[One] Bringing Back Old Ideas

If you're willing to consistently post a paragraph and want more depth than casual, try this on for size. (5-10 sentences per post, on average.)
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[One] Bringing Back Old Ideas

Post by Light-Witch » Thu Jan 11, 2018 5:32 am

Like the title says, here are some old ideas, and while some are still active, I'm willing to open the first two to the public since the wipe.

Similar, Yet Different:
Light-Witch wrote:
Tue Jan 24, 2017 8:21 pm
Social hierarchy rules high school, and for Newark High School, if you're not one of the popular kids, then you're a nobody. Popular kids naturally attract jocks, and if you even dare to go after someone of a lower (or higher) standing than someone in the drama club, then you better keep your relationship completely hidden or the higher ranked kid will become an outcast, one not even the other outcasts will dare to befriend due to the chance of the jocks going after them even more. Yet for Nathan Wagner, he was the popular guy, the one who was able to wrap anybody around his finger while being considered the star of the school. Every girl wanted to date him, every guy wanted to be him, but he never showed any signs of being interested in anyone as more than a friend, not even the Queen Bee. He was also vocal about the fact that he hated how the cliques ran the school, but he never noticed the one girl (you) who was way below his standing. The one that if he had the chance to get to know, he'd most likely end up falling for, but was a risk to be with due to his popularity.

Nate decided to go to a concert for a band that he liked, Linkin Park, and apparently this girl liked the same band as well. After talking, they hit it off without even asking for anything besides the other person's number, not even realizing that they actually were talking to someone it wasn't okay to be with in case they ended up dating. Their friends ask who they're talking to, and all they really know is that the other person was someone they met at a concert. Yet the more they talk about how school is for them, the more they start to think they know each other, until they suddenly cross paths at school and find out just who they were talking to. Yet after they meet again, it's as though they realized that they were falling for each other despite their apparent differences in the rank of cliques. Will they manage to make this work without any real issues, or is the popularity difference going to get in the way and break them apart?
I Belong:
Light-Witch wrote:
Tue Jan 24, 2017 8:27 pm
I had started this before the last wipe, and I may repost this if it turns out that there's more people interested in this than the user I'm continuing this idea with.

A is a singer rising in popularity for their ability to connect with people who had problems that they felt others didn't have, people like B, for example. One day, B discovered one of A's songs on a social media site (your choice) and immediately became a fan, but not before listening to other songs by A. It was like falling for someone because they could go down to your level without making you feel stupid, and it was exactly what was happening to B for weeks. Then an opportunity comes that B takes advantage of right away: A's going to be in concert in their area, and they take it right away so that way they can see A live. After much convincing, B's able to go, but just before the concert starts, a car loses control and crashes into the front of the venue, and B was among those who were injured.

As if by a cruel twist of fate, the concert is cancelled, but there's a surprise waiting for B as a result. You see, A only cancelled the concert to see if those that were hurt in the accident survived it, but B's barely holding on when A arrives to check up on them. Soon B's got more than just their attention, but there's just one problem: how will a relationship work out between them? Will B have to enter the spotlight, will A give it up for B, or will they be able to handle it without giving anything up?

Basically a rising singer meets one of their newest fans after an accident takes place and causes the event to be cancelled in order to make sure they're still alive. Their relationship will constantly be tested, but they'll either stay together, or break apart. I will be A, who will actually be male this time, but B's open to any gender.
The Nerd Can Sing:
Light-Witch wrote:
Sat Apr 15, 2017 6:53 pm
I did an rp before the wipe similar to this, but I decided to change it up for this.

Everybody has a life that they live away from everybody else, a life that if it were revealed to the wrong people, it would destroy the person. For Dakota Wagner, she was the girl who was always bullied since she was a child. Nobody cared for her besides her parents, especially her mom. Yet her mom taught her how to sing, and it developed into a voice that gained her popularity on ITube. Her voice not only pulled the viewers in, but it was also her moniker on ITube: Siren. She used to post videos every day, until a tragedy struck in her family. It caused her father to turn from indifferent towards her to abusive, and the bullying has become worse since that day. Kota has nobody to turn to, until she meets another famous voice on ITube that moves to town called (insert moniker here), but nobody realizes that because they go by their real name, (insert name here), and they're still in high school.

