The Kishin war (soul eater 1x1 rp)

If you're willing to consistently post a paragraph and want more depth than casual, try this on for size. (5-10 sentences per post, on average.)
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The Kishin war (soul eater 1x1 rp)

Post by ProheroNaturesshadow » Thu May 09, 2019 3:00 am

A sound soul.... Dwells within a sound mind...and a sound body

The ground shook with massive power, Anya struggled to remain standing. A kishin appeared, he was giant with sharp fangs and many Kishin behind him, "Tell lord death his time is up...child. We are the new rulers of this world!" The man said cackling darkly.

A new group of Kishin have appeared calling themselves the hungry. They wish to rule the world and eat all the human souls! They will kill any Meister that stands in their way of victory. Can they be stopped?

I would like to rp soul eater, the above plot is what I have in mind but if you have an idea I will be happy to listen and see if I like it!

I like a bit of romance in with the action! So my characters have crushes. If you want our ocs can like each other.

Please let me know if your interested!!
Looking for MXM RPS

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