Aspects Of Everything

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Aspects Of Everything

Post by God Of The North » Fri Jul 06, 2018 9:10 pm

Between 13 and 14 billion years ago, there was an event that most educated people are well aware of. This event is commonly known as the Big Bang, and it is credited with having created, or at least begun the creation of, the Universe itself.

This is correct to an extent, however it is not the full story, by any stretch of the imagination. The specific details of the event are, as one would imagine, exceptionally sparse, but bits and pieces of information have been gleaned by certain individuals through history. Some of that information has been recorded, while some of it has died with those who learned it.

According to these individuals, there was existence before the Big Bang. There was an entire universe, with life and planets, and stars. This universe is known as The Before, and it was ruled over by a godlike creature known as The Entity.

The Before existed for an unknown amount of time, possibly decades, possibly centuries, possibly eons, but it eventually came to an end. The Before was brought to an end by a second creature known as The Other. The Entity and The Other did battle, and it climaxed with the two combining and then the two detonated. The Entity and The Other could not coexist as one being, and so they rejected one another in the most violent way possible.

The detonation resulted in The Before being reduced to dust and plasma. The powers from The Entity and The Other were too great to be destroyed by there mere destruction of their hosts and the end of the universe, and so they endured. They lingered for billions of years until finally planets formed, and life returned to the Universe.

Humans were, at one point, not evolved enough to harness the power of The Entity and The Other, but in time they grew and matured enough to handle the power of these godlike existences. Some of the most powerful men and women in history have been hosts of these powers, and humans with these powers have been given the title, “Aspects” due to the fact that most humans can only withstand one of the various pieces of The Entity’s and The Other’s powers, or one Aspect of their being. Kings and Queens, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Moses, Genghis Khan, Augustus, Marcus Aurelius, Adolf Hitler, Napoleon Bonaparte, and others have wielded these powers, and some have used them for their own selfish desires, while others have had other purposes in mind.

Over time, factions formed among those who wielded these powers. There were those who wished to combine all of the powers to recreate The Entity in an attempt to create a new Eden with all life guided by the Entity, who went by the name The Aura.

There was a rival faction, which went by the name The Flux, who wished to oppose The Aura, and prevent the return of The Entity, as they believed a life ruled over by an All-Powerful, apathetic entity is a life that is not worth living, as they would be nothing but puppets, guided by an entity who cared nothing for them.

These two factions have existed nearly since the point that humans have gained the ability to wield these powers, and they have warred throughout their existence. The World Wars, the Mongol Conquest of Asia, Rome’s Expansion, the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and many other famous wars have been driven, rarely entirely, but at least in part, by the conflict and hatred that exists between The Aura and The Flux, the lingering war between The Entity and The Other.

And so we have come to modern times, and the war that has raged for billions of years has found new warriors in a new time. Which Aspect do you wield? Whose name do you fight for? What is your desire? All of these things, and more, shall be revealed in the Eternal War.

This is a remake of a roleplay that existed on the site some time ago, before there was a wipe. That roleplay was created by GoldBlockIngot/Diamante. I have altered the roleplay in a few ways, but the original idea was created by Diamante.

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