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Posted: Mon Jan 07, 2019 3:45 pm
by Dead_Inside

Re: Star Wars - The Old Republic RP CSes

Posted: Sat Jan 12, 2019 3:21 am
by Zroday
Player: Zroday

[Picture (Optional)]


Name: Spar Discord
Age: 32
Sex: M
Race: Human
Occupation: Republic Intelligence
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Height: 5’ 11”
Weight: 190

Appearance: Spar is a well built, battle scarred soldier with pale skin from lack of sunlight and short black hair. He has brown eyes and usually a thin layer of cheek stubble. One will usually only see this rarely as he spends most his time in his armor, unless he needs to leave it to go undercover.

Personality: Grim, driven, disillusioned. Spar is very focused and driven to complete his missions in whatever way he deems necessary at the time. He has little patience for unnecessary distraction and cares little for local rules or regulation unless they can serve him to achieve his orders. He has long since been disillusioned with the concept of right and wrong, good or bad due to the hardships and losses in his own life. He lives by his orders and sense of getting the job done no matter what obstacle, cost, or situation arises, as much a coping mechanism as a desire to succeed.


Powers: Spar has no special powers.
Skills: Spar is an experienced soldier with years in recon and intelligence. He is an adept problem solver, has a strong sense of the ebb and flow of a situation, and is used to making whatever decision needs made to achieve his objectives. He has been trained in a wide array of weapons, has passable skills in spycraft and hacking, and can fly most common use military and civilian vehicles.
Equipment: His armor is a basic Commando armor set with several upgrades to its observation and communications suite, including enhanced optics and signal detection, encrypted receiver/sender unit, an optical thermal filter, and 3 deployable cameras that can send back to his armor. He carries a survival pack on his back with a few odds and ends he’s collected over the years, including high tensile strength climbing rope and gear, survival rations, 3 sets of fraudulent identification papers with alternate identities, standard survival gear such as a fire source, water cleaning kit, and trail markers, and additional ammunition and ordnance. He also has a wrist mounted datapad he uses to record or access information.
Spar was born on Kuat to a working class family. He grew up with enough to get by, but always wanting more. This would shape him immeasurably as he grew up in the shadow of the ship building giant Kuat and it’s immensely successful executives as well as much less successful laborers. He was a talented kid who excelled with ease in his schooling and eventually started getting into trouble because he grew bored. This led him to falling in with some of ‘the wrong crowd’ of kids. At first it was all minor things, acting out in class, getting in scuffles with other kids, taking a pen or pencil…. But these actions grew as did the kids, eventually leading to night escapades to ‘liberate’ spare parts from the massive ship manufacturer or else spare niceties from the overly rich executives and their lot. They were successful at first, going after the small things that no one paid attention to, before eventually going after something much larger that someone else cared about, namely trying to make off with a crate of high end computer chips they had planned on selling on the black market. They were caught and detained by Kuat security, a place no one would want to be.

A senior officer named Taigo Runwik was tasked with their cases. As he looked through their files, he noted their string of illicit behaviors, assumed successes and documented failures. He reviewed their schooling records and found that though ill-behaved, they were all talented. Instead of punishing them, he recruited them into the Kuat security force. Taken aback and afraid of the punishment they would receive otherwise, the group of rebellious kids accepted their only way out as Security enforcers.

Taigo put them through training, knowing the mundane routine would push them to rebel and act out. When they did, he was always one step ahead of them and shut their various plans down. He punished them, but not as severely as he would another culprit, because he was grooming them for a specific role. After their training was complete, he again put them into mundane guard duty, knowing the results would be the same. Each time they acted out, their plan became a bit more complex. And each time, he was there to shut them down, though it became harder and harder for him to achieve this. Finally, he was convinced they had been trained enough, and offered them a position in Kuat Security’s internal affairs reporting directly to him, specifically tasked with trying to break into various Kuat locations inspect their security.

This went on for a couple years before a Republic Senator approached Kuat Security and asked them to attempt a similar security inspection on a Military base. Kuat was not pleased with the request, but did not hesitate to assign Taigo and his crew to it. They planned for months how to achieve the assignment before finally acting, attempting to simulate a system failure of the facility mainframe and posing as the repair crew. They were able to infiltrate the facility, make it to the mainframe and download the target schematic. On their way out, they were intercepted by an Intelligence Officer who questioned their credentials. Upon delay in his processing their documents, Taigo believed their cover blown and the Spar and team attempted a hasty retreat, only to be captured on the landing pad by Intelligence troopers.

