[REQ] Fate Breakers

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[REQ] Fate Breakers

Post by HoneyBuzz » Sun May 27, 2018 1:22 am

Fate is a finicky thing, that we can all agree on. Once your thread is woven into the tapestry, then that's it my friend! Life will forever and always be as Fate decides it; Or that's what the Bishops and such tell us to keep us all in line.

It's been about Twenty or so years since the 'Judgement', when King Terrany decided it would be fun to meddle in the darker magics to protect his beloved riches from an invading kingdom. The result? Thousands of blood-thirsty demons and ghouls pouring from the gates of Hell themselves to devour the souls of the innocent. Well, maybe not thousands, but enough to do some considerable damage. The resulting war left much of Kynar Kingdom in ruins. Much of the more vulnerable towns outside the main cities were destroyed, and demons still ran rampant out in the wilds. Devising a plan to keep his people safe, King Terrany devised a plan. He would build great walls around his three most magnificent cities; Ariyat, Hiral, and Montipley. These walls would keep the demons and large roaming groups of bandits and knaves out of these self-proclaimed safe havens. The plan worked for a good few years, until it was discovered that although the walls kept the evil out, it didn't stop what was inside from growing in size.

King Terrany was shortly overthrown, and in place were the Bishops; A group of terrifyingly religious fellows who proclaimed that those who did not follow their rules were heretics, and did not deserve to live in the safety of the walls. Those who did not follow the extremely strict rules they put into place were cast out into 'The Outskirts', towns outside of the city that managed to still stand. Although extremely dangerous, you still had a pretty good chance of living if you got sent to The Outskirts; It was more likely you'd die by some thug's hands than a demon's. Within the walls of the 3 Cities, one specific set of laws stood out above the rest. These laws were called 'The Fate's Boundaries', and despite what the Bishops said, they were made merely to keep those below them in line. Breaking the Fate's Boundaries laws would result in the worst punishment of all; Death.

Somehow, you managed to be unlucky enough to be caught breaking one of the Fate's Boundaries. You were quickly sent out into The Outskirts, where you were given a humiliating and public execution of sorts. They tossed your sorry body down into the 'Pits', where you would be properly 'disposed' of. There was a problem though; You woke up. You were certain you died; A gunshot to the head, hanging, being dropped into an angry mob. You still have the scars, but you're alive and kicking. This is where you discover that your thread has been cut out of Fate's Tapestry, yet it floats freely through the void. You're an anomaly, and this freedom from the strict laws of Life and Fate have given you one more gift; Magic.

Fate's Boundaries
-Any Occupation will be assigned by the Bishops at birth, and must be adhered to throughout all your life.
-Spouses, Friendships and the likes will be set by The Bishops, fate's true friends.
-Your life belongs to The Bishops, that is Fate's Way.
-If The Bishops demand something of you, you must adhere to their words, no matter what it may be.
-Any sort of speech that is not to the Bishops' liking will be silenced.

So, What's The Basic Plot?
You're a 'Fateless One', someone who has been broken free of Fate's Tapestry. Thing is, you've been 'dead' for 100-200 years, my friend; So the world around you is very different. Life still sucks for the Mortal Races, but now there's a full blown war between them and the thousands of demons that are really running around now. Your job is to not only knock the Bishops down from their high horse, but to end the war once and for all by killing the God that's started it all; Fate himself.

The Races of The Lands
Many races call Kynar Kingdom home; whether voluntary or not. Each have a unique culture with unique traditions and ideas.

Humanity is considered to be the only native species to live within the Kynar Kingdom (In their own opinion); Very rarely do you have any humans coming from outside lands. They have a very shared culture, although some Humans do dabble in the cultures of other races depending on where they were raised. Humans are often stereotyped as very rude and inconsiderate towards the other races, and although this might be true for some humans, not all of them are as Xenophobic as their kin.

Elven Kind:
There are three different sub-cultures of Elves, each with their own cultures and skills respectively.

-Northern Elves-
Hailing from the cold and mountainous region of Cryzotine, Northern Elves are seen as one of the hardiest of Elven Kind. They are heralded for being masters in the way of Art, and are often considered to be a little snobby because of it. Northern Elves often have pale and fair skin, and usually stand between 5'0"-5'5".

-Sun Elves-
Native to the sandy deserts and scorching savannas, Sun Elves are considered to be the 'politicians' of the bunch. Known for their complex political systems and ability to be almost completely immune to corruption, Sun Elves were once always in a position of power. In the Safe Havens, though, they are often merely just assistants and law-makers. Sun Elves have tanned or brown skin, and usually stand between 5'4"-5'7".

-Plantite Elves-
One of the most common Elf Groups to be found in Kynar, Plantite Elves are seen as the most spiritual and 'connected' with the planet compared to the others. They come from the forests around Kynar, and only recently began to integrate themselves into Human Society. They are typically spiritual leaders or advisers, and are occasionally farmers and gardeners. They often have light skin tones or even skin tones that are blue-green, and stand at about 5'0"-5'8".

Orcish Kind:
A race that only sprouted a year or two after the Judgement. Orcs are the offspring of a Demon (Disguised as Human) and a Human, but are seen as the most peaceful of all the other races. They typically become guards and warriors thanks to their large statures and brute strength, although some do become scholars as Orcs are pretty intelligent. They usually have skin-tones ranging from bright reds to dark greens, and stand at 5'5"-6'4".

The oldest race according to historical documents, but they have only recently appeared to the world's eye. They are a shy race, characterized by their animalistic features. These can range from cat-like ears and tails, to deer or ram horns. They also often have the same senses as their animal features, such as stronger sense of smell or better sight than others. They have varying skin tones and animal characteristics, but they all stand at 5'5"-5'7" no matter what.

1) Follow all basic RPF rules
2) What I say, goes. I use a 3 strike system, so you get 3 chances to not mess up.
3) Any arguments can be resolved in the OOC. If there is a problem with another individual, PM me. My word is law here, so you best follow it.
4) No OP characters, and no Meta-gaming, God-modding, etc.
5) Don't get mad if something doesn't go your way. Also, try to keep the passive-aggressive comments against others to a minimum.

Scar Location:
How did you 'Die'?:
Magic: (Max of 4 'Abilities')
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Re: [REQ] Fate Breakers

Post by HoneyBuzz » Sun May 27, 2018 2:20 am

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