{REQ} [VG] Fallout: Minnesota

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{REQ} [VG] Fallout: Minnesota

Post by Bigfoun » Wed Feb 21, 2018 4:46 am

War. War never changes.

Hundreds of years have passed since the world was cleansed in a great flurry of fire due to humanity’s sheer nature of destruction. Nuclear warheads soared through the skies, laying waste to all in their path. Once the great flashes of energy had finally seized, little signs of life remained on the surface. Death seemed to be a better alternative for those who managed to survive the unthinkable. Heavy doses of radiation plagued the air and almost made it impossible for any sort of life to thrive.

The “lucky” ones had managed to take refuge in select vaults scattered across the United States. In time, they opened and paved way for humanity to slowly build themselves back up. Of course, not everything went as planned. From holding inhumane psychological experiments, to housing future raider factions, the wasteland would be far from the reality that was pre-war civilization.

The state of Minnesota was not spared from its fate either. It too met a fiery baptism via a nuclear warhead. Already known for its extremely cold climate, the flash did it no favors. It only increased its harsh conditions and paired it up with radiation. Those with half-a-brain know to keep out of the unforgiving wilderness as much as possible. Most of what is considered civilization remains down south. The farther north you head up, the more likely you are to face a fit end. Carnivorous wildlife, harsh conditions, and a terrifying disease are sure to keep one away.

As the years went on, several settlements and tribes paved their mark onto the snow. The two heavy-hitters are undoubtedly the vicious peoples that are the “Vikings” and “King Montgomery’s Monarchy.” Both of these growing empires have warred for months, eyeing control of the prestigious fortress known as the “Metrodome.” This is of course the stadium that once belonged to the pre-war Minnesota Vikings football team. To these two warring power-houses, the stadium serves as a mighty religious symbol in both of their cultures. Currently, the “Vikings” hold a firm grasp of the stadium but, King Montgomery and his large army are no doubt preparing a large assault.

If only they knew...what was to come.

Down below the dirt, another group prepares to make their move...the Enclave, which consists of all United States government officials. It has been years since the Enclave’s last big defeat at the hands of a vault-dweller and the Brotherhood of Steel, but they prepare to make their last stand to take back what they believe is rightfully there’s. This time, it’s going to take a combined effort to stop the Enclave once and for all. Whether the factions of Minnesota can set aside their differences for their very own survival is yet to be seen…

You find yourself amongst the chaos that surrounds this frostbitten wasteland. Alongside the common scrabble, you are in the lawless, chaotic town of “Candyland.” Slavery, chem peddlers, and other crime run amuck. You have your own reasons for being in this hell-hole, but something is about to shake this town upside down.



The Vikings- Basing themselves off of the pre-war football team, the Vikings live up to their name by conducting raids on nearby tribes and settlements. They are lead by High King Olaf Karlsson, the grandson of the group’s founder. Most of their warriors are painted in purple and don ripped up jerseys over their pads. Their entire culture is based upon one’s skill as a warrior and devotion to their Gods known as the “Purple People Eaters.” Those who are not fit for the Viking society are cast off into the wilderness. But, those who do live within their society are highly respected amongst each other and find life to be fairly good. The more reputation one has earned on the battlefield, the more respect one will have. Although, their lack of ethics and morals is troubling and results in the deaths of many innocents. The Vikings are currently in control of the Minneapolis area alongside the prized “Metrodome.”

King Montgomery’s Monarchy- Also simply known as “The Monarchy,” King Montgomery rules over his various claims with an iron-fist. He resides in a large fortress built in the pre-war city of New Ulm. The many settlements that lay under his border pay tribute to the kingdom monthly in exchange for protection. Of course, he has several lords that rule over these fiefs as any feudalistic system would work. His expansive army resemble that of medieval knights but are equipped with superior weaponry. Living under the King’s rule may not be too fun but, it sure keeps the Vikings and Raiders away. As it stands, the Monarchy rules over “New Ulm” and its surrounding provinces.