Though they had been captured, Republic Intelligence was nonetheless impressed and recruited them into its own ranks. From their the team took mission after mission and saw the entire spectrum of the horrors of wars and intelligence. They may have started as starry eyed rebels, but after nearly a decade of work for the Republic’s Intelligence arm, they knew that peace wasn’t maintained by fancy talks and ceremony. The real cost of peace was a select few sacrificing their humanity to do the dirty work no one else wanted or could do.

This mentality led them to without question accept what seemed to be just another mission: Assassinate a Trade Union official named Mardan Jis, whom was obstructing the signing of an agreement between the Trade Union and a mining consortium. They gathered information, observed the target, laid out a plan, and then executed. Unfortunately, they had missed a key detail: Jis had formerly been employed by a Kuat subsidiary named Yi Works, and had been hired by the Trade Union following a string of ruthless and cut throat deals which had served Kuat and Yi Works well. Yi Works had happened to be an information broker… and Mardan Jis knew all about them from his own accesses and a tip off from a rival Republic Senate faction. As the team breached the facility Jis was touring, Spar had been assigned as overwatch sniper this mission. He saw everything unfold and go wrong, but there was nothing he could do about it. His team entered the supposedly unguarded ventilation access point, and then the whole building swarmed with HK battle droids. Spar fired as many shots as he could while hollering at his team to get out, before his position was bombarded by hover tanks. He broke position, attempting to find another place he could put down support fire, before a massive explosion shook the facility and all his squad’s comms went dead.

That was the day he learned the real cost of peace was a select few sacrificing their lives, dying for the stupid political power plays of senators and executives.

Spar was put on leave for some time afterward…. Eventually, he was reassigned from front line Intelligence to information hand off to front line squads. Intelligence kept a very close eye on him thereafter, uncertain if he was truly fit to return to duty, but certain leaving him idle was not going to help him recover.

I will probably go back and flesh out the rest of his team a bit later, but that's enough for now.

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Posted: Sat Jan 12, 2019 7:34 am
by Dead_Inside
Nice! Accepted.

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Posted: Sat Jan 12, 2019 8:15 pm
by Orophin
I've finally got him entirely completed. Sorry for the holdup.

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Posted: Sat Feb 16, 2019 11:07 am
by LibbyM098
Name: AS-098 (On Bounty Slip: Kalia Tamina) (Calls herself: Skylar Australis)
Age: 25
Hight: 5'5"
Gender: Female
DNA Build Up: 40% Jedi, 30% Zabrak, 15% Kaminoan, 10% Tusken Raider, 5% Toydarian.

Clones where one thing for walking talking weapons, but they weren't the best of the best. Clones where still fully human with feeling and somewhat a mind of they're own. The Kaminoans knew this when they where creating them that's why they started a secret genetic modification cloning program. Not even the Jedi would know about this. The Kaminoans wanted to be able to sell these designer clones for a high price. The first of these clones was AS-001, but the clone only reached to an age of 2 days and then many others failed. Some reaches the age of 5 days and some reached to be able to be 7 years. Unfortunately one by one the genetically modified clones failed to live.

Eventually the Kaminoans where able to obtain DNA from a Jedi thanks to the help of a Sith that had become interested in their secret project. The key to the G.M.C's was given to them and that is when AS-098 was created.

Her abilities shaped and designed all by the Kaminoans. AS-098 training began when she reached the age of 3. They trained her in everything possible, air and space craft piloting, languages and literature, hunting and tracking, marksmanship with rifles and blasters. Then when she reached the age of 13 the Sith that had given the Kaminoans the Jedi DNA returned to train her in the ways of the force. Being a clone though her midichlorian level was low and only reached a total of 9000. Because of this she was restricted to only being able to learn certain things.

When she was in training they would bring in the clones that where for the Empire for her to train on, to desensitize her from death.
It was on the 23th year of her creation that the Kaminoans discovered that their mindless, walking, talking weapon had started to develop the very thing that could bring their whole operation crumbling down. A conscience had started to grow within her like a virus and very slowly it was starting to make her ask questions and build emotions where their should have been none.
Because of this she had started to become defiant, so the Kaminoans decided it would be best to start over making AS-098 as if she had died like the rest of her kind.

When AS-098 learned of her fate she knew the only hope of survival was to escape Kamino and she did after killing many of the Kaminoan scientists who had created her and the guards.

