Gathering Storm (Modern-era War RP)

If you're willing to consistently post a paragraph and want more depth than casual, try this on for size. (5-10 sentences per post, on average.)
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Gathering Storm (Modern-era War RP)

Post by FallenProdigy » Fri Aug 24, 2018 6:56 am

'Cry "Havoc!", and let slip the dogs of war ... '

The Plot.

The Middle East: a cesspool of traps, terrorists and wrong turns. A place where firefights and ambush tactics reign over peaceful protests and ceasefire talks. A place where your story can be told ...

During the height of the War on Terror, terrorist cells ran rampart through the Middle East. Many of them were quiet, and the few that weren't were quickly neutralised by the American military. But things are changing. A new sect has emerged, claiming that the oppression of the US has forced them into action. They take hostages without hesitation, they execute political prisoners live on air, and they shoot first, regardless of the situation they are in. They have destroyed and assimilated many of the cells that other terrorist organisations once used, bringing their forces to a formidable size. The American militia is powerless against them, due to their favouritism to employ suicide bombers, IEDs and set up roadside ambushes that annihilate patrols.

They call themselves: Ju'hari Mujahideen al-Palkis

Recently, the President and Sec-Def have authorised the go ahead to form three new anti-terrorism units: Hellstorm, Blackout and Grey Wolves. The teams will only be established when required. The first team in action, Hellstorm, had Blackout as a backup. Grey Wolves have yet to be formed. The idea is to pull the best field specialists from established units already in the Middle East and bring them together to counter this new groups actions, through subterfuge, guerilla warfare and carefully sanctioned assassinations.

Now, however, all communication from Hellstorm has gone dark. Sec-Def have sent in Blackout to find out what has happened. In their absence, recruitment for Grey Wolves has begun ...

Your Role.

You will play the role of any specialist you can contrive, master of their field, and taken from any active unit to serve alongside four others. Your job will be briefed upon your arrival, but the current status remains as ACTIVE. You can choose any militia within the US to be transferred from, all that is required is that you do not overpower your character. Once all positions have been filled, your team will be called in and informed that you are being sent into the combat zone.

Character sheets can be posted here, and those that are accepted will receive a PM stating that they are being called to action, with a link to the new in-character thread.

I hope you will join me in what promises to be a fairly psychological action thriller.

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Re: Gathering Storm (Modern-era War RP)

Post by Psycho_Jamie » Wed Sep 19, 2018 7:37 am

I am interested in this, sounds exciting. Could you tell me what is required in the CS? Then I'll post one as soon as I get to it

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Re: Gathering Storm (Modern-era War RP)

Post by Apophis » Wed Sep 19, 2018 11:00 am

I might be interested, even though I've never RPed outside of casual.
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Re: Gathering Storm (Modern-era War RP)

Post by Vladmirk » Sun Sep 23, 2018 6:02 am

I'm in
I received a Varsity Letter in roleplaying

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