The Enclave- Composed of pre-war government officials, the Enclave is hell-bent on reclaiming the United States for those who still remain pure. Those who live on the outside are considered to be tainted and are referred to as “muties.” As a result, they are hostile to anyone not involved in their little circle.

The Unforgiven- Across Lake Superior, a secretive and isolationist faction known as the “The Unforgiven” live in complete exile due to their tragic condition. A disease exists in the northern wastes of Minnesota, striking fear and paranoia into all. Although, the members of this group have somehow managed to overcome the loss-of-humanity that usually comes with getting infected. Little is known about this faction’s whereabouts but, they probably don’t take too keenly outsiders. The disease’s effects and description were described by an explorer who managed to survive the north by the way of a miracle. His passage is seen below.

”The northern wastes of Minnesota harbor a terrifying entity; far deadlier than any Sentry Bot, Deathclaw, or Assaultron that you'd encounter in your travels. No, this... disease, a pathogen, is far worse.

Ice Ghouls litter the frozen wastes of the north. They're a pallid color, easily camouflaged among the snow and sheets of frozen sleet and frost. They are weak, made brittle by the unending blizzard of radioactivity that rages around them. But you would do well to watch your step, for one injury could spell your doom. All it takes is one bite, one scratch — one molecule of that damned disease to get into your bloodstream.

It starts off small. You find yourself sweating often, despite the constant cold of the Minnesota wastes. Your wound becomes infected, pale. Instead of the telltale red of swelling, an icy blue hue takes its place. A lack of appetite. A sneaking uneasiness around fire, or any sources of heat for that matter; after all, the cold seems so appealing. You feel at home among the snowy wastes.

Most last just under a week; the cold speeds up the transmission of the Ice Mark, a radioactive mutation of the FEV that had acclimated itself to the wastes of Minnesota long ago. Delirium sets in halfway through, with an animalistic fear of the cold setting in. You can't stand warmth; you have to reach the cold, wherever that may be. Clothes are shed. You return to your place of injury: the frozen, unforgiving wastes of the north.

But all is forgiven when you reach the beautiful, cooling snow. You are finally home. Never mind the blue hue of your skin, or the falling out of your hair. Memories are lost; the brain is devolved. Skin withers, crystallizes from the virus. The Ice Mark takes another. It is a death sentence, irreversible from start to finish.


Vault 26- It’s always a mystery to see what a vault’s opening will hold. As recently as a week ago, Vault 26’s door finally opened. Inside, the contents proved to be disturbing. While making great advances in technology and seemingly friendly enough, nothing to fear right? Well, the inhabitants of Vault 26 all have one thing in common...their mouths are all sewn shut at birth. They can only survive through countless injections of necessary nutrients and other supplements. It’s a wonder they don’t get too many visitors.

Miscellaneous:Countless raider groups, tribes, and independant settlements are scattered across the land. Each carry their own set of rules and ideals that govern the way they act. In your journey, you are bound to meet plenty of them.

NOTE: Welcome to Fallout: Minnesota. This RP will act in an almost sandbox approach where the ultimate end goal is to rally as many factions as possible to defeat the Enclave Menace. Depending on the actions of the players, things will of course shape out differently. The starting point for this RP will be the settlement known as "Candyland." Complete knowledge of the fallout universe is not needed as I have made up pretty much all of these factions with the help of others.


Adhere by any and all RPF rules in place.

My word regarding events in the RP is final.

No creating any OP characters or godmodding any other characters/enemies

Be respectful to everyone in the RP thread. No drama pls

Romance is allowed but keep it realistic. NO ERP

Finally, have fun and if you have any suggestions, be sure to tell me.




Species: (Ghoul/Human)

Faction: (Neutral or one of the factions listed above except ENCLAVE)

Bio or a Sample Post: (5 Sentences at least)

Weaponry: (One Primary and one secondary. No overpowered or legendary weapons.)

Equipment: (Three at the max.)