Siren was known for her voice as well as her mask that she wears when showing her face. It wasn't covering her whole face, but it did help to hide her identity at the same time. She never let people close, and those that knew her from ITube never learned her real name. With the appearance of (insert name here) so soon after the tragedy, she was inspired to make videos more often, but only when her father was either working or passed out. Kota knows something is up with the new kid, but how can she get close to someone when the only person she was close to is no longer with her? The closer these two get, the more afraid Siren/Dakota gets of losing them. So when their skeletons as well as their alternate lives are revealed, will it be enough to save the Nerd from the path she's on before she does something extreme?

Okay, I know this sounds similar to The Nerd Can Fight that I did before, but I changed it up. Yet this can go one of two ways:
  • Partnership Route: Dakota and (insert name here) end up collaborating on ITube under their monikers, and because their fan-bases overlap in many ways, both end up earning more fans. The two of them will become close friends, and it will be harder for Kota to get away from her father once the two of them can afford to move away from the town they live in.
  • Relationship Route: As it turns out, the fan-bases actually want the two of them to get together, and both of them managed to develop feelings for each other before they knew the other's moniker. The only issue is that Dakota's father will find out about not only about their relationship, but about her double life as Siren and try to delete the channel. It will be hard to talk to her outside of school since the abuse will get worse, but this also means that Kota will develop the courage to fight back both at home and at school. The two of them may choose to collaborate as well, but it won't become a common thing like it would in the Partnership Route due to not wanting to have their feelings get in the way of work.
Shattered Bliss:
Light-Witch wrote:
Wed Jun 14, 2017 2:54 pm
I got this idea from an idea I was once a part of before the last major wipe, but with a few twists of my own.

"Those that are broken can find a strong enough glue to pull themselves back together, and those who can't end up allowing themselves to be brushed away into the trash the makes up the world." - MrsBewlit, Blissful Ignorance pre January 2017 wipe

Theme songs for the rp: All I See and Home

Nobody should have to be hurt by another person, and they shouldn't be driven to hurt themselves either. These are the truths that people grow up with before the media does their best to desensitize us from violence, and for some, this is shattered early because of one little but powerful word: abuse. Those who endure it either become bullies, become the target of bullies, or they push everyone away just so they don't risk getting hurt by another. There are those who wish to help those people get help, and there are those who would appear to be glad that they want to rid themselves from the world, but what about the survivors of abuse? Those people, it's unpredictable how they may react once it ends. They may become reserved, they may act out, but their mental health may never be the same as it once was.

Michaela Avalos knows about abuse, and it's not hard for her to admit that because she both endured and witnessed it. She made it clear to her mom after it ended that she was determined to help people, and it caused her to pursue careers in Law Enforcement and Psychology, but she would also like to pursue music because of the praise she's received for her voice. It's senior year for her, and while she has struggled with things at home, she's noticed the kid who has done their best to shut everyone out known as (insert name here). Mike may not have lived in the district for that long, but she knows that something's wrong with them and wants to help them. She doesn't live that far from them, and after a particularly rough incident at the loner's house, she goes over and quickly makes up an excuse to see them and get them out of the house. Can she save the broken kid, and once her past is revealed, can she handle the aftermath of someone knowing what she went through without shutting them out in the meantime?

Okay, twists aside, welcome to my version of an rp I once participated in. This is about a survivor of abuse trying to save someone who happens to be going through it as well, and while her family has had its fair share of problems, none compare to what they suffered for abuse. While I do have this set up as either BxG or GxG, I can easily switch Michaela to Michael if somebody wants it to be a girl for BxG or if they prefer BxB.
Falling Under the Sycamore:
Light-Witch wrote:
Sun Sep 17, 2017 9:33 am


Not everyone has lived a perfect life before they go to college. Just ask college freshman Marceline Acosta, a young woman who shocked her friends and family for how confident she had been once she got away from her household. She was hesitant to open up, but on the day of an anniversary for her, she met some people of interest: Tyler Hargrave, Andrew Silva, and (insert name here), all freshman at her college alongside her. The atmosphere of the place made them willing to be open about their pasts, but Marcy was more than willing to participate in some of the events that were going on in practice. The four of them hit it off as though they were old friends, but there seemed to be a mutual attraction that occurred between her and (insert name here) that was becoming apparent. Yet there's always more that meets the eye for some people, and there may be a quality about a person that will make them appear to hide secrets which show that they may not be human.

