[Closed][1x1][Water] World \\ Break

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[Closed][1x1][Water] World \\ Break

Post by BlondieBoy » Tue May 05, 2020 2:30 am

A technological future. Robots, Cyborgs, Androids... You know it, they have it. Even dreaded Artificial Intelligence.

A blood stained past. Government conspiracy, threats from beyond the veil, murder of life due to difference of DNA.

Two separate worlds that without any interference, would never have met. But with the Advent of the World Break they would be forever merged for four individuals. Mere copies of their originals, shadows you could say, taken and thrown into a separate pocket of the universe where they can be observed by whatever did this.

This is what happened to Nissa and Nicholas of their tech-savy, ultra-luxe future filled with revolution and death.

A world break that affected Zeke Beauchamp and Leigha James journalistic dig into the world's shady past of Hero murder.

This is their new reality. A planet mostly the same. But slightly off. And the four of them completely out of place.

This is World \\ Break.
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