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Re: {REQ} [VG] Fallout: Minnesota

Post by Vintage » Wed Feb 21, 2018 9:10 am

This RP looks like it has a lot of work put into it, especially with the Viking faction! I'll make sure to post a CS tomorrow.
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Re: {REQ} [VG] Fallout: Minnesota

Post by Quirbles » Wed Feb 21, 2018 1:32 pm

Posting CS soon

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Re: {REQ} [VG] Fallout: Minnesota

Post by TehMagicPudding » Wed Feb 21, 2018 9:22 pm

Name: Irvin Snowbound

Age: 80

Species: Ghoul

Faction: Vikings Exile

Bio: Irvin was born Karl Persson, born to a small, unnoticed bloodline within the Vikings. He grew up to be the honor guard to one of the Vikings' great generals, sworn to his protection and glory. This all changed when his Lord was assassinated by a Monarchy assassin dressed in black and purple, and Karl was framed for his death.
Shamed and hunted by both his shield brothers and his own kin, the man fled into the frozen wastes to the north, intent on dying in battle with the Ice Ghouls. The radiation and weather withered his body, turning him into a ghoul. He was found, nearly frozen to death by a small nomad clan consisting of Viking and Monarchy exiles. They nursed him back into fighting shape, and gave him new purpose in helping defend their non-combatants. With this new life came a new name, Irvin Snowbound.
After decades living with these nomads, he lost everything again to a Monarchy force dressed in black and purple. They killed the night watch and drew in a horde of Ice Ghouls, who slaughtered almost the entire tribe. The few survivors were scattered to the winds, disappearing into the blizzards. Irvin swore to find the Monarchy soldiers responsible for his misfortune. Wearing the colors of his lost tribe to honor their memory, Irvin traveled South. He knew from his youth that the settlement called Candyland was his best starting point, as many people there made their living selling and trading information.

Weaponry: Viking sword, scoped hunting rifle.

Equipment: Viking armor (Painted green and yellow), heavy winter clothes, repair kit.

Appearance: For a ghoul, Irvin is respectably muscular, if a bit short. Being a relatively recent ghoul, his decay is not too far along, resembling an ice mummy rather than a horror flick zombie. He wears white winter clothes, over which he wears Viking armor pads that have had all clan markings scratched off and have been painted green and yellow.
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Re: {REQ} [VG] Fallout: Minnesota

Post by Bigfoun » Wed Feb 21, 2018 10:49 pm

Looks great! Accepted. Also, to anyone interested, I'm going to expand the raider and tribal factions. So, they will be much more specific. If you have any ideas, don't be afraid to chime in
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Re: {REQ} [VG] Fallout: Minnesota

Post by TehMagicPudding » Wed Feb 21, 2018 11:13 pm

I intend to put up a little IC narrative like the Ice Ghoul description, I'm just not making very good progress.
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Re: {REQ} [VG] Fallout: Minnesota

Post by cz_invazion » Thu Feb 22, 2018 2:02 am

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Re: {REQ} [VG] Fallout: Minnesota

Post by SupremeLizard » Thu Feb 22, 2018 2:31 am

Name: Lord Francis Roderick


Species: (Human)

Faction: (MONARCHY)

