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Posted: Wed Sep 16, 2020 3:47 am
by Ethonious
Within a dimly lit room, distant laughter could be heard, shadows dancing across the walls as a small ember flickered to cast their shape. A maid sat elegantly, with two little children sweeping past her, tumbling onto the bed together, giggling.

"Now, now! There will be plenty more time to play in the next sunrise! Rest now, your highnesses!" the maid uttered softly. The two replied in unison, as if twins, and gently tucked under the covers, resting beside each other with wide grins reaching widely on both ends of their cheeks.

"Shall I read you both a tale?" the maid asked, receiving an eruption of joy and agreements. She was caught off guard, acting as best she could to quiet the two rowdy royalty.

"How about a reading on one of the story books, your highnesses?"

The two pondered upon the offer given, both skimming through the distant colors of books with their eyes before shaking their heads.

"We've already heard the stories at least twice now, we want something new!" one of the princesses replied, with the other agreeing. The maid nodded her head, in a flustered and light panick, thinking of a tale that came off the top of her head to present to them. Eventually, she let out a gasp, which the two girls saw, releasing all the joy into burying their faces under the blankets.

"This story is of an ancient folklore! The Venutians called this tale 'The Queen and The Umbran'!

Centuries ago, a lone royal dared to venture across the great oceans of Asta to discover new frontiers. Together with ships of guards, pioneers, and adventurers alike, they set sail, west of the known world, into the unknown. Eventually, the ships reached new lands. The noblewoman was named 'Maia', who first set foot in the land of Venutia, where the Moon's penumbra casts it's light for three seasons of the year. Here she established a kingdom in which she ruled with a just and gentle mind. Her people were fiercely loyal, knowing the love she had for the kingdom's interests and well-being.

The Kingdom took its time, for years cultivating the land, learning how to adapt to such new environments, and stabilizing it's rapid development. She reached to the old world, giving news of the daily discoveries and new opportunities this new land brought, welcoming newcomers to the unique land. Eventually, Queen Maia's kingdom looked forth to the great beyond, past the kingdom that faced the ocean leading to the old world, and across the mountains, leading to the great unknown.

Now Venutia was and still is mostly uncharted lands, and within the such lands roamed creatures of the Shadows. Some were gentle, easy to befriend, some mimicked animals of lands across! An intelligent shadowbeing being known as 'The Venu' communicated with Maia's people, and together they exchanged items, goods, and lmwpeldhe, shaping the unique culture of the Venutian people.

While The Venu trusted Queen Maia enough to fall under her rule, they still had their problems with some of her plans. They were adamant in not wanting her to enter the woods beyond the mountains, which surrounded the rest of the land for many miles across. Queen Maia assured them that any dangers they fear she would protect them from. Still, The Venu pleaded for her not to cross the boundary, but she had disregarded their warnings, sending forth expeditions to explore the lands beyond.

Everything had been going as planned, until the people she had sent had begun to disappear in groups. Worried for the safety of those she sent and of the kingdom, Queen Maia sent forth her most trusted Knight. The Shield of Venutia, Commander Hestus, a person Maia deeply cared for had made quick haste to be her acting hand, journeying to the forest beyond to investigate. Weeks had past and Queen Maia's worries had festered to a point where she had chose to embark on the journey herself to see what had been happening. She left the temporary ruling of the kingdom to her trusted scribes, generals, and Noble people, treading her way to the forest swallowed light.

During one of her many travels within the dead forest, she came across the carnage of her people, and amidst the blood stained ground, a figure, standing in the pitch black, with blood red aura of some unknown magic burning like a flame. The thing had it's back turned to her, staring at the blood red moon. Slowly, it's gaze darted back to Queen Maia, who feared for the worst.

'Who are you?' the creature asked, in a shrilly and deep voice.

'I am Queen Maia of the Venutian people! The blood you had spilled were of my beloved, my people!' She hissed back at the creature with passion of anger.

'They are invaders of my realm. I have chosen a vessel to be my prophet of the Night.' The creature replied, in the same deep and menacing voice. The Queen, horrified yet curious, asked what it was. The Nightmarish creature refered to it as 'The Ancient Umbran', The harvester of Night. The creature had approached form the darkness, and from the dim light of the moon above revealed her Commander Hestus, overcome with corruption, and in pain from the dark energy emitting around him. The creature had been taking a ghostly form, emitting a face of dark clouds, and red eyes from the energy.

