[REQ] THE WORST OF US [Modern Fantasy, Myth, Open World, 10 person cap (1/10)]

If you're willing to consistently post a paragraph and want more depth than casual, try this on for size. (5-10 sentences per post, on average.)
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[REQ] THE WORST OF US [Modern Fantasy, Myth, Open World, 10 person cap (1/10)]

Post by YusiFirefox3699 » Wed May 15, 2019 3:47 pm

We all have inner demons, things that haunt us, things that scare us, things that control us... it's part of being human. or so we think.


You are amongst us, you are the thing that corrupts the earth itself and destroys it, destroys everything. and no you aren't a human. you are an ID as sociologists call us, a Demon as Religious people call us, and mental illness as psychologists call us... we are the Inner evil. we are what make people feel sorrow, anger, hate... all those negative feelings. we are what makes this world as evil as it is. but we haven't conquered it yet..
There are others. the good ones... they threaten to destroy us, but we won't let that happen now will we boys? come now, let us join ranks, let us show these Righteous do-gooders the true power of evil shall we? we won't lose!


Basically you are an ID (inner demon (evil presence)) or a SE (Super Ego (angel-like being)) and you are trying to destroy the other side. Obviously I am on the ID side.

The ID's and the SE's are beings that living creatures cannot perceive. They are, in the eyes of the living, just thoughts and ideas that pass through their head. There are many rumors of where these ID's and SE's came from and how they came to be, such as the belief in God and the Devil, or (my favorite) the fact that they are simply leftover energy from the universe (such as energy from a dying star, or from dark matter, or simply just excess energy from the big bang). There is a rumor that SE's and ID's choose their side shortly after they come to be, and actually originally had the ability to be both. The ID's and SE's are only able to be seen by each other and actually physically touch each other. While ID’s and SE’s cannot touch other living beings, they can affect non-living objects if they so choose, and they can occasionally be caught in a reflection or a captured photo (this is where the stories of ghosts come from in this world).

Every ID and SE has the ability to whisper thoughts into living being’s minds, see the living's thoughts, Invoke emotions and feelings in living beings, and make them feel the need to do something in accordance with the feelings they invoke. the war is mainly fought by the number of people (or beings) 'infected' by your feeling or sin or good, but lately the ID's and SE's have been getting physical. This RP will begin with the first death of an ID and the declaration of the war.

Currently this is simply an interest check. If you are interested please PM me for more information.

The goal is to start if we get 5 ID's and 5 SE's, however i will start if there is enough interest and even sides.
May the stars align to guide you

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