Bio or a Sample Post: Ever since a young age, Francis has lived by the blade. At seven summers, he was a page to a petty lord, a hedge knight one might say, yet the old man taught the young boy all he knew. After the age of sixteen, he was then a squire to the lord. It was then that he has tasted the bitterness of war, a viking raid had decimated the settlement and both the lord and squire were captured and enslaved. For five grueling, ardous, seemingly never ending years, Roderick and his mentor were working in quarries, farms, and even in foundries. Luckily, King Montgomery had sent a force to dispatch of the Viking raiders, unknowingly saving Roderick and his mentor, Lord Arthur. The battle at the Viking camp was fierce, and many slaves were executed as soon as the marching of soldiers were heard. Lord Arthur and Roderick were given a final dying wish, and there, Lord Arthur knighted Roderick, granting him knighthood and his estate. After the hapless crummy ceremony, Lord Arthur was beheaded. Sir/Lord Roderick was soon to be executed, thankfully, as if God had a greater purpose for him, the viking was stricken by a stray arrow, causing him to howl in pain, swinging wildly, which had cut Roderick's face, specifically a streak that runs from above the left eyebrow to below the eye. After such, he attempted to escape and valiantly fought tooth and nail against the raiders after breaking his chains. Although many men died, victory was not achieved, the Vikings proved to be more capable warriors and the Royal army was routed, leading to the slaughter of several thousand more men. Roderick was disheartened, these men had taken so much from him. What else could they take? In a fit of anger, he tried to rush the enemy lines but was quickly sliced and left for dead. The snowy fields, were filled with blood, corpses, and steel. Amongst them was the young knight, who crawled back towards a Monarchy controlled road, where a merchant had found him and took him to the capital. There, after two years, he finally recovered after working as both a bodyguard for the merchant and an apprentice. Soon, he found himself no longer in debt to the merchant and headed to the King to claim what is rightfully his; his title, his fiefs, and redemption. Although the King had refused to see him thrice, he then challenged the lord who usurped Lord Arthur's lands. In a local tourney, he had killed the lord and for the boon he had requested lands from the fallen lord. Years after such, he has a rather small estate but many goals, his story continues from here in "Candyland", where he is recruiting some "indentured servants", shouting orders atop of his snowmobile.

Weaponry: (A Morningstar, and a Longbow. A one handed sword mostly for ceremonial purposes.)

Equipment: A Quiver filled with 25 arrows. A Decorated Heater Shield, and Banded Mail Armor (Chainmail with Leather) with his Coat of Arms on the leather portion on the chest. Oftentimes he brings a Bible with him, making sure that those in his fiefs follow the teachings of Christ. A notebook that mostly has information on the fiefs he owns, financial and military records, etc.

Appearance: A rather tall, imposing man, jusy shy of the seven foot mark. Although he claims to be Caucasian, it is clear that he is of Latino descent, specifically of that of South American nations such as Argentina, or Uruguay. He seems to be in his physical prime, for he is a rather hardy strong man, almost like the people he loathed most. He originally had two brown eyes, now his left eye has shifted to a gray color due to the nasty scar he has, and very short black hair which are matching with his black imperial mustache. He wears his banded mail pridefully with his Coat of Arms, which is similar to the Germanic Teutonic Knights Coat Of Arms.
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Re: {REQ} [VG] Fallout: Minnesota

