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[REQ] King Of The Wolves

Posted: Mon Mar 26, 2018 10:35 pm
by Scott Silverado
King Of The Wolves

The year is 1647. There is a legend about a king. Not just any king though, The King Of The Wolves. He was said to be able to control all wolves, telling them where and when to hunt, where to live, etc. He made the rules for the wolf packs as well. Rules, such as who gets to eat first in a pack, all came from this wolf king. Many humans have gone in, to try and find this wolf king, but only a few survivors have came out of the forest, telling about the wolf king and how he threatened to have his wolves kill them if they appeared in his forest again.

Even though you have heard more than one person talk about this wolf king, you find it rather hard to believe. Your parents have forbidden you from going into The Dark Forest, where the wolf king lived, saying that his wolves were loyal to their king and dangerous, willing to kill a human on their king’s command.

But, the time has come when your parents think that you are ready to find a spouse, get married and start a family. Your parents have already found you a spouse, but you don’t like the person that your parents chose for you. You come up with a plan to ditch your spouse on wedding day. You were going to head into The Dark Forest.

So, wedding day arrives, and that morning, you go into The Dark Forest. Once about a mile inside, you are greeted by a pack of wolves, who are all baring their teeth and snarling at you. A howl sounds, and you look into a old oak tree to find a human there in the three. He was about your age, and the wolf pack started to settle down at his call. Another howl came from the human in the tree, and the wolves started to turn away, one by one, and headed deeper into the forest. You stood there, shocked as you watched the human jump down from the tree and land on both feet. What will you do when you realize that this is the legendary wolf king?


The Wolf King (Taken by me)

The “You” Mentioned In The Story

The Spouse That Was Mentioned In The Story

The Parents Of The “You”

Bounty Hunters (People looking to turn in the Wolf King)

The Human Royal Family (King Offering a Reward For The Wolf King’s Capture

Re: [REQ] King Of The Wolves

Posted: Tue Mar 27, 2018 6:26 pm
by illirica
The Dark Forest.

It had always been the place that parents and grandparents used to scare their children. Behave yourselves, or the monsters from the Dark Forest will come get you. Sometimes, there were rumors of people going in there. There were not rumors of anyone coming out.

So why was it, then, that he had run? Because of a wedding? The girl glowered into the darkness, which glowered back. It wasn't like he was any great pick himself, thank you very much. How dare he?

She just might have to march right in there herself, and tell him what an idiot he was.


Name: Delaine Becker
Role: The Spouse
Gender: F
Age: Whatever age people get married in these parts. 16-18?
Description: Blonde hair, blue eyes, with aspirations to average height that she hasn't quite reached. Stocky in the sense of a hard worker, she was a baker's daughter and expected to be able to keep up with the bread.

-WIP, let me know if the outline works as a possibility before I dump a bunch more time into it-

Re: [REQ] King Of The Wolves

Posted: Wed Mar 28, 2018 2:59 pm
by Cr25pltro6
Role: bounty hunter

The cocking of a gun echoed through the empty hut as an old and gray man in leather jeans and a tattered hat said, in a calm tone of voice, "Names Danny. But most folks call me dan"

Turning around, the startled man looked at the barrel of the gun and gave a yelp of surprise. Then, in a rough and confronting voice said "What the fuck! What are you doing here! I thought I gave you the slip at George town"

Danny grinned as he kept the gun focused at the man's head. "Nobody gets away from their past Mr. Doe, especially not you" upon saying that, he raised a sheet of paper in his left hand that read:

WANTED: dead or alive
Doe Watson, age 26.
Last seen at Dewsbury county
Accused of attempted rape and murder
Reward: 20,000 dollars alive or dead

"Please, leave me be! I was drunk that night, I had no control over what happened! Please, if you have any mercy at all, let me go. I swear I won't ever do it again!". Seeing that the gun wasn't dropping, he got more desperate "I'll leave, I PROMISE! Let me go, and nobody will ever hear my name again!"

Danny spat at the man's feet and gritted his teeth, obvious anger painted on his face. "You have two choices amigo. Option 1. Come with me quietly and you'll be judged by a judge, and a jury. Option 2, you keep talking and I'LL become the judge, jury, AND executioner!"

Later, ( I know, I'm a douche for not putting in a showdown scene, but in my defense, i was tired)

Danny looked at the poor sap that lay dead before him, with smoke still leaking from his revolver, he walked over and cut a piece of his ear off, muttering a small apology " Sorry for this. But the county requires evidence of your death if I want my pay"

After pocketing the cash from the clerks office, Danny received a telegram from tbe sheriff that read

you got a new bounty, this one personally requested that you be the man that take the job. It's a odd one. Kill the wolf king

Age: 36

Gender: male

Re: [REQ] King Of The Wolves

Posted: Fri Mar 30, 2018 1:53 am
by WolfLover
The"You" Mentioned In the Story

He started into the forest, his arms waving around in the darkness, attempting to move branches out his face.
He froze as the wolves began to howl, coming closer with every breath. He felt the adrenaline coursing through his viens.
His hair was matted to his face as his looked for a tree tall and stable enough to be hold his weight. His eyes caught a shape and he squinted. And then he heard it, the loud howl erupting from it; definitely human, not an animal.
He stared up into those eyes, but before he could turn to run, the man was in front of him, huffing and puffing like the Big Bad Wolf.
No...not just the Big Bad Wolf...The Big Bad Wolf. King.

Name: Kyren Grendalf
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Appearance: He has dark cobalt eyes, a slightly crooked noise and olive toned skin. His hair is a lighter brown, and he stand a solid 6"2'.

(It's very lacking but I want to make sure that'll do before I put in time and effort)

Re: [REQ] King Of The Wolves

Posted: Mon Apr 16, 2018 2:07 am
by Scott Silverado
Maybe it was a bad idea to post...