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[Req] The Long March

Posted: Mon Mar 11, 2019 6:36 pm
by Snake Eyes

It has been two years since the heretical rebellion on the far shores of Rain began, where the insurgents have set up fort - aiming to oppose the will of our Most Revered, Divine Emperor of Tenno. Their vile lips spew henious lies, and seek to spread the blasted seed of rebellion among honest, law abiding citizens of our glorious realm. Many have fallen to their sodomic ways, and in doing so, aided in spreading ungodly corruption far and wide. Yet, even with the aid from the forces of chaos, the rebels have met the fierce resistance of our blessed forces.

Naturally, as a full citizen of The Capital, having just stepped into the bloom of youth, you are conscripted into the Ebonstryfe, Legion of Tenno - as the godsent law obliges you. Before continuing with your life, the bulwark of The Empire needs your hands to aid in holding it during your mandatory years of millitary service. Your journey begins after completing basic training, where you, as well as others, are sent to the 47th Regiment of St. Lito's Paladins. Here, you will choke out the unholy flame of the heretics, and earn glory in our pious struggle!
Originally, I wanted to make this a 1x1, but I guess I'll try it as a group project first. Now, most of the information you require will be in the CS template below, and provided as requested. Rules are pretty standard, as far as I am concerned, with the only exception being that no character will be protected by plot armor. If you make a decision, you will face the consequences - ones you can argue with me, if they seem unfair. I will, of course, listen to your side, until we come to a mutually acceptable decision.

Now, a word of warning - this RP will deal with matters of war and the like, and though done in a way that will follow the rules of the forums, some might find it disturbing, discretion is advised.

Name: The name of your character. Full citizens are most commonly humans, who's naming follows this pattern: Personal-Father's-Last name (Example: Atius Denton Corvo). Other races have their own naming parameters, left to your discretion.
Alias: A nickname of sorts - optional.
Age: Age is set at nineteen, seeing as that is when one becomes an adult in the eyes of The Empire, and enters military service.
Race: Humans are the 'top race' of The Empire, and if not discriminated, every other race in the realm is seen in lesser standing. They are the chosen of The Divine, and are seen as such by law-abiding citizens. If you choose to make a non-human character, they would still serve with the others - meaning that they are full citizens. Other, non human races, become full citizens if their parents display exceptional service towards the state. You are free to create your own race,whatever it may be. However, you are limited to a race that is able to preform combat duties, and that is humanoid in shape.
Appearance: Written, or a picture.
Personality: Nothing much to explain here.
Religion: The official religion of Tenno is the Faith of the Divines, a set of spirits that anointed the first emperor of Tenno as their chosen. Their tenets dictate mandatory daily prayer, and obedience towards the law and order. Other religions are tolerated, and humans that are not of The Faith (in Tenno) are rare, full citizens even more so. You can feel free to create your own, and give us a rough draft of its basics.
History: I always hated writing histories, so this is optional.
Magic and Abilities: Magic is seen as a great taboo in The Empire, and anyone that displays an affinity towards it is sent into the Inquisition Hall. If your character has any sort of magical potential, you can PM me so we can discuss about it. It would be hidden from the rest, and a guarded secret by your character, as spilling it out would warrant unforeseeable consequences. Next, are the abilities. For the sake of having a rough estimate of how good you are at something, I've devised a very simple chart.

You get 120 points to distribute among the five areas below. 20 in each would be an average score for an average person. We will be rolling the dice for certain actions/decisions/events, to make it more suspenseful.

Strength 0/100
Dealing with matters that require brute force, like striking a blow, lifting a heavy object.
Intellect 0/100
Dealing with matters that require wisdom, solving a puzzle, understanding a problem.
Endurance 0/100
Dealing with matters that require persistence, like taking on a heavy blow, holding onto a ledge.
Dexterity 0/100
Dealing with matters that require agility, like climbing a wall, or evading an attack.
Charisma 0/100
Dealing with matters that involve charm, like inspiring soldiers, or persuading someone.

Occupation History: Here, you can add a skill you possess. For instance, your father was a blacksmith, and now you know how to properly fit armor.

