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Re: MELD RP Character Sheets

Post by Galeem » Tue May 21, 2019 3:30 pm

DemonPrinceDraiton wrote:
Mon May 20, 2019 4:02 am
Name: Kelsar Marsul
Age: 24

Void elf

Kelsar takes a little time to warm up to new people. He doesn't trust others easily, due to past experiences. He doesn't attack others without purpose, but he can have a volatile nature.

Time shift

Kelsar is not from this Earth. Months ago he simply appeared in the middle of crowded pedestrian crossing. Being shoved around, he followed the crowd until he had been able to break away from them and ascertain his location. He came from a parallel universe very different from this one. Humans were nearly extinct and races of elves and other supposed fantastical creatures ruled the dying planet.

Kazengol was a planet of constant conflict. Their towering buildings of spiral cone-like structures typically housed hundreds of soldiers and were obelisks used for defensive structures with arrow slots placed throughout the infrastructure. Kelsar had been a Captain in his cities army. He always fought on the front line. The world had steel structures, but the idea of going to such inaccurate weapons as sub-machine guns never crossed their minds. They prefered using their blades and plasma bows.

Void elves are a form of elf who, since the energy blast that hit them, had a constant charge building in their bodies. When it reached full they were yanked through a void and deposited in another timeline. They had no control over their shift, they just had to deal with it. Ever since being brought to this time, he has been trying to seek a new home to inhabit. Taking a spot on this ship was the most likely way he could imagine to find that home. For all he knew, his race was scattered among the cosmere. Some had been sent to the future or past, but he ended up in this queer planet that was like his in many ways, but all together alien. He would adapt or die, and that was it.

Obelisk: Power
He has the power over time and how its passage effects items or those around him. He can make time rapidly pass for a seed and make it grow "naturally" into a tree in seconds, or he could make one decay in seconds. He can heal a wound on himself or another through making the flow of time pass faster making it heal or reversing the flow of time to before the injury was sustained.

Obelisk Passive:
Ageless. He doesn't age. His body stays at the same age and condition as when he gained his powers

Power Exploitation:
Making too great a change in the flow of time (ex: making a person age until they die from organ failure) takes a massive amount of concentration and energy. Such great changes leaves him weak and disoriented.

Using this power for healing or offensive measures are only possible under touch or close proximity. He must be at least hovering his hands within inches of the target at least.

Plasma bow (collapsible)
Personal Energy Shield
Vibroblade (a short sword with a blade that vibrates at a high frequency enough to block laser swords or cut through steel with effort)(based of a weapon used in the Old Republic time of Star Wars. They were the only weapons that could hold up against a lightsaber so similar weapons would make sense to use in a futuristic time of energy weapons while keeping my characters more medieval scifi style.)
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