Post by TehMagicPudding » Thu Feb 22, 2018 3:20 am

There were many things Irvin expected when he rose from his sleeping bag this morning. He expected his adopted son to be up earlier than he was, excited to get his first hunting lesson out in the forests near their camp. He expected his wife to be fussing over the two of them the entire morning. He expected his son to need reminding to be quiet, lest they draw in an Ice Ghoul. Until dusk came, he had not been disappointed, which left him satisfied.
Irvin was kneeling down next to a radstag buck with a bullet wound through one of its heads, showing his son how to harvest the hide and meats. It was nearing nighttime, and the sky visible between the trees was pink.
"You need to be careful and precise. The meat and blood is radioactive, and it'll burn your fingers if you don't watch your knife." Irvin's gravelly voice was muffled by the knit mask he was wearing. Snowflakes landed on his goggles and melted as he continued harvesting the ribs, going through the technique step by step. Just as he finished carving the meat, Irvin looked up at his son as he dramatically swung his knife and made clashing noises with his mouth. "Elijah, what are you doing son?" Irvin chuckled.
"I'm a brave hunter fighting Ice Ghouls!" The child exclaimed proudly. He took a step back, flourishing his knife like a swashbuckler from the pre-war comic books. Behind Elijah, a mound of snow began to shift and rise silently. A scrawny, blue skinned creature with gnarled, blackened limbs and withered flesh emerged from the snow. It began shuffling towards the child.
Instinct kicked in as Irvin lunged forward, drawing a straight, double-edged sword from his hip. He put himself in between Elijah and the Ice Ghoul. The creature crouched down to begin a lunge, but Irvin was faster. He dashed forward, grabbing the monster by the neck before it could react. The hunter lifted it up one handed and slammed it onto its back. The Ice Ghoul snarled through rotten teeth behind black-green necrotic lips, grasping at Irvin's leg with its decaying fingers. Irvin stomped on its chest and brought his sword thrusting down into its skull. The creature gurgled, spasmed, and died, blood spilling out into the snow. Irvin's eyes darted about, searching for more Ice Ghouls. To his relief, there were none.
"Elijah, go home. I'll be along shortly."
"But Papa!"
With a huff, the boy put his knife away and began walking through the forest, following the tracks he and his father had made on their hunt. Irvin finished harvesting the meat, which room until night fell. It was an abnormally large buck with minimal wounds, and the tribe was struggling for food this year. He didn't want to waste any meat. As he stood up, Irvin heard a whooshing sound before a loud bang echoed through the forest and the sky lit up green. In the distance, he could see a figure dressed in leather with metal plates. Half of their coat was black and the other half was purple. The sight made Irvin's blood boil, but before he could act, a cacophony of growls reached his ears as Ice Ghouls rose from beneath the snow. Dozens of Ice Ghouls began stumbling around, looking for the source of the sound that had aroused them. Irvin turned to run back to his tribe. In the distance, he could see the figure hold up a megaphone and start running towards the tribe as well.
Irving ran as fast as he could, barreling over and cutting down every Ice Ghoul in his way. By the time he made it back to his people, the horde had beaten him there. Ice Ghouls swarmed the encampment, tearing man, women, and children apart. Of those who escaped being ripped limb from limb wandered off into the woods, deep claw marks pouring blood into the snow.
"Cassandra! Elijah!" Irvin called out into the chaos, praying for a response over the screams of agony and terror. No response came. Grabbing a circular wooden shield from the corpse of one of the tribe's warriors, Irvin ran into the encampment. He fought with desperate fury, making his way towards his tent. It was covered in blood. His heart ran cold with terror. Irvin opened the tent flap, and nearly vomited at the sight inside. He took a few shaky steps back, before running towards the edge of the camp. The screams began to die down and some of the Ice Ghouls started off towards the woods, having lost interest with the encampment.
Irvin ran; he ran until his legs gave out. He fell into the snow, passing out from exhaustion. By the time he came to, it was day. Snow had almost completely buried Irvin, and the chill began to creep into Irvin's bones.
Irvin rose to his feet, emerging from the snow like the beasts that had tormented his dreams. He walked back to the camp. The once green and yellow tents were red, as was the snow below his feet. Bodies and gore was everywhere. In the center, a single figure poked through the tents. This person was clad in metal plate, painted black and purple. In his hand was a two handed sword, stained with blood. With boiling blood, Irvin quietly walked up behind him and smashed the knight over the head with his shield, cracking the wood. The knight fell to the ground and Irvin fell upon him, stabbing his sword into the gaps of his armor. Pleas for mercy fell upon deaf ears as the hunter savaged one of the people responsible for the destruction of everything Irvin held dear. The knight's pleas broke down into sobbing, which became gurgling. Standing above the dead knight, Irvin's anguish and rage turned to resolve. He was going to find those responsible for this atrocity, and he knew exactly where to start. After burning the camp to the ground, Irvin started south, towards the settlement called Candyland.
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Re: {REQ} [VG] Fallout: Minnesota

Post by Trooper FN-86 » Thu Feb 22, 2018 4:20 am

I think a more stable exile faction like the one in Irvin's bio would be cool. A group made from viking and monarchy exiles united in a single settlement.

I'll be making a cs soon, probably a trader from that settlement.
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