The campus is no stranger to the paranormal and supernatural, and while everyone knows that the campus is haunted, Marceline readily admitted to her newest friends that she was a medium, or Seer as some called them. Nobody disputed her when she said that a local haunting spot known to the students and staff did have the spirit in question there, but there was a peacefulness that came over her whenever she was around water and talking about her past experiences. When she spoke of her family, especially her younger sister Meredith, she grew quiet before reluctantly giving up some insight towards her sister while voluntarily talking about her brother, mom, or nephew. Nobody guessed that she was something more than human, not even her mom, and Marcy had guessed it long before meeting her newest friends. So, when the attraction can't be denied any longer, will the secrets that they're keeping alongside their pasts bring them together, or will they tear them apart from the inside?

College freshman hit it off great, and two of them happen to have a mutual attraction. One of them shows signs of a rough past while having some signs showing that she's not human, but the other may or may not share similar events in their past. Despite this, they continue to hit it off, but their pasts may not allow for a great relationship if the trauma from their pasts was severe, recent, or both. This can go in four directions, but with two primary paths, and note that while one path may be chosen to become the main path, the others may play a part in the rp beforehand.

Possible Paths:
  1. Somewhere I Belong (R1): Feeling like you belonged somewhere is difficult for Marceline, and she will easily admit that throughout her life, she rarely ever felt that. When she met (insert name here), it was as if she could stop looking for a place where she belonged. She kept them close so she never lost that feeling, but she still needed to heal from some of the events of her past, and she was hesitant to even accept her feelings until she was confronted by the need to confess without the ability to dodge the question. This is the harder of the two romance routes, but Marcy will be more cautious as she falls for her friend and will be reluctant to show affection in their relationship.
    Theme song: Somewhere I Belong
  2. StopRewind (R2): When you survive things that some wouldn't think could happen to those they care about, you wish that you can stop time and reverse it until you can change something from your past. Marceline wanted to erase parts of her life from her memory, and in a way, she already erased a traumatic event from her life long before she ever considered what college she'd go to. Yet when she met (insert name here), she didn't think that she could accept that something good could ever come out of her trauma until she suddenly started to pay attention to what she was hearing around her. Everything was background noise before they came into her life, and she finally understood a song that had the lyrics in this world of white noise, you're my favorite sound. It will be easier for Marcy to give affection, but she will still be reluctant to express her feelings with words.
    Theme song: StopRewind
  3. We are Ignited (P1): Marceline has refused to pursue a relationship with (insert name here), and she chose to make sure that her friend would be happy without her. Yes, she will admit to her caring for them as more than a friend, but instead of acting on it romantically, it's a familial relationship she'll have with her friend. It will hurt to do it at first, but in Marcy's mind, it's for the best since she felt that her mental health was going to destroy their relationship had she chosen to pursue it. There will be times where she shows affection, but she'll insist that it's because affection in her family is less frequent than with other families.
    Theme song: We are Ignited
  4. Numb: Denial, something that people can feel when they're either starting to go numb, or they already are numb. Marceline, despite everything, had gone numb before she could ever admit her feelings to (insert name here), and her thoughts refused to return to the attraction that she felt when they first met. Her past, as she believed it, will drive anyone away from her since she witnessed it happen to a friend who went through something similar to her. She will refuse to push a relationship, and it'll become clear that she wants to be just friends...or that's how she wants it to be. The ice may thaw over Marcy's feelings, but if she lets them thaw, an emotional breakdown will occur to the extent that few will be able to console her. This will be the hardest route to pursue, and if (insert name here) can make her thaw, the other routes will be easier to pursue since they will have a reason to be close to each other.
    Theme song: Numb
If anyone wants to do these, I'm willing, and the CS thread has been linked.
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