[O] Cogito Ergo Sum [Open]

If you're willing to consistently post a paragraph and want more depth than casual, try this on for size. (5-10 sentences per post, on average.)
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[O] Cogito Ergo Sum [Open]

Post by BenignPandora » Tue Jan 31, 2017 8:22 pm

"I think, therefore I am."

These words have been taught to each one of the teenagers that went through highschool on at least one psychology lesson, meaning that we are not within our plane of existence lest we possess consciousness of our own lives. Animals do not exist within this reality according to these beliefs, though this is only a state of mind. Life has many paths, from which we must choose one before we start our journey. No matter how many, people is bound to find others going down the same road as them. This can be seen as an advantage, but it can be their doom as well. The path a person takes often takes wrong turns and obstacles appear in it; some correct the direction, some don't; some avoid the obstacles and solve their problems, others let calamity get the best of them.

The path that each one of us took, be it good or bad, has reunited us in the same spot. The direction that we choose now is up to the individual, yet the masses' collective mind usually affects our behavior. What lies ahead of us is uncertain, yet a majority acts as if they knew what is about to happen. Burstling out with confidence, giving firm steps into the unknown. It's the case of many teenagers and young adults around the world, though there are exceptions. These are ridiculed sometimes, or treated as inferiors for their cautious nature. Understanding the reasons for each individual to act the way they do is the first step to know the answers to the greatest questions about human psychology, the psyque, and how to develop a healthy persona despite the teenagers' unstability.

One thing is certain, fear changes everything. It alters the behavior of even the most stable person drastically if instilled properly, of course. Some people's fears range from spiders to water, from being alone to big crowds. Nobody is truly fearless, because everyone has an event that triggers a life-threatening effect in their minds. Labeled as such since most of the subjects claim that their life could end if exposed to these fears for extended periods of time, be it as an exaggeration or true claim. Fears alter a person's minds to the point of disconnecting it from their body, clouding the logical thinking and commencing a more instinctive response.

Fear is a big factor in life, it is needed for everyone to overcome their fears to live at their fullest. Once somebody accepts each of their fears and embraces them, they are overcoming this to start a better life.

Althought teenagers don't speak about such subjects in their everyday lives, they are always present. To exist in our reality one must think, and recognize their own conciousness as a person. Fear, however, clouds our thinking and forces us to act on instinct. If one were to be struck by fear for long enough, would they throw away their minds and cease to exist?


Summer vacations, the words ring a bell in everyone's minds as soon as they are spelled. Warm afternoons, a beach trip, hanging out with friends, but most importantly, classes are over! Though this isn't a story about vacations, nor summer.

Manitoba, Canada.

The Thompson University for the Arts And Science (TUAS) is a very convenient installation in the area that takes in students from all around the state, being a public university the only requirement is to pass the entry test. As it's name implies, it specializes in a wide variety of subjects ranging from Plastic Arts to Biologic Engineering. Some would say it's a prestigious university for gifted people, but truth be told, it is thanks to the teachers' effort that the students learn at faster rates than other places. The graduation rates are a near perfect 96%, meaning 9 out of 10 students.

The installations are divided in three sections, which are the Arts facility, the Science's, and finally, the Dorms. It is a large campus which allows the students to maintain their lives inside of the facilities, which takes us to it's economy. Only part of the university's funds are given by the government, which only allows them to pay the teachers' salary and other staff. The building itself is maintained by the students, as it provides them meals they can buy at the grand cafeteria, books from the library that can be either rented or bought(A generic copy, of course.), handbooks, pens, and other useful tools for their everyday lives. There is also a 'fourth' subdivision which hosts a nursery station in a small complex.

But there is more than just appearances. Behind a perfect school with perfect students there must be a story, perhaps not so perfect as some would think. This story is yet to be told, and the transition between their flawed beings to an A-Class person is harder than one would think. A life is still a life even if it has lost it's meaning, that is what few people still know. The Thompson University knows this, and takes good care of the lives under it's responsibility. But even under the sharpest eye, there is always a detail that escapes it's first sight. It is that detail that you need to see, you only have to come closer.


That is our keyword.

