She is currently in the employ of the “Govoner” trying to kill a girl who was bringing some books to someplace.

Personality: Jaqi is a charismatic woman, often keeping calm and suave preferring to make deals and telling people what the want rather than directly fighting. She very rarely gets angry or frustrated, only doing so when she doesn’t get her way. While affable to most, getting on her bad side shows how evil she can really be, letting her voodoo dolls stab a person to death while taking their soul and replacing one of the dolls souls with the fresh one, nonchalantly as if one was talking about weather.

Powers: Voodoo doll creation, Tarot Card Prophecy, Soul control, small item summoning

Abilities: Silver tongue, potion making

Equipment: A simple staff, Voodoo dolls, Tarot cards and the clothes on her back

Appearance: Jaqi is a tall lanky woman, standing in at an impressive 6’5”, she has lapis lazuli blue eyes, frizzy, black hair and tanned skin. She wears a long but thin dark purple hat, a black jacket, a purple shirt that exposes her midriff, she wears a pair of long pants and a pair of fancy shoes. On her left hand she has black glove

Re: Apocalyptic inspired! ( The Written Word.)

Posted: Fri Mar 15, 2019 3:08 am
by LibbyM098
I'm worried about "godmoding". Like what is the extent of your characters powers? For example yes Ira can reattach her head, but that is only for a very short moment of time and given her powers are only able to keep her alive for about 40 seconds after she has lost her head. (She is not a cockroach).

Re: Apocalyptic inspired! ( The Written Word.)

Posted: Fri Mar 15, 2019 3:23 am
by Xcelgamer
Ok, so with Jaqi Soul control and Voodoo doll creation go hand in hand by allowing her to hold onto souls and place them into voodoo dolls although like Ida's reattachment she can only hold onto for less than a minute. Item summoning is simple, anything equal to or less than a piece of A4 paper she can summon and the Tarot Cards Prophecy ability she can only do for other people. The souls in the dolls only last a fortnight or so in them before the souls are forced to hell and the dolls become inanimate