[1x1]Grimm Fandom RP (Looking for Partner)

If you're willing to consistently post a paragraph and want more depth than casual, try this on for size. (5-10 sentences per post, on average.)
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[1x1]Grimm Fandom RP (Looking for Partner)

Post by lowlaville » Thu Aug 29, 2019 8:51 am


This RP uses the setting from the popular T.V series Grimm, and can involve Wesen, Human or even a Grimm. Looking for a female partner preferably, (and characters).

The story I want to do takes place in Portland. Please be thorough with the series if you are interested in the RP. Just a disclaimer, looking for people who are fine with blood, gore and possibly vore as scenes might include such details. Sex and explicit content isn't what I'm looking for though, so if you are only interested in that, this RP is probably not for you.

Post below with any questions that you might have, although this being a fandom RP and the given setting, all details should be self explanatory.
Name: Friedrich Hans (Fred, Freddy)
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