[I][One] Surviving Raccoon City

If you're willing to consistently post a paragraph and want more depth than casual, try this on for size. (5-10 sentences per post, on average.)
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[I][One] Surviving Raccoon City

Post by Miro-chan » Mon Jul 09, 2018 7:05 pm

On the night of September 29th, 1998, two strangers would be forced to help one another survive a nightmare that would only happen in stories and movies...

Leon S. Kennedy was a young, rookie cop who was sent to the peaceful town of Raccoon City to begin his new job. Claire Redfield was a young college student who had been looking for her missing brother and had heard rumors that he would be in Raccoon City. They both arrived in the city, not knowing that what awaited them was a zombie infested city. They met eachother in an alleyway, right before Claire was about to be jumped on my an infected person and Leon had saved her. Once they met up with eachother, they ran for the police cruiser that had been parked next to the bar Claire had been in.

Not long after riding for a bit, the two had been able to give an introduction to one another and Leon had given Claire a gun for safety reasons. It wasnt long before the two were shocked to find a zombie had been in the back seat the entire time and an eighteen wheeler had an infected driver driving it. The large truck had rammed into the police cruiser and the two survivors were forced to jump out of the car before it blew up. The two yelled at one another from either side of the large fire that separated them and they agreed to meet up at the police station...where ever that was.

Would the two be able to make it to the Police station in time? How would they fair against an entire city infested with cannibal corpses walking around?

Zombies were not the only creatures they would have to fight against. There were plenty of shocking and horrific things waiting for them in the dark. They'd have to work together to survive the night... If they wanted to get out of the city alive.



So, recently I've been playing the Resident Evil 2 game on my PS3 and I have been inspired to do a roleplay based on it! I haven't beaten it yet... I'm actually stuck in a part. Haha. XD

If you don't know the Resident Evil series or Resident Evil 2 very well, that's fine! You don't have to. It's basically a zombie survival game and the characters available are a rookie cop, Leon S. Kennedy, and a college student looking for her older brother, Claire Redfield. The two work together to survive the horrific experience and eventually find a way from the Police Station to an underground facility, which was created by a corporation called "The Umbrella Corperation." Feel free to look it up if you wish.

This roleplay won t be exactly like the game. Think of it another fun, survival/Zombie apocalypse roleplay where the characters have to find food, water, supplies, and with zambies! Haha.

I'm fine being either character~!

Please know that I may be gone for various times and lengths due to a medical condition.

If you are interested, please post a character sheet.

Character Sheet
Short Bio: (Feel free to make one up since this is the first game they were brought up in.)
Appearance: (Description &/or Picture.)


My Character Sheets:

1)If You Choose To Be Claire:
Name: Leon S. Kennedy

Age: 21

Personality: Leon first appears as a somewhat naive rookie police officer with a strong sense of justice and duty but he also shows insecurity and irritation when nobody pays attention to him. Leon cares greatly for people and is always willing to help them, even when it involves putting himself in danger. He seems to care very deeply for some of the people he rescues. He goes to great lengths to protect them all despite not knowing them. Leon's friendly nature makes him very likeable to others. Despite the hardships he faces, Leon possesses a strong sense wit and humour--Leon will often brighten the mood or keep a calm composure even in the presence of his enemies, often in the form of jokes and one-liners. Leon's composure also enables him to thoroughly analyze any situation to figure out the best course of action. Able to keep his composure in most circumstances, Leon is very compassionate and objective. He does things even when he doesn't have to because Leon knows that what he is doing is for the greater good. Leon has a strong will to live. He believes once a person picks up a gun they have an obligation to keep on living for all their comrades who died so they can live, even if it means being paralyzed for the rest of their lives. Leon also has a strong sense of honor. Leon has a tendency to drink in order to deal with stress.

Short Bio:
After graduating from the police academy, Leon requested an assignment to work for the Raccoon City Police Department. His reason of choice was because of the widely publicized murders taking place in and around the Arklay Mountains. Having recently broken up with his girlfriend, Leon stopped on his journey to Raccoon City by staying at a motel overnight. Oversleeping from drunkenness a day late on September 29th, he rushed back onto the road when he wasn't able to telephone in to the station. The US. military blockading the city having crumbled, Leon drove through completely unaware of the t-Virus outbreak.

Appearance: (Picture belongs to original owner!)
Leon Scott Kennedy
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2)If You Choose To Be Leon:
Name: Claire Redfield

Age: 19

Personality: Claire is strong-willed, having grown up confident with training from her older brother, Chris. Her bond with her brother is quite strong, as is why she went to look for him after he had gone missing from his home in Raccoon City. Claire is quick to draw opinions on people, whether it be when she feels someone is hiding secrets, or even when someone is wholly untrustworthy. Claire easily establishes strong connections with people, despite sometimes seeming aloof and sarcastic. Claire often shows an interest in biking, she drives her Harley Davidson into Raccoon City though she left the bike after the zombie encounter and meeting Leon. Claire also wears her bike vest with a picture of an angel (goddess) with bombs and the words "Made in Heaven" on the back. When around children, she often repsonds positively and becomes very protective of them when they are in danger. She is initially deeply emotional and having a great compassion, being one of the few heroes to display rash and strong emotions ranging from fear, anger, and sadness so early on and it is these emotions that drive her on. Though, she demonstrates more professionalism and level headedness when faced with drastic situations. Claire still allows outbursts of emotion shine through her more exterior, usually a result of anger at people that mindlessly or selfishly cause harm to others.

Short Bio:
Claire had to put a stop to her college days once she became worried for her brother. When she found that he was missing from his apartment, which he would invite her stay in when she visited him, she began her never ending search for him. Having ridden her bike into Raccoon City, she was unaware of the horrors that would face her and her soon to be best friend when she arrived.

Appearance: (Picture belongs to original owner!)
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