[VG] PBL: Pokemon Battling League

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[VG] PBL: Pokemon Battling League

Post by GallantAquarius_19 » Thu Jan 26, 2017 10:40 pm

You scan listlessly through your television, checking out a few stations before settling on a specific one. It appears to be a commercial filled with loud noises and colorful words and a loud booming voice narrating it all. "IT CAN ONLY BE FOUND HERE!" It shouts, a montage of intense Pokémon combat takes place before you. Blazikens sky uppercutting Lucarios square in their muzzles, Staraptor's air dropping Sawk's down straight into the mat, even a Serperior snaking its body around a Golem and squeezing it until it taps the mat of the ring. "ONLY IN YOUR ONE STOP NETWORK FOR THE GREATEST BATTLING MOMENTS!" the voice repeated, even louder this time. Now came a montage of trainers yelling at eachother, a Gallade and a Bisharp staring intensely at eachother in the background, and even a bit with an Emboar dancing with its trainer. A man appears before you, covered in spray tan and an intense bleach blonde to his hair that is slicked back intensely. He is wearing a pitch black suit with a blue tie and diamond studded sunglasses. It appears that he is the source of that voice as he speaks. "TELL EM DONNY DIAMOND SENT YOU!" He says with a wink, a glimmer in his eye. The letters PBL zoom onto the screen with Pokémon Battling League underneath them. Then the logos for two separate shows appeared: Critical Hit, the Saturday show and Super Effective, the Tuesday show. Unimpressed, you change the station.

Next comes a strange sort of promotional. "Extreme...." it begins, showing quick clips of Pokémon battling with a red filter behind it in a strange E shape. You see small bits of blood pouring from a few of them, enticing you mostly, but slightly disgusting you. "Pokémon....." It follows, showing a few more clips in quick succession in a P. "COOOOOOOMBAAAAAT!" It finally finishes, showing the full view without the filter of more fights in quick succession. "THIS is what you came for!" It continues, showing high flying, death defying stunts with ladders, smashing with chairs, and lots of bleeding. "Only with..." then it cuts to the crows with this chant. "EPC! EPC! EPC! EPC! EP-" and before they finish, you switch the station again.

Finally, one last promotion. "No more games..." It begins, showing some great moves between a Primeape that seismic tosses a Toxicroak square into the ring ropes before kicking it in the jaw. "No more playing around..." Next came an Electivre ensnaring a Poliwrath and then shocking it with powerful lightning. "This..." Now, a Sceptile cutting into an Onyx repeatedly with his leaf blade, only to be crushed under the rock snake's tail. Then came a still image of a Machoke in complete darkness "Is the real deal." The Machoke let out a furious call to the camera, then cut away to show three letters in shining silver: CPB. Championship Pokémon Battling and two shows, Lightning and Pyro. You settle on this watch intently for some serious Pokémon battling.

Rules: 1) Similarly to wrestling, as the three leagues are similar to, the matches here are all predetermined. How it works is that I will send a "script" for how the match will play out. All of the dialogue, moves, and what will happen will be in the script and its up to the trainers to follow the script and command their Pokémon to follow the rules. This is called a "work". Anyone who betrays the script for personal reasons in story will have to answer to the managers of Donny Diamond (PBL), Vince Turner (CPB), and Paul Porter (EPC) and will either be fired or sent to a developmental league.
2) Moves will land regularly if executed correctly. However, there is a slight chance that the move will be "botched". A dice roll will determine whether or not the move will or will not be botched. More risky moves in more risky situations (off a ladder, the top rope, etc.) will have a higher chance to be botched and the match going off script or worse, the Pokémon getting injured.
3) Stats can be increased with battle items (attack-x, speed-x) but they are a bit like steroids here. Keep them secret or don't use them!
4) The leagues are divided like this: PBL is an allegory for the WWE, the squeaky clean, more family friendly while at the same time very corporate and silly side of battling. They're mainly concerned with selling merchandise and promoting their brand. WCW allegory CPB is mainly focused on wrestling as a legitimate sport. EPC is related to ECW, focused on high flying moves and extreme rules.
5) All trainers and Pokemon should stay in their respective character in the ring and backstage. All thoughts and speech outside of the cameras (backstage and in the ring) should be done in *asterisk like this*
6) Titles: PBL: (Critical Hit Titles): Universal, Kanto (Similar to US), Women, Cruiserweight, Tag Team, Triple, Hardcore (Super Effective): Company Champion, Intercontinental, Women, Tag Team, Triple, World Heavyweight, Light Heavyweight (Special): Undisputed (Gets both Company and Universal titles)
CPB: Cruiserweight, Light Heavyweight, Hardcore, Women's, World Heavyweight, Triple, Tag, TV (Mostly useless prize)
EPC: World Heavyweight, World Tag Team, Triple Tag, World TV
Character sheets: Name (Real Name):
Pokémon ("weight" titles depends on kind of Pokémon (Starpator's would be cruiser, Machoke's are heavyweight, Lucarios are light heavyweight for example):
Pokémon moves (max of four):
Gimmick (character the trainer and Pokémon play):
Personality (outside the ring):
Backstory (of trainer, not the character):
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Re: [VG] PBL: Pokemon Battling League

Post by Xcelgamer » Thu Jan 26, 2017 11:03 pm

Oh most definitely
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