[One] When the Music Plays

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[One] When the Music Plays

Post by spacesgoats » Sat Jul 21, 2018 10:54 pm

9.3CGA was the illegitimate child of a man and a woman who, after her birth, dumped her in a truck. She was found a day later, half dead, and brought to the government. A man took her in and no one thought anymore of it. But had they looked closer they would have found that this man's name was Doctor Havared and he was researching Weapons of Mass Destruction. His life-long dream was to create a WMD that would not malfunction, would not be detected and was easily controlled. He reasoned with himself that if he made an assassin out of this baby girl, she would not be detected nor would she malfunction. She could kill a controlled amount of people and once it was time for her to cease, there would be ways of stopping her, and another agent would be sent to fetch her.

The solution was noise and the group proceeded to train her according to music. The scientists installed two computer chips; one in the inside of her left ear and the other in her right. The chip installed in her left ear would play slow, calming piano and string instrument music. Whereas in the right ear it would play a jumbled mass of drums, cymbals, brass instruments and other panic-inducing sounds at a frantic pace. They found that, as long as the “good” music was playing, she remained neutral and generally went along with whatever was happening around her. But when the “bad” music played in her other ear it sent her into frenzy where she destroyed everything until it was turned off.

This seemed like the ideal solution. The only minor flaw it that, whenever one microchip is activated the other must be totally deactivated or else an electric current will pass between the two microchips through 9.3CGA's brain and kill her. This was never deemed a serious issue to the scientists though because it was assumed that she would never fail.

But something was bound to go wrong eventually.

9.3CGA’s target was the prince of a thriving kingdom during a ball. He was heir to the throne and this was his crowning ceremony as his father’s health was beginning to decline. The king’s royal adviser had hired the agency to murder the prince in the hopes that, by killing the prince, he would be able to then create a poison that would end the king’s life as well. Then the role of monarch would pass to him and he would be ruler of the kingdom.

Unable to pass up such a generous sum of money, the Agency happily accepted and sent 9.3CGA to kill the prince. All was going well – she was beautifully dressed up, blending in fairly well, the “Retriever “ (the agent who accompanied 9.3CGA and brought her back to the agency after her mission was accomplished) was along the crowd. The Prince entered the ballroom and walked to a piano, sitting down and testing a few of the keys as people (including 9.3CGA) gathered around. Pushing past the crowd she approached her target, drawing the dagger from the folds of her dress and the “bad” music switched on.

But she couldn’t hear it. As the Prince began to play a gorgeous melody it drowned out the sound of the “bad” music and she stood there in astonishment, the dagger in her hand clattering to the floor.

Everything after that happened so quickly, 9.3CGA was unsure what had occurred. Suddenly she was tackled to the ground by a heavy man and upon impact the “bad” music was suddenly silenced. Screams of “Assassin!” rose from the crowd and people were running in every direction. There was a sharp pain in her calf and everything quickly went black.

When 9.3CGA awoke, she found herself in a dimly lit stone-walled room with iron bars as a door and a solid metal chain that tied her left foot to the wall. All of this was strange, but the only thing 9.3CGA cared about was the fact that there was absolutely no music playing. She didn’t know it but the microchip that played the “bad” music had been damaged. It was still activated and playing the music, but the speaker was broken. The scientists couldn’t deactivate it due to the damage, but refused to active the other microchip and kill her because they didn’t want to throw away all the work they’d put in to her. So she was left in total silence for the first time in her life.

The Prince was curious. He didn’t know how or why, but the assassin sent to kill him had failed and it had something to do with his piano playing. Wanting answers, he had her put into the dungeon and hired a therapist to evaluate her mental state. When he returned the Prince was surprised by his report; the girl seemed to have never been taught to talk, read, nor write. The only words she knew were words he would rather not repeat, but he had managed to get something similar to a name out of her – “Banshee”. The Prince then hired a speech therapist to work with the assassin in the cell far below and teach her how to speak.

A few weeks passed and “Banshee” learned exponentially quickly; soon she was able to say common phrases and put a voice to her thoughts, though she was continuously asking about the “music” and where it had gone.

