[Req] Occula Obscura

If you're willing to consistently post a paragraph and want more depth than casual, try this on for size. (5-10 sentences per post, on average.)
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Re: [Req] Occula Obscura

Post by UmbraSight » Mon Jul 08, 2019 11:44 pm

If that’s what you want to do, feel free : )
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Re: [Req] Occula Obscura

Post by Annasiel » Fri Jul 26, 2019 9:21 am




[Demographic Information]

[Confirmed Aliases]
Alive/Active [Unconfirmed]

Alice Roben

Female, Armenian-American
D.o.B. 5 September 2006
Native-Born U.S. Citizen

Vandal [Appointed Alias]

Threat Assessment
Dextral - Kinetics/Joker - Force and Matter Translocation

Subject has the ability to alter their position in space instantaneously. While this description is limited to observational data, it is assumed this power is translocative, and by extension, linear, instead of a literal destruction and reformation of matter. As such, it is theorized the ability either functions by altering space in some way or by generating some form of extraspacial "tunnel" between the point of disappearance and reappearance. The latter assumption is supported by an observed displacement of air both in the point of disappearance and the point of reappearance -- the first marked by a rush of air to fill the location the subject departed, the second by an expulsion of air from the location the subject comes to occupy. It has not been observed whether or not the subject is capable of displacing solids. This ability appears limited by the subject's ability to see the location of reappearance, though whether this line of sight is direct, through physical means, or indirect, through live feeds and mirrors, is inconsequential.

A secondary affect of this ability, and the reason for the subject's classification as a kinetic, is their power to redirect, augment, or diminish whatever momentum they maintained before disappearance. While the subject has, on several occasions, arrested their momentum when falling by translocating to the ground or a nearby rooftop, they have also been observed disappearing while running then reappearing without any noticeable halt in speed.

While the subject has been known to engage in criminal acts, their age, avoidant nature, and non-destructive abilities has led to a threat assessment of Safe.

Surveillance is suggested, though immediate intervention is unnecessary.

Background References
Subject is unidentified, pending investigation.

Subject has been identified as Alice Roben, the child of Erik and Maria Roben, Second Generation Armenian immigrants living in East Ukrainian Village in West Town, Chicago. Their father is a manager at Windy City Mini Mart, located at 1756 W Chicago Ave, and their mother works from home as a freelance author. They live in a rented townhouse at 920 N Hermitage Ave. The subject attended Lincoln Elementary School and presently attends Joseph L. Brock Middle School. Attempts to attend academic and behavioral records from both locations proved initially unsuccessful, legal authority pending. Starting 12 December 2017, the subject began to commit minor crimes, robbing local car dealerships and electronics stores. Archival CCTV footage of the incidents has been obtained from the local division of the CPD.

Physical Description
The subject is a thirteen-year-old girl. At the time of their last medical examination, They were 5'0 and weighed 107 lbs. They have brown/black hair that falls to just above their shoulders, tan skin, and several moles on their face and arms. While not observed, medical records indicate the potential presence of scar tissue on their lower left abdomen. The subject's Occula is milky white, appearing similar to a cataract, though this does not appear to affect their vision.
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Re: [Req] Occula Obscura

Post by Someguy500 » Tue Aug 13, 2019 2:14 am

Reference Number:


Elias Miller

Demographic Information:
Caucasian Male
Born 7th September, 1999
United States Legal Permanent Resident (2 years)
Birth Country: Germany

Confirmed Aliases:
Mirrorhead (Current)

Threat Assessment:
Sinistral - Sensory Enhancement - Intrinsic Cognition

Elias's Occula allows him to observe and examine motion and momentum of objects perfectly. It also gives him an intuitive understanding of physics as pertains to motion, letting him comprehend and process the information he collects at inhuman speeds. At his best, where pure motions and collisions he can see are involved, he is practically precognitive.

