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Post by cz_invazion » Sun Apr 29, 2018 8:15 am

Hello everyone,

I have recently come up with a few rp ideas that I would like to follow on. The problem being running this many at once would be hard and over just stupid to attempt. So instead I figured I'd run the basic plots by you guys first and whichever one gets the most popularity that would be the one I would lead on to the most.

Again these are just basic plots which are subject to change as well as titles.


1. Dark web mystery- a group of long time friends solves various puzzles in their free time. Over the years these puzzles got harder and harder until they had to look the deep web for more challenging problems. Everything goes fine until one day the group discovers they have to solve the darkest puzzles imagined until it's too late.
(Horror, mystery, and modern science)

2. Remember bastards- a small group of special ops soldiers who task it is to start and assist in revolutions and freedom fighters to help civilians fight against their oppressive leaders in the sake of humanity.
(Modern fantasy, action, military, fun)

(Numbers 2+3 could maybe work together but that would be a lot of thinking power.)

3.The mystery of Pyongyang- in the not so distant future a mysterious fog covers North Korea. After many failed attempts by south Korea and China they seek the assistance of NATO to find the cause of this supernatural fog. Not wanting to lose a large number of people themselves NATO sends a small investigation force to find the cause of the problem but they get more than they bargained for.
(Modernish, mystery, sci-fi, contemplative, slight action)

4. More human than human- in the distant future where science has gone far beyond the point of morality lies a dark and corrupt government trying to find new ways to better control the populace. After finding out information about a experiment possibly too good to ignore a small rebellion group breaks into a military headquarters to retrieve it. Only to find out that what they find is beyond comprehension and they have to find more answers to a question no one dared to ask.
(Sci-fi, action, violent, contemplating, dark)

Again these are just ideas that are up to alterations. If you like any of these idea please comment. If you have any questions or ideas about these or some of your own please let me know in a reply or PM. And if you yourself have any ideas for alteration ideas do not be afraid to say so… also if you think these are moronic, stupid, or bland don't be afraid to bring that up as well.
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Post by Gecko » Sun May 20, 2018 1:35 pm

Hey cz, it's been a while! :D I'll join in. I'm leaning towards 3 as an option.
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