[REQ] The Queens Monster Guard

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[REQ] The Queens Monster Guard

Post by Cr25pltro6 » Tue May 29, 2018 3:28 pm

"There is a great many things to fear out there" a man in a clean and pressed camo uniform shouted as he began talking into his microphone in front of his newly trained graduates. He started to list off names on his fingers, "Xeons, which are twice as tall as any normal man with sharp teeth to match. Flying Krill, who are tiny, but are capable of eating a man alive in a swarm. Hell, just about every creature that is known to man is terrifying!"

The unnamed general paused in front of the rows of disciplined soldiers and folded his hands behind his back. "Yes, there is a lot of monsters out there that would scare any normal man". He raised his voice and pointed at his ensignia, which they all bore on their Kevlar vests. "But you are NOT normal men! Everyone of you volunteered to be here! volunteered to be the defenders of humanity! Why? Because when your country and people called for help, YOU were the first to respond!"

As the general spoke, the blue and yellow menacing bee that sat on his ensignia seemed to sparkle in the dimly lit auditorium filled with hundreds of armored clad soldiers. "While every one else quivered and hid, YOU were the ones who stood up and bravely volunteered to defend everything you and we all hold dear"

The generals leaned his hands on his podium and flashed a brief smile at the camera crew that was broadcasting this speech and his soldiers to the entire viewing world. "Now, after months of grueling and muscle numbing training, i am proud to call everone bearing this ensignia today, the FIRST proud soldiers of the new queens monster guard!"

In the year 2034, monsters started to appear. At first, no one believed the reports, after all, monsters only existed in comic books and movies. For years, the general public didn't care for the 'supposed' reports that would pop up in small backwater towns now and again of some creature, until however, IT happened. In the year 2032, the first major monster report happened when a giant dragon destroyed most of downtown Tokyo. With this event came camera footage and thousands of eye witnesses all confirming that this thing...... this monster! Was real.

Now in 2034, the world's government's can no longer deny the existence of monsters, so they adapted. America started to use longe range ballistic missiles. Russia used high grade weapons.
And England is deploying specially trained soldiers to fight these threats, known commonly as the "queens monster guard"

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