Love, War, and Mobile Suits! 1x1

If you're willing to consistently post a paragraph and want more depth than casual, try this on for size. (5-10 sentences per post, on average.)
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Love, War, and Mobile Suits! 1x1

Post by aLuckyLoser13 » Wed May 15, 2019 5:48 am

::::: Adhar's breathing was heavy, speckles of a cold sweat dotted his forehead and his grip tighting around the controls of the cogent mechanical gaint he was now attempting to operate. The word Rigor Mortis entered his mind as he could feel the muscles in his arms and legs began to stiffen, as the Zeon Zaku Mobile suits began to close in on him. " wh... what wa..was I thinking jumping into...." he shaking voice was interrupted by a familiar scruffy Scottish accent " pull it togeather kid, now is not the time for a break down, now listen to everything I have to say"::::::

So I've got some what of a plot idea. It's a different take on the one year war. The one year war extended , and the zeon never pulled out of earth and by the third year the development of the gundams had helped put the federation on the winning side. But by the 6th year zeon had found something to even the odds against the federation. So the plot is based on the new zeon mobile suites and weapons, it starts in a small town in north east Wyoming the black hills area, earth turned into quite the warzone and there were hardly any areas in that weren't effected. In the small town a mysterious older man appeared a while ago and opened up a heavy equipment mechanic's shop , my oc works for and over a bit of time learns he was an ace pilot of a gundam an called gundam JynX, assuming everyone thought he was dead he deserted. One day the zeon attacked the town my oc knowing about the pilots past and having the seen the gundam took the control and with the old pilot's directions defends the small town. Then word the gundam JynX appeared to thr rescue of a small the federation came forcibly by threatening the old pilot's the new pilot volunteers to be a pilot for the federation.

So that jus a little it I've got alot I'd like to work on and add to. So I'm in need of a partner to work things out so please shoot me a message!

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