In a more advanced and taxing use of this power, he can also percieve small tells in the movements of other people, essentially "reading" them for their next move. This is also an asset in combat, compensating for any lack of directly applicable powers. In addition, he can use his perfect knowledge of previously observed movements to mimic someone else's, down to the exact muscle movements if necessary.

The following is an abridged transcript of the interview of one Elias Miller, for the position of Junior Mechanical Engineer, conducted by Harry Trent.

"Welcome, Mr Miller. I am glad you were able to meet with us today."

"Likewise, sir."

“Please, call me Harry. Now, how about you tell me a little about yourself.”

"What is there to say? I was a good kid, did okay in school. I had a gift for physics, as I'm sure my file says."

Elias gestures to his left eye for a moment.


Childhood was awkward; Elias never had a large interest in friends. He was more interested in whatever he could get his hands on, to the point where a young Elias would frequently knock things over just to watch them fall and tumble. Even as he grew, his fascination with things only grew into an interest in machines, while his social life remained distant and anaemic. Which was fine for him. He could never interact very well with people, when everything they did sent a shower of much more interesting information for him to focus on.


"So, previous work experience!"

"I have a little as an assistant mechanic in an auto workshop."

“And you’re willing to get your hands dirty if it’s needed for the job?”


“Good, good. Now, at your previous employer, did you ever have any coworkers you just couldn’t get along with? How did you handle that?”

"Not that I recall; everyone was professional, at least where I was involved."


The workshop wasn't a bad job, though it wasn't a good job, either. Elias was able to compartmentalize what he was seeing and what his talent was seeing at this point. He always knew what to do and how to do it, which was convenient. As a result, this sort of work was easy. Boring, even. Still, the best part of the job was less about the work and more about the people; that nobody seemed to want to bother him.


“So, when would you be able to start?”

"This week."

"Great to hear."

Elias's Occula is a metallic grey that reflects its surroundings. The clarity of the reflection depends on how much he is focusing on it, from a dull sheen to a mirror finish. Interestingly, the reflection has not been seen to completely fade away, perhaps because the associated power is always active to some extent. His right eye, by contast, is a calm blue. His cheeks are somewhat sunken, sporting an otherwise unremarkable face.

Elias is of average height and weight. He is lean-built, but has physical strength that is, while unaltered supernaturally, indicative of someone who undergoes semi-frequent strength training. Despite this, his skin is very fair, like that of someone who habitually avoids sunlight.
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Re: [Req] Occula Obscura

Post by Snowskeeper » Tue Aug 13, 2019 2:41 am

Y'all using cool formatting and me out here with the boring-ass "bold everything important" approach

Reference Number: H-5901

Alive/Active; permit expired.

Emma Dumont

Demographic Information:
[*]Born December 7th, 2000
[*]United States citizen.

Confirmed Aliases:
Shaman. Chemo. Pain Pill. Overdose.

Threat Assessment:
Dextral - Molding - Regeneration.