To come closer and inspect each of the students' lives, see for yourself what are they going through and why does this school have such a good fame, despite the possible bad experiences.

How will you come closer? You are a student, of course! Be it an old or new student, you are still one. And this year may reveal what you've been seeking for a long time.


If you didn't get what this blabbery is about, it's a school life RP thingy. We are about to follow the lives of a group of students throughout their exciting journey in the Thompson University for the Arts and Science!

Now, before we start I must say, this isn't your generic school RP which 20/10 ends up in romance shit. I'm not saying romance is not allowed, I'm only saying that's not how real life works. Destiny and fated encounters between two lovers? Tokyo TV is around the hall, this is not going to make people fall in love because plot. Though if your characters have chemistry, I won't do anything against it.

Now that the romance thing has been cleared up, let's go to character development. I am in my whole right to deny characters if I don't like them, see fit for my RP, or decide that I simply don't want said trait in it. Again, not saying I'll deny 25/25 characters just because, but that you should make an effort to build a realistic character.

I am not limiting this to school-wise environments, your characters can decide to attend classes or not. There are weekends, yes, you can go to malls if you decide so. Of course, some characters will have part time jobs to which they need to attend, though it doesn't have to be RPed(Timeskips, thank you.).

Events, I will be hosting events. Opportunities to have the characters interact with each other, some of them will be necessary to attend, some won't.

I believe that's it, now the rules.
  • Follow all Intermediate Section Rules
  • Discrimination is allowed in-RP, not OOC, due to the lifelike nature of this setting.
  • Characters cannot be under 17 years old, unless you bring me a good reason for them to be so young.
  • If somebody wishes to play a teacher, specify which subject. I will test you.
Finally, a little warning here.

By submitting a CS, you are accepting my terms and conditions. Not only the rules above, but you also take responsibility for any and every substantial damage that may be inflicted upon your character. Be it physical, psychological, temporary or even permanent. You accept any and every changes in the flow that I might apply. Quitting half-ways through the RP for any of the reasons above will not be tolerated, you will be able to retire from the RP but not to come back at any point. Furthermore, I will not accept you in any of my settings from that point onwards if I see you quitting for any of the reasons stated before in this warning.

I believe nothing else must be said. To a good understander, few words.

The CS is this one.~

Applicatiom Form
  • Student ID Information
  • Full Name:
  • Age:
  • Birthday:
  • Gender:
  • Semester:
  • Major:

    Psychological Test
  • Tell me about yourself:(This is often translated as personality, but a biography is included into it as well. It should bring out the best of both, make this at least 2 paragraphs since it counts as both.)
  • Any traumatic experiences? If so, specify: (One paragraph minimum)
  • What is your most notorious memory?: (One paragraph minimum)
  • Phobias, or any fears?:
  • As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?:
  • What do you want to be now, after you graduate?:
  • Asides from your career options, what is your biggest dream?:
  • [∀]← What do you see in here?:

    Medical Check-up
    For this form, you must specify which meds/diseases/etc if the answer is yes.
  • Do you have any genetic diseases?:
  • Allergies?:
  • Are you taking any prescription drugs?:
  • Are you addict to any medication or substance?:
  • Have you broken any bones before?:
  • When was your last medical check-up?:
  • Do you exercize often? Would you say that you're fit?:
  • Have you ever had an STD/STI or currently have one?:

    Physical Details
  • Hair Color:
  • Eye Color:
  • Skin Color:
  • Height:
  • Weight:
  • Overall:(Description. Their build, facial features, etc.)
  • Attached Picture:(A photo of the student.)

Well, that's it. I'll be informing you of any changes later on.

Post your CS' here and I'll add them to the accepted CS section later(When I make it, and when I accept them.), at the CS Storage. If you have any questions, just ask.


The psychological and medical tests should be written in first person, the rest should not.
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Re: [O] Cogito Ergo Sum [Open]

Post by BenignPandora » Tue Jan 31, 2017 8:29 pm

There are currently [3] reserved spots including my own. The limit is still unknown, I'll add one as I see fit.

Current reservations:

"A future where you take me far, really far away with you, I think would make me very happy."

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