[Req] Heads or Tails?

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[Req] Heads or Tails?

Post by Random Accel » Thu May 24, 2018 7:16 pm

This rp is based on an Internet novel written by me, in korean. (the original title translates to <The tale of a coin>)

Humans have evolved the body parts they used over the years, such as their hands, and ability to walk on two feet instead of four. On the other hand, the devolved the parts they did not use, such as their tails. The setting of this rp will be in the far future, where humans further evolved.

The tailbone is now gone from the human body, and the size of the human brain is nearly twice of what it used to be. However, having too big of a brain capacity caused side effects such as hallucinations, or mental illness. (People of higher then 200IQ actually have this problem irl right now.) To prevent this, the government asks one scientist to invent a machine that limits brain capacity... this machine is referred to as the <Limiter>.

Not everyone has fully evolved, but a percentage of the population were reported to be able to show weird phenomena using thier extra brain capacity. These super natural powers came with a toll on the brain of the user, so it was these people who were called in and had an operation of attaching a limiter to their brain. The limiter would keep thier brain in check, and when they needed thier power, they would "unlock" thier limiters.

This bit from here is not revealed to the public, and is not revealed at the beginning of the story, but certain characters have two limiters. The second limiter further limits brain capacity, taking something away from the user.

Everyone's characters will be high school students, and regular civilians can not unlock limiters by law outside school boundaries, or other designated areas where they can unlock limiters due to safety reasons.

cs format


Age :

Gender :

Personality :

Ability : I will reject anything too op. Side effects based on abilities will apply. (If you have healing factor, it makes your cells divide faster, and you age faster.)


Appearance :
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