[One][F][REQ] The Contrast Between Us

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[One][F][REQ] The Contrast Between Us

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(Hello reader! Just so you know this is just a quick introductory For the plot I had a rough idea to. As of now I'm on the fence whether I should add more or just add that little bit of context in the CS as more of an in-depth analysis of the set scenario!)

Auros, a prospering country and owner to a third of a gigantic supercontinent. Civilizations both primitive and advanced have risen and fallen, culture, industry, knowledge, and technological advancements have expanded beyond what their previous ancestors could've imagined. After a millenia of bloody fueds, wars, and disputes, the Country found peace through a city residing in one of it's provinces, Solstus. Meeropsa, the titled "City of Change" has served as Solstus' capital, and the safe haven to all known species that roam far and wide. This Large Metropolis sized city has been the hotspot for migration for a few decades due to it's charismatic leaders and it's peaceful, just Laws. Refugees and Immigrants far and wide found hospitality through Meeropsa's strong Xenophilic assistance policy. Politics in the surface was peaceful; politicians were born and raised of strong morale; taught in the way of an Aurosan. In this City, Province, and Country; ever single individual had it's potential of place as long as they strived for it.

To answer Meeropsa's beckon call, it's loyal, patriotic, and well trained army stands; a massive force built off of full time soldiers, Partial soldiers, and Scholar Trainees. Auros' army known as "The Sentinels" serve as the backbone of her great nation. They stand up in arms to defend their great nation against any and all who oppose the very laws they abide by. Full Time Soldiers are individual who pursued a career working for the military, learning and serving until they reach their optimal age for a qualified retirement. Partial Soldiers are citizens that have earned a certificate as a trained combatant after schooling or free lessons. They are free to participate during danger levels 1 and 2; any level surpassing level 2, Partial Soldiers must serve full military service and cannot refuse their duty. CTs are students in training, needing special permission from the school supervisor and principal in order to partake in level 1 danger. They are the last and final protectors of the city, only mandatory to serve full military service in level 4 and level 5 danger categories. They guard the borders and streets with their life, and are willing to stand in defense for one another when threat arises.

The Diversified Culture of Meeropsa brought by it's different races, with alchemy, technology, Arithmetics, and Ethereal Practice has made a number of innovations in a evolutionary level. In the city of change, innovated tech, and new methods have been generated; from mechanical limbs that are able to feel the slightest tactile sense, to the mixture of Ethereal casting mixed with with modern weaponry to produce weapons with the capability of ending a battle in minutes. Whether you were sick as a child with a life threatening injury, or a veteran, physically and psychologically scarred of the past, Meeropsa had treatment and counseling at your disposal.

Meeropsa was a Safe Haven, however with a clash of races and culture, there are still some who do not abide with Meeropsa's continued journey of a fluid nation, one of change. Amongst the many races, some old scars still roam within some of their specific races. There used to be a fine line between human and Animilia (which was previously categorized as "Monster"). The general public has since broken down such barrier, however there are those who still prefer to be with their own kind rather than interracial relations. As the newer generation grows, hybrids between races are still slow to accept to some of their respective races. Human figures with Lupus-like features, Ocelts with Elven ears and blood flowing within them. They are described as Halflings, and they have began to become less of a rare interracial 'accident' and more of a norm in society. Some call it multiculturalism or cultural blending, others differ and would call it a diluted sense of cultural preservation.

Within the province of Solstus, many of Auros' richest individuals and Nobels of ancient lineage stand side by side living life of luxury, as leaders for society. Some detest the aura of superiority that these hierachs give, however the general public accepts them as they have continued to treasure Auros' Democratic standing, laws, and policies and continues to exemplify them as they interact with the public.

Contrasting this position, the poor, unemployed, and ones who rely on social welfare (More notoriously known as "Benchwarmers" or "Seats") are a more uncommon yet noticable group within Auros' society. Most look down on them as they all feel that Seaters have been freeloading and robbing the government of their money. Some choose to stay as Seaters due to quality of life, disabilities, and or current job or profession. Working Seaters still keep the tradition of old decades, be it traditional farmers, to shoe Cobblers, and of similar "old Era" work that have become less of a necessity of a job.

Even with these disputes, troubles and controversies, Auros thrives and continues to do so, standing as the beacon to freedom to all who seek peace and refuge.


August 29th, 2420
Auros, Meeropsa
Friday, 11:23PM
Atlus International Airport

"Hello, and welcome to Auros, the world's rightful freedom, represented by a country! For what purpose will you be staying here today?" A scripted and rehearsed Feminine voice spoke out. The person in front of the kiosk had taken his time to read of the options available before selecting one of the given choices.
"You have chosen to Migrate to Auros! Please place the Personal Identification page within your passport and place it on the scanner! Stand on the two highlighted footprints below of you and face the camera! As much as your smile pleases us for arriving at Auros, please keep a straight face for the purpose of safety and accurate diagnostic!" . The man did as such, and had done all the steps, blinded by a bright light flashing from the room for a fraction of a second.
"Thank you for your active cooperation! Please do not forget to take your passport and any belongings you have put down! Any checked-in luggage can be received directly ahead and to the left! On behalf of the Atlus Airport employees, and Auros as a whole, we hope you enjoy and keep safe on your future endeavours!".