Fearing for his life, the Queen begged the creature to leave his body, in exchange for them never to bother it's lands, but the creature could not agree.

'Once I have chosen a vessel, I will stay till death rips us apart. I will protect the vessel, but they will suffer the burden of my powers, and the pain of my presence. No living thing can bear me.' the devilish creature hissed. The Queen, with no options left offered a deal to the demon:

She would share the burden with her Commander, so that his pain would not continue longer. The deal had plucked interest to the creature, leaving silence in their wake, till he spoke saying:

'Your offer has piqued my interest tremendously, Queen Maia. I will extend this deal. I shall allow you to venture in my woods and beyond. In exchange, I will also have you hold responsible in the preservation of my realms. If anyone is to desecrate my lands, you will bring their blood below my footstool.'

The Queen agreed, cutting her hand and let the sinister spirit cover her palm, burning a sigil right below her neck. Now she had began to emit a dark aura, although the creature's presence was not with her. Commander Hestus, relieved of the anguish, was able to recover, helping his Queen up from the ground. A voice called out to both of them, as if echoing in the forest.

'The man will bear the presence of my form, as a harvester of the night. The woman shall bear my power, mastery over the arts of shadows and dark magic. He will harvest, she will control. Both shall suffer the burden of my gifts. Let those who know not of my warning hear: I am Zyx, God of the Night.'

Queen Maia felt eerie of the message and had began to ponder if the deal that had been agreed upon was one that would lead to consequences in the future.

The two and the remaining few they could find who have survived returned home. Only days after, Queen Maia had summoned all of her kingdom to witness her declaration, the deal she had made with the Umbran God, and displayed the power gifted to her. The people trembled, yet their trust in her had not faltered, still wishing to embrace the contract, and adopting her cause as theirs. The Venu had given her the title of 'Irra', meaning Empress.

Word quickly spread to other kingdoms of her announcement, branding her as a witch, and other vulgar, demeaning titles. The presence of her powers had brought upon the disgust and the hate of others as she experienced, in Royal banquets and parties alike. When all royals are gathered she is often left alone, talked rudely upon.

Commander Hestus had suffered a different curse, suffering from a split mind, with the Umbran God clouding his dreams with nightmares of heartless bloodlust. His will had been split between two beings, with the other having the urge to end the lives of those who deserve such a privilege. The condemned man would be envolved in a black sphere, manifesting into the God's form, a lich-like being, wielding a bastardized form of the user's weapon.

He fought such urges just to be with the one who sacrificed themselves for him, wanting nothing more than to be by her side. Together they suffered, supporting each other through their curse, and from it their love had flourished, marrying years later.

The curse had disappeared when the Queen had given life to their firstborn, with both of their sigils erased from their skin.

Historians believe this tale to be a myth, magicians and wizards believe it to be a lie, yet some still claim in whispers. The curse still roams somewhere in the royal family, or so people believe, and the sigil of Zyx exists somewhere, harvesting the bounty.'

The tale had brought one of the young girls to snore past any questions they held, yet one was awake, with a worried look.
"Is the evil God going to hurt us?" she asked in a frail voice. The maid had placed a reassuring hand on the girl's cheek, offering a warm smile back.

"It is just a tale, your Highness! If it ever did exist, the kingdom and our trusty guards would protect everyone to keep such a monster at bay!"

The young princess was filled with a hint of courage, raising her head higher above the blanket sheet.

"Sleep now, your Highness, I will wake you both on daylight's time!"

Once she was tucked, the candles were blown out, and soon the was closed shut behind the maid. The maid's gentle smile had washed away, leaving a bitter frown.

If only she knew.

Many years later.....

The carriage had come to a halt, though she was ill prepared mentally. The same thing always happened, why would this banquet be of any difference?

"Your Majesty, are you ready? We've arrived at the Emloy's royal Castle." one of the guards outside asked in a uniform yet welcoming voice.

"Give us a minute, please." The maid with her spoke from within the carriage. She could already see the trauma and panic in her eyes, patting her forehead of sweat and offering her a drink.

