[Req] Hail, Adventurer!

If you're willing to consistently post a paragraph and want more depth than casual, try this on for size. (5-10 sentences per post, on average.)
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[Req] Hail, Adventurer!

Post by Lunch » Fri Jan 03, 2020 7:43 am

Claps of thunder and streaks of lightning spread across the sky as you make your way down the cobbled street of an old village. It is a prominent location, fairly larger than the other towns and villages you've stopped at before. The lamp lights near the doorways shine dimly as the rain pelts down hard and fast, making a sweet lulling sound that drives you to yawn every now and again.

You're tired. You're body aches and you wish for sleep, but alas, your pockets are empty! You had bid farewell to the life you once had to live a life of hope and adventure to procure whatever has ailed you in the past. Your horse snorts sadly, his fur and hair matted from the rain. You pat the side of his neck gently, coaxing him along towards a stable just ahead. You let out a whistle and a lone stable boy of about 11 or 12 runs out into the rain to greet you. It already looks as though he's been doing this for most of the night. He was soaked to the bone, his poor clothes sticking to his body.

"Evenin', sir! I'll take yer horse in and brush and feed him." You nod, but show the boy that you have no coin to spare for this delicacy. The boy shakes his head and waves his hand at you.

"No need, sir! We've had visitors all night long, and my boss made sure to get all the rides in before we lose them in this weather! You can pay later!"

The boy grins and quickly starts to take the reins. The horse paws at the ground as if eager to get inside. You nod and slip off your horse's back. You pat him gently and shake the boy's hand. Before leaving, the boy cries out over the rain, "You might want to get over to the ol' Tavern Inn! That's where everybody else has gone!" He points the way before taking your horse back to the stables.

You pull your coat tighter around you, your body stiff from riding. As you make your way up to the Inn's entrance, you notice a large wooden board under an awning. The board was old, swollen from the rain, but still held up under the poor conditions. The smell of wood rot was evident, but out of curiosity you decide to take a peek at the damp papers clinging to it for dear life. You begin to read...
Hail, adventurer!

Welcome to the town of Silverbrook! If you are reading this, then please take a notion to inquiry with our chancellor, Greg(and his lovely pig, Edwina!) on the second floor of the Ol' Tavern Inn if a request on this board suits your fancy! Don't forget to visit our lovely Molly the Archivist who is right next door to Greg. She has loads of stories to tell! There's gold to be made, people and towns to save, and the whole world is at your whim to explore! Check this board to acquire a service now! Once you've picked your..er..'poison', head inside and tell the barkeep that you've 'acquired a scroll', and he'll point you in the right direction!

Thanks for visiting Silverbrook, dear adventurer, and remember! Never get eaten by a Troll!

- Silverbrook Town Crier
Your look of surprise at the welcoming note made you turn your gaze to the other pieces of paper on the board. Maybe there was -something- to make out from all of this. Your eyes fixate upon several slips of paper. You thought you'd better hurry and choose one as the rain was starting to pour down harder, and you were still soaked to the bone. Some of them read...
The Lost Jewelry

Dearest Adventurer,

It's come to my attention that I'm in need of some more...professional help..than what the guards can offer me in town. It seems I've lost a piece of jewelry that used to belong to my grandmother, and I'd like for someone to find it for me. I know this seems silly with me being one of the main aristocratic ladies of the town, but I fear...I fear I've might have done something worse than merely losing it. I believe it was stolen! Please, if you wish to help, please head to the second largest house at the end of the village. I will tell you more if you decide to take the job! There is a gold reward involved!

Many thanks and blessings,
Lady Isabella, House Toumone
The Fate of Silverbrook

Most humble adventurer,

If you so choose to accept this quest, please know it will be a long and treacherous one. I'm not sure the mayor of the village even knows of the danger that is coming headfirst into Silverbrook. I'm not sure if this will get the attention it deserves, but I must stress the importance of this impending doom that falls before us. I've scouted ahead within the Ancient Forest to the valleys towards the edges of the Great Mountain. It seems we have an army of orcs and goblins building their statuses into great numbers. I feel like we can still try to uphold our freedom by taking out some of the smaller goblin camps within the Ancient Forest and wait on the King of Adria's army to find us and help keep back the wave of orcs that threaten to tear through the land towards Silverbrook! Please, if you decide to help, I will be available to speak to in the market square near the fountain. I don't stay long in the village, as I prefer the wilderness, so please make sure to meet me before noon. I thank you for your courage and hope that you will take the chance to help this town and save the world from complete annihilation!

May the Forest Goddess be with you,
Daedra Willowsong, Ranger Elf

P.S. If you are to inquiry about a gold reward, please contact Sir Greg on the second floor of Ol' Tavern Inn.
You've read all that you could and now, it was time to head inside. Your hand eagerly grasps one of the parchments, and you hold it fast to you and run inside. You notice the Inn is a rather homey, grand place. There's people around the tables talking among themselves, eating and drinking away the chill of the rain. Several of them huddle by the large hearth in what looks like a large living area with comfy chairs and barmaids walking around refilling the patrons glasses for them.

