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[Req] [A] Samurai Champloo : Lotus Circle [2 SLOTS OPEN!]

Posted: Thu Nov 23, 2017 4:07 pm
by Jex
This RP is based off the original Samurai Champloo Series ,only difference is this is an alternate universe where none of the original characters exist

Theme Song

The Yokima Palace was one of the most wealthiest cities in all of ancient Japan , but home to the most brutal of laws. The Lord ruled with a iron fist with an outstanding army of loyal swordsmen who were ready to give their life for him even if the feeling wasn't mutual. The selfish lord took advantage of all who lived in his domain , if you could not pay off your debts you were either enslaved , executed , or in several ways suffer a lost of a family member by the same fate. The Lords Royal guards were nothing to trifle with , different swordsmen from every corner of the world came to serve him for the riches and benefits of the city taking everything they please and getting away with it justified by the lord. A local blacksmith was called upon to create new swords for the guards but dued to the lack of resources the quality of his blades weren't enough to satisfy the ungrateful soldiers so harsh actions were taken. The blacksmith and his only son were schedule to die upon the eyes of the the Lord . Terrified with tears down his face the boy pleaded for the Lord to spare his father and give them another chance to craft better weapons.The father begged for only his sons life to be spared " Its okay son...just remember how much I love you. When this is over .. I want you to go south to Kimosha. Your cousin lives there and will watch over you from now on..." he whispered in a low tone only for him to hear. The young boys emotions exploded as he screamed kicked and yelled for them not to hang his father. The lord toyed with the young boys emotion , at first agreed to spare both of them , but then began to joke around and decided to hang his father anyways. The boy watched as his father squirmed as the life slowly left his eyes , the last image in his head was looking at his helpless son hoping his final words were more than enough to convince him to never return to this city.

The boy was released traumatized and was exiled from the city of Yokima , as his ropes were unbind he drew a sword off one of the soldiers and charged towards the Lord hoping to silence him with one strike . He strikes him through his left shoulder , the blade lunged in his arm he screamed in agony. " Kill the BASTARD!" he commanded his soldiers. They scramble to pursue the boy as his leads them through the wild goose chase to the edge of the Yokima border . He manages to get a horse and was almost clear of the city until a rail of arrows tailed behind him and one getting him in the right part of his back. With a fatal injury he was able to outrun them , now bleeding to death and miles from Kimosha he passes out falling off the horse in the middle of the forest.

He wakes up to a woman kneeling over him in her home. Somehow she found him outside Kimosha and brought him back to tend to his wound which if she didn't he would've been dead by now. He thanked her for her hospitality and continued his journey looking for his cousin who was skilled swordsmen in his part of Kimosha. After a day of asking around he was able to find him and told him of the events that took place in Yokima and the merciless death he father was given. Everything the boy was before he left Yokima died with him when they took him father and his cousin could see it in his eyes. Instead of seeking way for him to move past his fathers death he encouraged him to train under him as his apprentice in the ways of the samurai to one day return to Yokima and get his revenge on the Lord and his mercenaries .

6 years pass turning him into a young man , his cousins training paid off as he packs up for a long journey ahead of him. Dued to Kimosha dire need of fighters his cousin unfortunately had to stay and look after everyone. The boy understood and didn't blame him , he gave his thanks for taking care of him and slowly trails back down the road to his vengeance .

This intro was a bit rushed but I hope the plot is suffice. You'll be somehow crossing paths with this young samurai and create a band of fighters called the Lotus circle. Everyone has their reasons for joining but all will involve something happening to them at Yokima.

The Wanderer: (OPEN)
The Slave: Jex
The Rouge: I was ungraceful
The Deserter: (OPEN)
The Thief : cz_invazion

- All the original rules and terms of the RP forum MUST be obeyed at all times !
-NO GODMODDING , you're human for crying out loud not One Punch Man xD
- Romance is allowed but if you go beyond that know you will be SHUT DOWN!
- You can have mostly any kind of handheld swords crafted in this era , nothing too OD .
- I like Passive and Aggressive RPers who can lead and follow the story if you go off track get ready for a Plot restart.
- A minimum of 1 paragraph per post

Any other questions about the RP feel free to ask.

CS will be available as soon as 2 considerers join the RP. Thank you !

Re: Samurai Champloo : Lotus Circle (retry)

Posted: Thu Nov 23, 2017 9:29 pm
by I was ungraceful
I wanna be the rogue!

Re: Samurai Champloo : Lotus Circle (retry)

Posted: Fri Nov 24, 2017 4:59 am
by Jex
Awesome , we'll just need one other person then ill put up a CS

Re: Samurai Champloo : Lotus Circle (retry)

Posted: Fri Nov 24, 2017 8:23 pm
by cz_invazion
Hello, i tried a samurai champloo rp a long time ago and it flopped. I am really glad to see another one up so I will ask may I please join you and if I can may join as the wanderer or the theif,?