Emma is capable of stimulating rapid cellular growth through direct physical contact. This process is “always on,” although Emma has reported that she is able to prevent it from taking effect through concentration. The growth process follows an observable pattern, and can be divided up into several stages.
Emma will be referred to here as “the agent,” and subjects who have been exposed to her ability will be referred to as “patients.”
Stage 1:
If the patient is human, and has not recently been exposed to the agent’s ability (timeframe: one day), agent’s ability will induce extensive regeneration. Pattern of regeneration generally conforms to the patient’s idea of a “fully healed” human body, with some variance (agent’s ability has not been observed increasing a patient’s physical fitness, for example). This process is not bound by the limits of ordinary human regenerative capability. The agent’s ability has been observed resetting improperly set bones, restoring failed or failing internal organs, and even regrowing lost limbs. More extensive regeneration may take longer than the “safe” four-second window for stage 1, and must therefore be spread across several sessions in order to prevent harm to the patient. Changes directly caused by the agent’s ability are purely physiological in nature, and do not seem to cause any physical discomfort.
Testing suggests that while this stage does induce the fatigue in the patient associated with later stages, the euphoria associated with this process renders it imperceptible. While she was enlisted in the program, the agent was banned from attempting to treat patients with histories of severe head trauma, and whether she has attempted to do so since exiting the program is unknown. Researchers in the field of neuropsychology have strongly recommended against exposing individuals with any such condition to the agent.
Stage 2:
If the patient is nonhuman, or if agent remains in contact with a human patient for a period exceeding the “safe” four-second window, the patient will rapidly become exhausted. During this stage, regeneration will continue in human patients at a declining rate, until the patient loses consciousness. The rate at which patients lose consciousness appears to be dependent on the patient, but rarely exceeds four seconds. Contact between agent and patient must be broken at this point to prevent lasting damage.
Stage 3:
If the agent remains in contact with the patient after loss of consciousness occurs, the patient will begin to develop tumorous growths. Tumors will continue to grow until agent breaks contact. In stage 3, tumors are always benign, and can usually be removed safely so long as contact is broken before stage 4 begins.
Stage 4:
Growths at this stage will continue to grow even if the agent breaks contact, albeit at a greatly reduced pace. Stage 4 is easily discernible from stage 3, as the patient’s growths will begin to glow.
Stage 5:
Patient detonates. Agent will likely be incapacitated by proximity. Please see incident log H-5901-037 for a more detailed explanation of this process.

Background References:
Emma Dumont was born in Detroit, and was raised at 302 36th street. Her family was middle-class around the turn of the century, but the city’s tenuous economic situation, coupled with the stresses and expenses associated with raising a child with an Occula, strained the family’s finances. Her parents, Lucas and Camille, continue to struggle with debt; Camille is currently unemployed and seeking work.
Emma was licensed at a very young age, and given limited training to help her manage her abilities. Training primarily focused on avoiding excessive physical contact. When it was determined that she was old enough, she was asked to assist in a number of minor experiments to determine the effective parameters of her ability. Prior to incident H-5901-037, it was not known that stages 3 and 4 applied to humans. Emma was also given permission to visit several regional hospitals, where she used her ability under strict supervision to assist seriously ill patients in recovering.
School reports suggest that Emma had difficulty interacting with other students on an informal level, and had anxieties about physical contact of any kind. Reports filed following incident H-5901-037 contain many lurid details indicating some form of antisocial personality disorder or schizophrenia, but given the atmosphere in which these documents were filed, their credibility is considered suspect.
Following the incident, Emma escaped custody and fled to a derelict section of the city, where she took up residence in an unoccupied apartment. She now operates a back-alley clinic, which she uses to pay for rent. While many of her clients are clearly criminal, her presence in the area is considered a net benefit; at this time it is recommended that no action should be taken to bring her into custody or in any way threaten her operations in the area. There has not been a repeat of incident H-5901-037 in the two years since, although on three occasions individuals with patterns of tumorous growth consistent with stage 3 have been admitted to hospitals near Emma’s clinic.

UPDATE: Emma Dumont, “Shaman,” fell victim to an arson attack perpetrated by ██████████, “Firebrand.” Firebrand was apparently attempting to consolidate local criminal resources, and is reported to have issued an ultimatum to Shaman the day prior to the attack. No sign of Shaman’s corpse was found on site, although large amounts of blood and skin was found that matched Shaman’s DNA pattern. If she is still alive, her condition and whereabouts are presently unknown.

Physical Description:
Emma is roughly 5’3”, very slight, and tanned. Her hair is dark brown, and is worn in a short ponytail. Emma typically wears heavy clothing, even in very hot weather, and always wears gloves. Emma appears athletic. Emma’s Occula is lime green. Activation of her ability causes it to darken, until it turns fully black; this does not appear to correspond to any stage change. Her unaffected eye is brown.
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Re: [Req] Occula Obscura

Post by illirica » Tue Aug 13, 2019 12:09 pm

Hey, mine's not formatted prettily either. We can be the boring format club.
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Re: [Req] Occula Obscura

Post by UmbraSight » Tue Aug 13, 2019 4:07 pm

What’s formatting
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