"My Queen, I know people are often rude, but it is just for two or so hours! Keep strong! The people know your struggles, and are behind you!" She cheered, offering the brightest smile she could towards her. The maid had witnessed such a gentle and brave Queen grow up, and from then on all she could offer was assistance. Her days being led by a hand were no more; now she was above her, and old enough to walk on her own.

"Now rememeber; greet, and you do not have to say anything else more to them. Stick close to Princess Freya if you can find her. She's always taken care of your fears."

The young Queen and her close maid looked each other in the eye, exchanging a mutual yet unsure smile. The door of the carriage had opened, revealing a white polished stair case leading to the grand entrance of the castle, with guards standing in attention on both sides of an elegant red carpet.

"Your Majesty, Welcome to the Emloy's Home! On behalf of his Royal Majesty, we welcome you!" a guard exclaimed, offering her a hand as she began to climb down the small steps of the carriage.

"The Coachman and I will be awaiting your return your Majesty, enjoy the banquet!" the maid shouted out as she walked up the carpeted stairs onto the front entrance, looking back before turning once more to the front doors, so massive one would assume giants had used it.

The nervous queen let out a soft sigh; now was past the point of fears and worries. Once the doors open, she would need to hide her emotions for how she held herself would no longer just reflect her strength, but the people of Venutia.

Giving a nod to one of the guardsmen waiting to open the door, she held no fear for the time being.



Posted: Wed Sep 16, 2020 3:58 am
by Ethonious
I've been juggling the idea of this RP for quite a while so if you are interested, don't hesitate to message so!

There's really not specific rules expected, just those of this respective level:

-At minimum just around 2 paragraphs (although if not much really is happening a paragraph is more than fine)

And that's about it really. Aside from having monumentally overpowered abilities (even though you've been graced with an Elder God's abilities) most things go, so by all means have at it!

I was too much of an impatient bastard and accidentally forgot to mention that this particular RP is meant to be a 1x1 (Oops.).

We will primarily be venturing in the genre of Fantasy and Drama, while having small, sweet and long lasting moments of Romance that develop naturally. Action is involved (You're a badass Queen with witch powers, why wouldn't there be?) and being a big brain Empress is also included in the package.

Once again, I hope you enjoyed the idea, and if so, express the interest!


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Posted: Wed Sep 16, 2020 7:28 pm
by kitkat871
This seems really interesting! What roles did you have in mind?

Re: Kindled

Posted: Wed Sep 16, 2020 10:52 pm
by natasha oliveros
i need chat matr

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Posted: Thu Sep 17, 2020 2:13 am
by Ethonious
It would be a MxF pair, with myself playing as the male! The Age can revolve around 20-27, it has little effect on the story. The prologue to the RP would unveil with Muse A's best friend, who is hosting the banquet, revealing to her that they have found the individual also bearing the sigil of Zyx.

The banquet was thrown to sway any suspicion or public backlash since Venutia is looked down upon by the other kingdoms for treading in unknown territory.


Re: Kindled

Posted: Tue Sep 22, 2020 3:32 am
by Xylohem
It took me a while to read through this. However, I am happy I did.

This story is epic! Do you have a CS page or an idea for a CS up for this? If it isn't a little too obvious I will just say, I'd love to do this RP with you. Considering the storyline, the beginning is with Muse A entering the banquet. How much control can I have with character creation? For example, is victorian gothic attire a little too strange for the kingdom of Venutia or too out of place for this story?


Posted: Tue Sep 22, 2020 4:02 am
by Ethonious
Glad you've taken a liking to the story! The CS page is already up! Kat did have interest in it although I'm not sure where they have been. You're still welcome to post a CS! Worse case there's two seperate RPs and that I have no problem with at all.

Venutia is a land where it always seems like there is a solar eclipse, not entirely dark, but noticeably dim. In terms of Character creation, you're right on the money for the outfit! Honestly aside from the the set scenario where this all begins its all up in the air, with a very general plotline in mind!


Re: Kindled

Posted: Tue Sep 22, 2020 4:13 am
by kitkat871
Yaeah, sorry about that, I'm gonna have to drop out. You two enjoy yourselves though!