With this the Kaminoans knew that if anyone found out of AS-098 origin it would be traced back to them. So they Labeled AS-098 as a murderer and put a starting price on her head of 50,000 credits. On the bounty hunting slip they named her Kalia Tamina, wanted for murder and theft.

But now she is 25 she lives and works on Geonosis as a fighter in one of the pits. Fighting criminals, prisoners, drones and other galactic beasts, all for the entertainment of a paying croud.

Personally: Thanks to her DNA structure she can have both the best and the worst of the races personalities. She is strong willed and can sometimes have now fear factor about herself. She can be quite smart at times, but so can her mouth.
She can get frustrated easily with anything new and as the whole galaxy can be new to her at times, she can grow very quite and distant in these times of anger. At times she can also appear very emotionless and almost drone like as she is constantly learning new things and she can tick back into being a wepon, especially when fighting and even sometimes in training. Although she isn't always a robot with her conscience growing everyday sometimes she can be found being very emotional over things and learning how to control these things called emotions can be quite challenging at times.

Powers: Force Jump and can push some items depending on it's weight. Thanks to the 5% Toydarian running through her blood she is also unable to fall under any Jedi and Sith mind tricks.

Equipment and Skills: Two light blue in color light sabers, two blasters that are usually strapped to her hips. She is also a very skilled hunter and killer that was placed in her by being 10% Tusken Raider.

Appearance: Long platinum blonde hair, hypnotic crystal blue eyes, pale white skin, light blue Zabrak tattoo body marks over her back and forearms (thanks to having 30% Zabrak in her DNA.), her body is very much human and if no one new her genetic structure they would probably assume she is a halfling of human and something else.

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Posted: Sat Feb 16, 2019 11:12 am
by LibbyM098 ... to/447161/

(App won't let me post a picture of her for some reason)

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Posted: Sat Feb 16, 2019 4:58 pm
by Dead_Inside
interesting. Approved.

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Posted: Sun Feb 17, 2019 7:47 am
by LibbyM098
Name: Saros, Deimos Bloodmoon.
Age: 28
Hight: 6'2"
Gender: Male Twins.
Race: Jedi Humans.

Born on Nabu both twins had bright futures ahead of them. When they where seven years old their mother found them playing outside, but not how they normally would. Saros had some how been able to make his twin brother fly through the air by using his mind. All the while, while Deimos was in the air he was ripping apart wooden toy soldiers with the force, that they had set up to "attack" the boys.
Their mother's heart broke in half. She knew she could no longer teach them from home, nore could they no longer be at home. Her greatest fears had come true.
She had to hand her only two children over to the Jedi.

It was only two days after the incident, a Jedi Master had come to collect the boys and on the ship as they waved goodbye to their mother, it would be the last time they ever saw her face.

11 years later and the boys had grown onto fine Jedi men. Where ever one would go the other would be right beside the other. The two where incapable and they always looked out for one another. The force was strongest between the two of them. It was almost unbreakable much like the brother's bond.

The two where an unstoppable force. Saros was an expert pilot and fought with a green double sided lightsaber. Deimos was much the same, but he was always a little more distant and would always step back into Saros's shadow.

Saros: Outgoing and always ready for a fight. His heart is always in the good place, but always being the one who is more outspoken he can wind up in a lot of trouble at times. He is a good man tho, but his curiosity could wind up being the death of him one day.
Deimos: Is always the one to stand out of the spotlight. He is shy, reserved and usually will only talk when spoken too. Him and his brother have a special connection not just by being twins, but also through the force they can communicate mentally to each other. So that means Saros will always be the spokes person for the both of them. Deimos is also one to take Saros out of a situation when he is getting himself into trouble. Deimos is always the one who will think with a calm and level head.

Powers: The twins midichlorians count is 15,050. So together they reach a count of 30,100. Their connection to the force is so strong that in battle sometimes the pair down even use they're lightsabers.

Equipment: Both twins use a green, double sided lightsaber.

Appearance: Both twins are identical and the only way to tell them apart is that Saros has a scar under his left eye that he got in a drunken fight one night. He did have a punishment from the Jedi council after it. They both have green, captivating eyes. Dirty, blond hair and they're slender, but quite muscular in body build. Both of then are never clean shaven and always have at least a bit of stubble on their face.

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Posted: Sun Feb 17, 2019 7:50 am
by LibbyM098

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Posted: Sun Feb 17, 2019 8:44 am
by Dead_Inside