This is where our story begins. The Prince, who recently hired another bodyguard, has decided to take it upon himself to civilize his would-have-been assassin in a search for answers. This childhood friend and bodyguard is wary but knows all too well how determined the Prince can be. Meanwhile his second bodyguard has an altered motive; bring 9.3CGA back to the Dr.’s facility so he and his team can repair the damaged microchip that’s preventing her from hearing the music.

Welcome to the kingdom of Anstice, the city of rebirth. This is a fair and thriving kingdom, the "place of rebirth" as it's known, where people from all around the world come to visit (some staying, seeking to start anew). It's run by the good King Amonius however the crown is soon to be passed down to his son because the King has grown old and sick. But during the crowning ceremony there was a disturbance and the celebration has been delayed. This is where you all come in.


~The Good~
Slade Arcadia || Hisoka Kurosaki || 20 || OPEN
The young prince, adored by his kingdom and someday destined to be the crowned king. You have many talents, one of which is playing the piano - this talent saved your life at your coronation ceremony as it managed to paralyze the assassin coming for you and allowed your bodyguard (and dear friend) to subdue her. You have taken an interest in this assassin for an unknown reason and you've taken it upon yourself to turn her into a lady; this way you'll hopefully be able to identify who is after the crown (and get to know this oddly intriguing girl a bit better too). Under your orders she is currently been held in the dungeons.

Prince's Body Guard:
Julian Dejoy || Lyon Vastia || 23 || OPEN
You've known the prince since your childhood and have always been good friends (though you're a year or two older). You have devoted your life to protecting his and you were the one who managed to identify and subdue the assassin by accidentally damaging the microchip that plays that "bad" music (though you don't know this). Following this incident, you strongly supported hiring a second bodyguard to keep the prince safe (and no, it wasn't only because this second body guard was considerably attractive).

~The Bad~
"Banshee" || Ume Shiraume || 18 || TAKEN by Me
Raised to be more machine than human, you are controlled by music. "Bad" music sends you into a killing spree whilst "good" music neutralizes you. Sent to kill the prince, as you approached him his piano playing drowned out the "bad" music and you were paralyzed, allowing his bodyguard to subdue you and, in the process, damage the microchip that played the bad music. Now you're being held captive in the dungeon but you don't seem alarmed - for the first time in our life, there is no music whatsoever, and you are unsure what to think/do.

Lilia Willow || Christiane Friedrich || 24 || TAKEN by Me
Because you are the one sent to collect the assassin and bring her back to the Dr and his team after each mission, you know all about the assassin and her history/training as well as who hired your organization to kill the prince. However this mission went wrong and the assassin has been taken into custody by the prince. You must now act as a double agent and pose as one of the prince's loyal bodyguards in order to get close enough to get her. Fortunately for you, that occupation has just opened up - you just need to be wary of the other bodyguard who is both attractive and a lifetime friend of the Prince.

1. No god-modding. You play your character and ONLY your character.

2. No sexually explicated scenes. Romance is strongly encouraged, but when the clothes start coming off it's time to fade it out.

3. No quickies. If you’re in a rush, wait to post. Nothing is worse than a simple sentence to go by. I won't say that there's a minimum amount of words required per post, but just put effort into it.

4. Stay with it. Nothing is worse than getting super pumped for a RP, only to have it die a slow painful death because someone couldn't spare the time. This is meant to be a long-term role play with people posting once or twice a day - if you don't think you can commit, then don't.

5. I am understanding of schedules. If you have an issue with that (family vacation, finals week, etc), say it in the OOC or PM the GM and we'll work around your absence.

6. Reservations will last 3 Days (PM me if you need a 24 hour extension in addition to this time). In your reservation in OOC please include your character's hex color (which will be used during your character's thought/speech). This will be your password for the RP reservation so don't forget to include one!

7. Pay attention to the OOC. That's were we'll do plot line discussions, where I'll answer questions and where we'll (hopefully) be cracking jokes and sharing funny pictures.

8. I will need you to play 2 characters, seeing as that I will play 2 characters as well, these person roles are important in their way.

9. Have fun!

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Re: [One] When the Music Plays

Post by spacesgoats » Mon Sep 10, 2018 4:20 pm


"ι ∂οи'τ иєє∂ иοϐο∂γ ϐυτ, γου..."

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