The individual merged with the sea of other people who have also completed similar tasks, in which they crowded around multiple carousel conveyor belts, where each individual luggage have began to be taken from their respective owners. During this particular weekend, many of the people populating the airport are for the purpose of schooling, from high school, all the way to post secondary. Many international students have flocked to Auros' cities, from very hard mock tests and exams, to personal invitation by the head of the school. People of Royal descent, wealthy families, and Globally recognized personnel from around the world have all arrived to Auros for the continued development of a better future for all of the world. Auros believes that by providing education to figureheads in an environment that has a vast multiculturalism integrated within the society. As a hopeful result, Auros hopes that one day nations far and wide would learn from the leaders raised with like minded ethics and expand reaches into the cosmos.

The ongoing crowd flowed like water through the hallway and out to the main hall of the Airport, where another varied crowd waited; families, friends, and school representatives have waited for quite some time to welcome those who arrived. The lonely man separated from the crowd, heading directly to the temrinal entrance, he seemed to have been following instructions printed in paper. A very unusual and primitive method in today's standard. He continued to walk down, past taxis, personal vehicles, and people, occasionally looking up to check at which gate number he was at. After a while, he stopped at Gate 7, near the end of the terminal, staring at a car isolated by most cars. A man dressed in a very modest suit and tie came out; he looked young, in his late twenties, perhaps his early thirties. He approached the one staring at the car and shook his hand.

"Heya! You're the transfer from New Thalos right? Aizen Selson?" He asked. The man nodded in asubtle manner to respond. Seemed to be he wasn't much of a social type.
"Well, the name's Darien, Darien Aruson! I'm the student V.P for Natalia University! We'll talk more as we drive, hop in, I'll put your luggage at the back!" He continued on enthusiastically. Aizen was hesitant to move initially, unaccustomed to their culture. He didn't know whether or not it was really alright for him to get inside the car without him being inside first, still he bit the bullet. Aizen can held the door to the shotgun seat and opened it; their interior was very luxurious, as expected from someone coming out of Natalia's University. The seat was made of a premium black leather, with the floor practically factory new. No signs of any stain, foot print, or damage was seen, everything was neat. Neon lights gave panels and edges a sort of accent to highlight it from the dark interior of the car. Just then, the light inside the car brightened up into a more flourescent Orange tint. Three women sat at the back, giving off each a different sort of smile. Aizen felt a wave discomfort, still he took his seat.

Aizen closed the door beside him and sat quietly, waiting, till one of them abruptly talked.
"You're not very comfortable right now are you.." one of them asked, Aizen nodded the same way he did to the gentleman outside. The girl sitting in the middle giggled in response, one that was light hearted, and innocent in a way.
"Don't worry Aizen, we mean no harm! We're all of the student council! I am Ayana, Head of Finance and Accounting for events, student costs, and any and all after class curriculum clubs!" Her high pitched and somewhat fiesty voice stopped, gesturing to the girl to the left of her. She had a more serious and mature sure around her, looking and behaving as a figure head compared to the rest of them.
"It's a pleasure to meet you Aizen. My name is Soluna, the President of student Council! I'm the sole representative of any and all scholars and undergraduates of Natalia University! Whether a concern, compliment, or suggestion, feel free to talk to me!" She gestured to the last person, who was at the other side of the 3 seats. The last girl was different, she was much calmer, and a very warm vibe surrounded her; a subtle and sweet feeling you get when you're wrapped up in a thick blanket from the cold.

"I'm Nora, the University's Cooperative Labor Club! I work with the student council as often as they have meetings! We help other clubs and the student council with events and activities! We're the supplier of student bodies to help with tasks and give Cooperative hours for your time helped, similar to high school." She ended of with a proud and soft giggle.
"how about you Aizen? Other than your name of course!"

Aizen had a moment to think of what to say before replying.
"Im Aizen, I came from New Thalos. I know it's a bad place and people from there usually end up criminals and convi-" Aizen was interrupted at the sense of a hand softly placing itself on his shoulder. The president had leaned over, giving him a sympathetic and concerned look.
"Aizen, you don't have to tell us, we know, and we really don't believe you're like that. Trust me." Her tone was very gentle and pitiful, which gave him a sense of empathetic comfort.
"If you don't feel comfortable about anything, you don't have to tell use Aizen!"

He nodded his head, his social shell breaking a bit from their welcoming and introductions; a little bit of trust was rested upon them.
"I'm entering for a second year of University for a Master's Degree in Techcromancy. I'm thankful I was offered an invitation from the administrator Herself. I haven't really been into clubs or any of school activities much due to my situation back then. I'm not the most comfortable person with new people."
Aizen paused as the driver's door open and the man outside got inside and closed the door beside him.
"What'd I miss...?" He asked.
"Your cousin was just introducing himself." Ayana responded. Aizen gave a look of curiosity to the driver.
"They know we're related?"
"Yup, we also know your family's history, that and your natural intelligence of course!" Ayana continued.
"There's a family name in that University that owes you their whole life for what your family has done for them."

