Star Wars-A Sith's Apprentice the dark circle . (CS)

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Star Wars-A Sith's Apprentice the dark circle . (CS)

Post by Shadow101 » Tue Dec 05, 2017 3:18 pm

Name- Darth Parte Tenebrosa
Force- Dark-side
Race- Dathomirian Zabrak
Powers- Force Choke, Force Lightning, Mind Trick ( Not like the Jedi Mind trick more of mind control. He can control one person for a short period of time.)
Bio- From a young age Parte had to fight for everything he had. They did experiments on him horrible experiments. They were trying to see if pain was a way to wake up midichlorians unfortunately for them they were right. On his 18th birthday he realized the true power he had and killed everyone in the facility. From the rise and fall of Darth Vader he was taught the rise and fall of everyone who had ever been in power they all had the same flaw the only flaw he could pick out. Since the dawn of time there was only one Master and one apprentice no more Darth Parte Tenebrosa thought to himself. We have to change are way of thinking I will make a Dark circle and I will rid the galaxy off every Jedi that is in it.

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Re: Star Wars-A Sith's Apprentice the dark circle . (CS)

Post by Psycho_Jamie » Sat Dec 09, 2017 10:08 pm

Name: Fay'rel Nooru
Sex: Female
Race: Twi'lek
Powers: The Force in general, working in those lightnings, minor paralysis
Saber: Image
Appearance: Image
Bio: Fay'rel, or just Fay, grew up as a slave in slums on a moon that doesn't even have an official name. Not one anyone would know, at least. It was when a ship of the Sith had to land to refresh their fuel that she met outsiders the first time. The Sith recognised the power of the Force that she owned, yet never had the chance to practise in her position. With the right.... convincing strategies they were able to free her and accidentally her whole house's slaves. In gratitude they gladly left the young Twi'lek to be trained in the dark ways. Once old enough she could choose her official master who she decided to be the man she only recently met and she recognised as powerful, hoping to gain similar power over the course of her training with him.

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Re: Star Wars-A Sith's Apprentice the dark circle . (CS)

Post by TehMagicPudding » Sun Dec 10, 2017 7:44 pm

Name- Parthax Jalaal
Sex- Male
Force- Grey
Race- Ithorian
Powers- Force telekinesis, Life sense, Mind Trick (Causes people to not perceive him in person, can still be seen on recordings or through cameras.), Sonic Blast (A natural physiological ability common to all Ithorians, creates a disorienting soundwave through his 4 throats, can amplify it with the force to create a destructive sounwave)
Saber- Lightpike, a lightsaber polearm measuring 5' 8" from pommel to emitter, with a full length yellow blade. Can remove the extended haft to use as a walking stick and hide the blade.
Bio- Born on Ithor to a wealthy droid merchant, Jalaal spent the early years of his life in luxury. During this time, Jalaal learned droid programming. In his adolescence, he came to find that when he discovered that most people would not be aware his presence when he was trying not to be noticed. Into adulthood, he abused this to steal what he wanted. As a young man he built a custom translator droid from the chassis of an old combat training droid. Ruin soon befell his family, as an up and coming droid programming firm ran his family out of business. Jalaal left his family behind, striking out into the galaxy with his translator droid and the remnants of his family's fortune, which he wasted in short order. With an exorbitant lifestyle to keep up with, he turned to being a con man. He was soon moving from sector to sector, conning anybody foolish enough to trust him. This lifestyle eventually caused him to run afoul of a peculiar Zabrak male, whom, after beating deceived, chased Jalaal down. For several hours, Jalaal managed to stay one step ahead through guile and judicious use of the force. Eventually Jalaal was cornered, where he would have been slain had he not called upon the force once more, creating a sonic blast that demolished the room they were in. The Zabrak beat Jalaal within an inch of his life, and then offered to teach him how to truly use the Force.
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