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[Int.][1x1] The Final Hour

Posted: Sun Aug 04, 2019 2:25 pm
by Miro-chan
(My apologies if my information is way off. I have forgotten quite a bit of the details of WW2. [>.<] )

Poland, Germany. September 1935.

Germany had long since aquired a new leader, Adolf Hitler, and he commanded many Nazi soldiers. Laws had just been passed where anyone or anything that was not of German blood would be taken away or eliminated. It was another day in Poland and (Muse A) was a Nazi soldier travelling with a larger group of his comrades to another town. He was smart, skilled in most combat, and very good at using most German-made weapons. He carried his own weapons and was on his way to his compartment on the train.

(Muse B) was a woman who had chosen to travel at the wrong time. She had only just heard of the new laws and was visiting Poland for a short vacation for her birthday gift from her parents. When a group of soldiers asked for her transport papers, she handed them to the rather terrifying looking man and when he finally handed them back to her and walked away, she let out a sigh of relief.

Not long after they left, another soldier walked inside and took a seat within the compartment. They didn't speak to one another for a while until the train began to move. (Muse B) excused herself to go to the restroom and left the compartment. Once she finished and headed towards her compartment, someone stumbled into her and she lightly pushed them off. They stumbled backwards and onto another passerby and out of the blue, the man gripped on the other male and bit into him. (Muse B) was mortified as she watched the two fall to the ground, one screaming bloody murder while the other tore the flesh from his throat.

Panicking, she bolted straight back to the room she was to be seated on. As this was happening, (Muse A) had heard the increasing amount of terrified screams and he looked outside to see (Muse B) running back towards him. He let ger get inside and as he turned back around to see what the commotion was about, a bloody woman was trying to get inside. Both passengers were shocked to see her eyes were glazed over with white, her skin was deathly pale, and her veins were more visible.

The Nazi soldier shoved her away and hurriedly shut and locked the compartment door. The zombified woman began to hit her head against the small glass window and the two moved backwards. (Muse B) mobed forward and shut the blinds without really thinking and the next thing they knew, the zombie stopped pounding against the door and just...left to where the other screams could be heard from somewhere else on the train. The two looked at one another and slowly sat down in the floor/seats and just sat in silence. They stayed as quiet as they could until the screams died down and they both looked at one another.

What had happened?

Why were people... attacking and eating eachother?

What were they going to do?

They were both stuck on a train with the undead roaming around and they still had a long way to go before they reached the next stop. The train was going too fast for them to jump out the windownn so they both agreed that they would wait for the train to stop. ...At least, they hoped it would stop. What they did when they could get out, they weren't sure. (Muse A) and (Muse B) must work together and fend off the undead, as well as the Nazis as they make their journey through Germany.



This dream was really scary-- Like it had me waking up every thirty minutes or so. Shockingly it was not because of the zombies. It was because of the ither Nazis. They kept trying to seperate me from my new friend and/or killing me. Like god it was so scary.

Anyways I am looking for someone to play as Muse A. Whether he is brainwashed into thinking the superior race is German, or if he has had doubts of it is entirely up to you.

I would like this to be a survival, horror, and romance rp. There will be topics on race and other dark stuff since this takes place during Nazi Germany.

Again my apologies if my infirmation is really off. I will be doing more research on Nazi Germany. So far I only remember that the Nazis may have been brain washed with propaganda, while few others were against it. They took people who were not deemed as "German blood" and either took them away or killed them. I also remember a little about the battle between the Nazis and England and who could ever forget about concentration camps. It was so awful and just...just writing this makes my heart ache.‚Äč


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Re: [Int.][1x1] The Final Hour

Posted: Wed Aug 07, 2019 2:03 am
by Miro-chan