"...What do you mean..?"


The group was unfamiliar, yet we're familiar to you. The same stereotypes were there surrounding you. The wealthy, Rich, and priveledged. We're in line as Vehicles of unnecessary luxury arrived one by one, taking in one or two passengers as the Students themselves desired. Within this circle, you knew you were one of the highest nobility. You hailed from Nilheim after all, where the purest of sentient life thrived with unmatched knowledge and wisdom, a kingdom in which you were promised to be a queen. Your parents were happy, glad that you chose to take the torch to be a just and wise ruler, studying various arts and sciences to know of the world. Mother would miss you, and so would father too. Both have been parents you could never ask more of. Supportive and Helpful to her growth as a fine and intellectual Woman.

Still, there was one phrase your father had said, which very much filled you with a sense of itchy frustration:

"Do not date anyone. Make friends, but do not indulge yourself in relationships unless of nobility. Your title is desired by men of corruption, please watch yourself!"

You got in the car, with a slight frown on your face. What your father had said just gave you a never ending itch on the side of your head. You were old enough to see your partner fit or worthy of your affection; you did not need your father's word as a reminder! You had standards, very, very high standards! A gentleman who asks your hand in marriage will also be a gentleman of great humbleness! One who is bold, brave and immidiate to answer both your beloved call and the need for justice! A Warrior with an Iron mind, and a heart as soft and tender as a baby's smile. Such man would have to be of impossible feats, and you were confident that you would spend more time looking for such a partner than for him to find you.

The cars drove in unisonas they all turned to the main road, in a steady line cruisign through the Urban streets of Meeropsa. This was the city you so desired to see as a young princess; only then had you seen pictures and stories from travelers who have gone to such a city! Watching the flashing lights, the different people roam the streets like s rainbow filling the skies with it's spectrum of warm and cool colors! Nostalgia engulfed you like a wave; everything you remembered hesring about Meeropsa came back. Everything they said was true: The many colorful lights of all sorts, the people who never look the same, the different lifestyles you could assume just by watching an individual interacted with their environment.

You wished you could have taken your mother and father to see such beauty with their eyes as well.

The trip was not long, a short 10 minute ride and you had arrived to a grand campus, one of the world's most renowned University in all of Tali. No other University offered better programs than what Natalia University could offer; 97% of career appointed graduates found jobs within the following 2 months while graduates of nobility from Natalia University have affected the International Political system in a historical scale. This decade alone has experienced more peace than what the planet of Tali had before the first life forms walked the land.

This school seemed promising, and that it should. She must learn everything there is to know of this world if she is to become a fitting and wise Queen.

The cars parked beside the front entrance of the Main building, where dozens other cars of similar appearance to one they were chaperoned in. As the others got out of the car to enter for the introduction ceremony so did you instictively; no one wanted to be left in the dust. As s you entered in you saw students, professors and many people of various businesses socializing just outside their auditorium, to the left were many exquisite and luxurious finger food with some played already empty; perhaps you were a bit late for the savory snacks, oh well.

You would have entered, but something caught the corner of your eye; it seemed to be that there was a Dragonfly amongst the Monarch Butterflies. Surrounded by Natalia scholars was one who stood out from the crowd. He was in casual attire, but he didn't have the posture nor the attitude of a noblemen, yet he had an escort already who seem to be fond of him. You didn't know what to think if him, but one thing was for sure. He caught your interest.


"....So, how's the Campus?"
"It's...marvelous. the presentation, the aesthetics... Everything is just so rich and expensive." Aizen replied in awe, giving a subtle and impressed look as he examined the halls all around him, to the msot insignificant of corners and back. For a street rat like him to be welcomed to such a campus was one that he could never deserve. The doors to the auditorium were also decorated and shiny with previous white gold; perhaps it was real. The people here too dressed all formal and elegantly. People wearing expensive clothing, some looking of royalty, perhaps even being of Royal blood. As Aizen continued to give a glance all around him, he locked eyes with someone. A girl who dressed in a very expensive and semi-formal attire. Today was a bit chilly and she seemed like she was prepared for the occasion as she had a beautifully decorated covering around her arms like a warm blanket. The student council couldn't help but realize they had locked eyes seconds way too much and grinned.

"best not to lock eyes with anyone for too long Aizen, it might bring good company or bad company!" Ayana joked.

Both Aizen and her broke eye contact, unbeknownst to the other that they had reacted the same way by looking elsewhere. Aizen's cheeks burned alittle. She was pretty, but already knew that to even earn the affection of one of them was a task impossible of his class. To Aizen he saw himself below to everyone in here, regardless of his academic priveledged.

Aizen and this girl had assumed that their long gaze would be their only interaction, but fate always has it's way of making destiny's plan to happen.

To them, this is a coincidence, but the story to unfold is one written in the future of history.

(Currently posting this on 1:40AM so Apologies if there are types of words that do not make sense, I promise to edit it tommorow. Till then, leave a reservation if you would like to participate!)
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