[CS] Doki-Doki Channel: Witch Compendium

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Re: [CS] Doki-Doki Channel: Witch Compendium

Post by Annasiel » Wed Mar 14, 2018 5:55 am

Name: Annaliese Burkhalter

Magical Girl Alias: Direttore

Original Strand: FI

Age: 16


Stern, cruel, and a bit of a brat. Annaliese isn't exactly the sort of girl you'd want to call your friend. Hell, she really isn't even the sort of girl you'd want to stay in the same room with, lest you have the 'honor' of listening to her prattle critiques and boring anecdotes for hours on end. She's passively condescending towards most everyone else, has an inflated sense of self-worth, and is stubbornly insistent in always getting her way. Ever since she was sent to New Kyoto, she's been quieter, but still retains the snobbish attitude. At her core, she's a stringent perfectionist, obsessed with making anything she creates absolutely flawless in order to preserve her own image.


Born to Leon Burkhalter, Director of the Maginot Branch DDC, and Maurice Dulfont-Burkhalter, his third (now estranged) wife, Annaliese grew up a member of modern aristocracy. Her father had wealth, influence, and prestige, three things she came to simultaneously covet and take for granted. She was never really a part of the DDC proper before moving to New Kyoto; her status kept her away from dangerous missions or bland patrols, so she took to wandering the halls of the offices and doing things at whim. During this time, Leon again remarried, this time to Eliza Burkhalter (nee Midas). When Annaliese turned sixteen, her father finally grew tired of her antics, and sent her off to New Kyoto to live with her stepsister, Leonora.

Primary Power:

Corona Cadenza.

Annaliese is able to alter the visual perceptions of listeners by playing musical scores. It is incredibly difficult to do anything beyond minor adjustments through improv, so for the most part, she uses prepared sheet music for her power. All musical scores played by Annaliese have this effect. To get a particular desired effect, she must create her own pieces.

Secondary Power

Phantom Orchestra.

Silhouette clones portraying different musical sections appear from Annaliese's shadow. Each clone must spend at minimum a minute tuning their instrument, or else the performance will have unpredictable effects. The more time spent tuning, the more structured and predictable the score will be. She is able to create, in all: Two violinists, a violist, a cellist, a double bassist, a harpist, two flutists, a clarinetist, a bassoonist, a tubist, a trombonist, a trumpeter, and a drum kit player with a full snare, cymbal, and bass drum ensemble. They are incapable of moving from the position where they were produced, so Annaliese must dissipate them and form them again elsewhere if she needs to relocate. They are impervious to any form of interference, and will only vanish if Annaliese disbands them, or if she is drained/incapacitated.

Tertiary Skill:

Annaliese is a musical genius. She has perfect pitch, can readily rewrite heard pieces from memory, and is able to create complex scores based on her primary's effect just by observing the illusions other similar pieces produce. Her skills of analysis in other fields, while nowhere near as strong, are still far above average, marking her a brilliant strategist and a very capable tactician. However, in the heat of the moment, she is very prone to panicking, greatly decreasing her cognitive abilities. She's also a pretty good singer, though nowhere near professional.

Hyper Power:


Annaliese begins to emanate a low, soft note that is magically amplified by her power. Everything within hearing range of this note is subject to a shared mass illusion. They are all mentally transported to a massive concert hall, devoid of any exits, with a large circular stage in the center. In this place, any illusions Annaliese creates are, for all intents and purposes, real. They do not show in reality (where all involved in this ability, including Annaliese herself, are stuck in a form of dreamlike trance), but anything they effect on the victims of the dream will manifest immediately in reality as well. Here, Annaliese does not need to tune her orchestra before performing, but this comes at a cost; she, as with her phantoms, is unable to move from her spot of performance no matter what, lest risk breaking the trance. That is the only way for the victims to escape.

Clutch Power:


A terrible, multi-layered screech erupts from around Annaliese. Anyone within earshot is afflicted by disorganized, overwhelming visual imagery that, when combined with the noise, renders most listeners unconscious. This is a double-edged sword, as it is extremely effective against Annaliese's sensitive ears.


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Re: [CS] Doki-Doki Channel: Witch Compendium

Post by UmbraSight » Sat Mar 17, 2018 7:16 am


Edith Dépourvu

Magical Girl Alias:

Original Strand:


Edith is a reserved girl, she is quiet and holds no desire to really be in the public eye, and she tends to lock up when suddenly put in the spot in any sort of social gathering. If she doesn't know what to say, then Edith will simply not speak, if uncomfortable, she will simply wilt until the curious eyes move on to more interesting things, if called out she will do what needs to be done to be left alone again.

However, Edith is extremely dedicated to her craft. Challenge her to a fight and you will find a girl far less meek. She takes pride in her craft, finds comfort in her strength, in the nature of combat where she doesn't have to worry about the social ins and outs, only her skill and her skill alone.

Her family never did have much, her parents were poor farmers barely scraping by who owned nothing but the land that they tilled. And when the Grimm came? They lost that too. Edith grew up poor in some French provincial town so utterly unimportant that it seemed as if even the Grimm had for the most part seemed to have forgotten that it existed.

Not that a stray Grimm or two didn't find its way into their home every so often. She had always been fascinated by polearms, a feeling which only continued to grow after her powers began to manifest.

She moved to Maginot with high hopes to better her life at the academy, and signed up with the DDC as soon as she could to start sending her paycheck to them. She received an offer soon after to act as the bodyguard to some rich girl, and the price was something she just couldn't refuse.

Primary Power:
When she Transforms Edith creates a sturdy lance which she can then use for combat. When using this lance Edith is able to skip or bypass any defenses her opponent might have and strike them directly as if their armors were made of little more than tissue paper.

Secondary Power:
While transformed all of Edith’s senses, aside for her lost sense of sight, are greatly increased. Very few things can escape her notice while she is transformed.

Tertiary Skill:

Hyper Power:
Edith thrusts her lance forward, and no matter the distance between herself and her target the lance will extend to fill the gap. Further, as the lance travels towards its destination it will branch and splinter out into a multitude of other lances which seek to impale the target. The further the distance between herself and her opponent, the more deadly the attack becomes.

Clutch Power:

From her body Edith pulls a sword with a wicked edge. When swung this weapon will slice through the very waves of light in the air drastically distorting what one can see if they look at the air the blade of this sword had just passed through. For example, if Edith were to swing her blade through the air in a wide horizontal arc, then the light in that area would be viewed as split, often with almost a foot of space between the top of the slice and the bottom. Constant slices worsens this effect, and can leave a viewer seeing the world as if it were a kaleidoscope.

The blade also cuts through flesh and bone as if it offered no resistance at all.

Appearance after Transformation:
//… and it was there, and her blade flicked out catching only air. She backed from the door, worn floorboards shivering with each misplaced step...// Fall of the Aelir Isles, Vol. III

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