Re: Samurai Champloo : Lotus Circle (retry)

Posted: Fri Nov 24, 2017 11:17 pm
by Jex
Sure ! either or is fine just lmk before I put up the CS

Re: Samurai Champloo : Lotus Circle (retry)

Posted: Sat Nov 25, 2017 3:13 pm
by Jex


Title : (Example : The Slave)

Age: (17-25)


Skills/Profession : ( Example: Fighting skill set , Herb/Medicine specialist , Resourceful Knowledge or Trades learned etc.)

Primary Weapon:
Secondary Weapon: (Optional)


Appearance : (Anime)

Extra Details : (Scars , Habits , Likes/Dislikes)

Re: Samurai Champloo : Lotus Circle (retry)

Posted: Sat Nov 25, 2017 3:14 pm
by Jex
I shall be making two CS's for this to keep things running !

Re: Samurai Champloo : Lotus Circle (retry)

Posted: Sat Nov 25, 2017 3:14 pm
by Jex
Marked for the Slave

Re: Samurai Champloo : Lotus Circle (retry)

Posted: Sat Nov 25, 2017 5:59 pm
by Jex

Name: Toji Hotake

Title : Lotus Circle Founder

Age: 22

Personality: A righteous fighter who doesn’t stand over those who are unfortunate. Not much of a fast thinker but he can improvise situation whenever needed. Growing up an outraged emotional child , over the years he mold himself to never show any weakness at least against his enemies. Toji shows great judgement in the company he keeps , honor and loyalty are two things he cherishes more than his will he become stronger by the day. As hard shell as he is now , his pain from childhood will always keep a soft side of him somewhere in his heart.

Skills/Profession :
Hand to Hand Combat
Long/Short Blade Weaponry
Kunai Throwing

Primary Weapon:A Katana Forge with rare black ore , able to pierce/cut through even the toughest of armor if used properly

Secondary Weapon: A Wakizashi version with the same design

Bio: In the begginning , Toji’s childhood was quite lovely. His father just starting his blacksmith trade and his mother taking care of the house while working at a noodle shop part time. Toji often played with the other children in his village , exploring around the woods near by . During that year a terrible winter came upon them making local businesses suffer from lack of produce. At the same time a virus began to spread around giving high fevers and other internal lethal issues . It was unfortunate for Toji’s mom to get sick while working one day and a few weeks later passes away from the illness. Nobody took it harder than Toji’s father but he swallow his grieving and did what was best for him and his son. They bury her , saying their last good byes before packing for Yokima hoping to find better working conditions .

Appearance : Image

Extra Details : He has a scar the size of an apple on his back left from the wound he sustain fleeing from Yokima that day

He also has a Kasa like this but in Black

Re: Samurai Champloo : Lotus Circle (retry)

Posted: Sat Nov 25, 2017 6:38 pm
by Jex

Name: Mikumi Nazuya

Title : The Slave

Age: 19

Personality: Very reserved but when spoken to she could really be smartass. She leads people into thinking just because she’s a female she’s weak minded but those underestimations usual backfire. Deep inside her fighting spirit burns deep , even though she’s not much of an actual fighter that never stopped her from taking on someone 3 times her size. One flaw is that she’s quite over caring to those dear to her , sometimes even seems like she loves to mother people .

Skills/Profession :
-Special Medicines

Primary Weapon: She keeps this either under the sleeve or tucked behind her in her kimono.
Secondary Weapon: (none)

Bio: Mikumi was born into a misfortune lifestyle , her father was a Big gambler while her mother was forced to work at a local Brothel in Yokima by her father. Though it was a brutal way for her mother to live she did everything in her power to see her daughter have a normal live within her own home when she was barely there. She spent as much spare time with her everyday teaching her how to read , write , the history and many names of peoples , places , and things. Over the next 15 years Mikumi was just as smart than most men in Yokima , but fear of ever showing that always flooded her mind with some kind of backfire taking place. One night while they were both home her father enters the house with Yokima soldiers following right behind him. “ Im so sorry ..please.. forgive me ..” He stood to the side shamefully weeping as the soldiers grabbed Mikumi’s mother taking her away . Apparently he lost a huge bet in which the wages were if he lost that his wife would permanently be admitted into the Brothel. But that was just only the start as they grab Mikumi as well , surprising enough he also waged his own daughter to one of the soldiers as a comfort girl. That following night her father hung himself in their home , his guilt driving him to madness.

The better side to this was Mikumi was able to escape her captor on their way to the main capital and fled into the woods for several days. Filthy , Hungry , and Starving she came upon a village where a elderly couple found her shaking and crying. Without any questions they took her in and raised her since. She never gave them the chance to ever ask her how did they find her like that.

Appearance : Image

Extra Details : Mikumi low key has a temper , but only shows when the line has been pushed too far for her. After that its like dealing with a whole new person.