[One]Some Flowers Bloom Surrounded in Darkness

If you're willing to consistently post a paragraph and want more depth than casual, try this on for size. (5-10 sentences per post, on average.)
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[One]Some Flowers Bloom Surrounded in Darkness

Post by AllThatAngst » Sat Jan 28, 2017 1:01 am

The length of her hair bounced behind her head as she sprinted towards the running car, her restraints threatening to loosen and allow the waves of ebony colored curls free. Her muscles complained of the sudden vigor but adrenaline kept her high on excitement. She had never ran like this before, it was wonderful. She felt like a normal person, sporting worn jeans and a leather jacket she may or may not have stolen. Most of the bobby pins in her hair had slipped out during all of the commotion, leaving her to appear rather wild. Dirt was smudged onto her cheek and forehead, new add-ons to her makeup from a trip that landed her face first into dirt. There was still a faint taste of blood in her mouth from when she bit her tongue then. Sweat leaked from her pores like never before and she was beyond ecstatic rather than disgusted. The converses that were beaten up and slightly too large for her feet made quick slapping noises as they met the pavement. It was here that she decided that she adored running. The wind on her face and her muscles in movement, the adrenaline high that swam through her system. It reminded her of riding in a fast car, except now it was her body working instead of a simple push on the gas pedal. As invigorating as it felt, and as elated as she felt, she knew that she could not out run them for long. Her body certainly was not trained and she had no clue where she was going, two large factors that gave them a major advantage. She continued to run down the middle of the street, cars stopping to stare at the strange girl, other onlookers that littered the sidewalks paused to whisper accusingly, obvious distaste and confusion in their eyes. She suddenly though, took a sharp turn left and sped up, forcing her muscles to push hard, her stride lengthening.

Her dark eyes quickly searched for escape routes and they landed on a running car, not all that new but nothing too flashy, nothing fancy, nothing memorable. It was perfect. Swiftly opening the door she slid in and slammed it behind her, pushing the hair that had fallen into her face behind her shoulders. Heaving a large sigh that interrupted her heavy breathing, she turned wide eyed, sporting a giant grin towards the driver of the car she jumped into. "Hey, I'm in a bit of trouble, mind giving me a hand? Or... a ride?" Breathy laughs danced out of her throat and she combed her bangs out of her face until she just decided to let her hair out of the hair tie. her accent was noted by the stranger but he could not place it."C'mon it'll be like and adventure. Don't you want to travel? I was thinking of monuments or tourist places? Texas seems cool too." She continued to ramble to the jaw-dropped stranger, currently focused on detangling her hair from the tie. Her face was currently angled down towards her lap, her gaze no longer staring into his, but still she was confused by his silence. "But whatever you choose to go, it needs to happen fast. The law enforcement is probably within yards of us now." Sputtering out nothing, the stranger watched her struggle with the hair tie, but simply could not form sentences. Once she finally was settled she slipped the hair tie onto her wrist and looked up at him, quirking a perfectly angled brow. "You could be convicted for being an accessory." she added, not threatening but just stating. She watched, slightly amused as a million emotions flashed through his eyes. "I'll pay you." she began to dig through the inside pockets of the leather jacket, pulling out a hefty amount of twenty dollar bills wrapped in a rubber band. She found it in the jacket when she got it but never really focused ono it, and of course had no clue where it came from. She did not really need it either, so he could have it if he wanted. She did not like to believe that she was bribing him but if push came to shove then she would make demands. "Come on please we have got to get out of here." She was too busy checking the mirror for the cops to notice the stranger snatch the money out pf her hand and slam the gas pedal. "Woow!" she gasped, nearly banging her head into the window at the sudden jolt as he pulled out of parking. Sitting back she buckled her seat belt, not really sure why the stranger was going along with it but deciding that it was best to not ask. She pulled a ratty baseball cap out of the inside of her jacket and pulled it onto her head, tipping it down so the traffic light cameras would not catch her face.

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Never did you expect to be embarking on an adventure with a beautiful but achingly mysterious girl who appeared from nowhere. It was probably the most exciting thing in your life. You were average in school, the simple nice guy who everyone was friends with, married your highschool sweetheart but lost her after the last year of college. A pushover at work, you were just beginning to questioning the meaning of life, and its importance. Then your attention was torn from your steering wheel to a girl with flushed tanned cheeks and windblown hair who smelt of dried roses. She rambling so fast in an accent you've never heard before. This was something crazy in a movie, he was almost expecting to get sniped or tear-gassed or something else crazy. Even though it would have sucked it would have been funny. Now for whatever reason, you took the cash and hit the pedal. It is your duty to fulfill your promise. Little did you know that you would end up joining the nomadic life with the foreigner. Traveling America gave you an odd feeling. Life often began to seem perfect all until you figure out who exactly the little fugitive is and danger enters your life like never before.


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