Before mentioning anything, you decide to have a bite to eat and drink yourself. You sit by the fire for a long moment as well. After finishing your meal and getting good and dry, you walk back up to the barkeep and wave the parchment at him. You mutter the words, "I've acquired a scroll." With a smile, the barkeep shows you to a set of stairs that lead to the second floor. Now, your true adventure has begun!

Hey there! Thanks for reading thus far! Welcome to Hail, Adventurer!

I've had this roleplay idea stuck in my head since I signed up for this site, and I'm just now trying to type it down here on the forums. I was having a hard time going about it, but I think I have it figured out now! It's basically like D&D but without all the major technical dice rolls and stats and stuff. So, let's go over somewhat of ground rules, okay? :)

Rules(Sort of)
1. Post on here 'I've acquired a scroll' along with the title of the quest you'd like to roleplay on this thread ONLY.
2. Once you've done that, click on the 'second floor' link in the first parchment post to take you to the actual CS thread. Please fill out the form completely! Once approved there, Molly will note you down as a Hired Adventurer in her Archives over there. :)
3. These are for group roleplays, but I can do with an one on one roleplay. I hope to have at least two more people to join in order to really kick this off the ground! I think it will be more fun that way! :D
4. Please note that I will be playing the NPCs in the letters(sometimes), and I will note so at the beginning of our roleplay threads. Be aware that each note on this first post is a legit, separate roleplay.
5. Number of characters - Honestly, if you think you can handle more than one character in a story, be my guest! But you will have to have a separate CS for each one, and they all can't be on the same adventure. You can request a character for one scroll, and then have another one for another scroll adventure. I will be doing only one character(a NPC or character of my own) per story.
6. Dice rolls - I've been really nagging my brain if I really want to do rolls or not, but I'm honestly not too sure. I'm more in it for the story(obviously), but If you'd like or want to incorporate rolls into the RP, I can make an OOC thread to discuss what we should do, together, and it will be put on the roleplay thread before we start! So, feel free to ask anytime! :)
7. Finished roleplays will be Archived by Molly on this thread ONLY! A small summary will be made, and you get to relive the adventure over and over again! :D
8. Any questions about this thread or the CS thread should be sent to me via PM! Thanks!

And lastly, just have fun! Thanks for taking a look and thanks for reading! I hope to make some wonderful stories with you! :)
Come and have a seat! Official OOC Hail, Adventurer Thread
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Re: Hail, Adventurer!

Post by Lunch » Fri Jan 03, 2020 7:44 am

You return to the Ol' Tavern Inn, rugged and worn out from your travels. Hefting your heavy-leaded feet through the threshold, you walk past the barkeep who had started to signal you over to the bar before realizing that you wasn't going to stop for a bite to eat or drink. He nods, understanding and goes back to his work.

You make your way up the stairs and walk past Sir Greg's room. You can hear the squeal and grunt of Edwina, who was probably happily chomping on a apple or two. This actually gave you a small smile, glad to have some sort of peace and calm in your heart after your most fruitful adventure.

Your feet take you straight into Molly's room where she is sitting at her desk, examining some sort of artifact. She looks up, her eyes bulging out from the glasses she's wearing. A large grin spreads across her mouth, and she removes the contraption from her head to have a better look at you. She clicks her tongue softly, shaking her head. "Ave a bit of a rough go, my dearie? Come and sit down and tell me all about your adventure! We'll get ya all sorted out so ya can get some well needed rest!"

She quickly turns and pulls down an even larger book from the shelving behind her. You try to move closer to her to help, but with a weary glance you watch as she slams the incredibly large book onto the desk. You give a smile and sit back in the chair provided and watch as she turns pages as long as her body over and over until she finds one that isn't written on. Molly readies her pen, excitement glittering in her eyes.

"Alright! Now! What happened, adventurer?! What treasures did ya find? What lessons did ya learn? What dangers awaited you out there beyond Silverbrook?"

As you speak, Molly starts to hastily write down everything you tell her...
Silverbrook Archive

Adventurer Section

Recorded below are the tales of adventurers who have taken in requests in the town of Silverbrook.

Request Title
Number of Adventurers/Names of Adventurers
Short Summary of Events
More Detailed Account: [Link to actual roleplay thread]

None completed at the moment.

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Re: [Req] Hail, Adventurer!

Post by Gecko » Mon Jan 06, 2020 5:51 am

This looks awesome! I'll give it a shot. I've acquired a scroll.

I'll give "Magic's Afoot" a shot!
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Re: [Req] Hail, Adventurer!

Post by kotetsu » Mon Jan 06, 2020 11:31 pm

I've acquired a scroll.

The Lost Jewelry
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Re: [Req] Hail, Adventurer!

Post by Cr25pltro6 » Sat Jan 11, 2020 11:45 pm

I've acquired a scroll.

The Fate of Silverbrook
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Re: [Req] Hail, Adventurer!

Post by Vintage » Mon Jan 13, 2020 7:39 am

Woah, I've acquired a scroll!

- The Fate of Silverbrook -
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Re: [Req] Hail, Adventurer!

Post by cz_invazion » Fri Jan 17, 2020 2:35 am

I have acquired a scroll...

Magics afoot
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