Re: [Req] The Long March

Posted: Tue Mar 12, 2019 8:28 am
by Xcelgamer

Name: Franziska Vicky Stein

Alias: Fran

Age: 19

Race: Flesh Golem. A Flesh Golem looks human and acts human however aren’t born and are stitched together from already dead people, using the best parts of them. All Flesh Golems have stitches all across them and have blue skin and are the tell, they in themselves are rare but a jinx within themselves, since they are made either through science (which I’m assuming is also taboo) or magic. A big weakness of theirs is the fact that their body is less durable than most others since they are literally stitched together but it also means that they heal much more quickly by restitching themselves. Magic based Flesh Golems usually have a magically beating heart while Science based ones essentially recharge if they are struck by lightning or anything electric based, while the former lasts much longer, the latter hits harder. Flesh Golems usually take on human customs although when it comes to names though they usually take their creators name as their middle name as they don’t always have fathers. (I forgot to mention) Since they are technically undead they have no need for food or sleep or any of those conventions.

Appearance: Franziska is a small woman of only about 4’5”, on the really skinny side and a little bit busty, she has one green eye and one blue and long about to her knees, frizzy, black hair with a streak of white running through it. She wears a Christmas red, cloak with a hood to keep her face covered, long purple gloves, a somewhat loose shirt, long pants and boots. Without her gloves or hood on you can see stitching running all across her body, in her cloak under pocket is a small sewing kit. Where her heart would be is a small machine that lets her actually live and ripping it out wires and all kills her

Personality: People who have already met Fran they often say that her very presence is like shouting which isn’t much of an exaggeration, she is very excitable and always looking to help people whenever she can, although she hides what she actually is in fear of people hating her and tries to pretend to be aloof and cold although that rarely last for very long when meeting new people. She is also interested whenever people show her new stuff, including magic or just generic, everyday things. She is also nearly impossible to piss off or make sad with the only thing that can get her in a sour mood is for steering clear of her after finding out about what she actually is.

Religion: Atheist

History: Franziska was created by Vicky Stein, a mad scientist/mage who lived in a castle on the fringes of a near frozen village, Franziska is a Science based Flesh Golem and learning very basic maths and English, she worked as a test dummy, bodyguard, live-in maid and student. Because of this sheltered life, she didn’t learn much about the world. When she turned 18 however all that changed, Fran was in a far off room when Paladins burst into the castle and killed Vicky because she was supposedly cursing the people in the village. After that, she decided to travel finding wonder in everything and sure she eventually had to start covering herself up, so she wouldn’t be chased with pitchfork and torches but hey bad with good, after about a year she was in the capital trying to stay aloof while wondering about she heard of the required conscription, thinking that she can get around more easily like that so she decided to join up
Magic and Abilities:

Strength: 15/100
Intellect: 15/100
Endurance: 50/100
Dexterity: 30/100
Charisma: 10/100

Occupation History: Franziska picked up stitching from her creator being a Flesh Golem it was kind of a requirement, she also learned a little science mainly how to make/fix her mechanical heart

Re: [Req] The Long March

Posted: Tue Mar 12, 2019 12:55 pm
by Snake Eyes

Note: The standard issue equipment of footmen will have a decent part of your face revealed, and even if you keep that hidden, you are still expected to spend time around other soldiers in the camp. Due to the nature of a millitary encampment, identification is required to get past a perimeter, and people will certainly see your face.

As communication is not developed, and even so monitored by the Inquisition, most people would not know what a flesh golem is. You can pass as a human that has been mutilated in some way.

However, you have differently colored eyes, or heterochromia if you'd like. This was seen as an I'll omen, and if for that very reason alone, you are thought as unnatural, or touched by magic - one deemed heretical in the Empire. Likewise, seeing as you do not attend daily services, and are a human, you would be looked by others as little above a traitor, and undeserving of citizenship. You might find those of other faiths more agreeable with you, for most of the millitary certainly is not. Thus, you should expect being sent on the worst jobs by your commander - such as deep scouting into enemy territory, or at the vanguard.

Re: [Req] The Long March

Posted: Tue Mar 12, 2019 8:46 pm
by Xcelgamer
OK, as I was making her I was expecting that she would have to go through horrible stuff which is why I made her endurance and dexterity high. She could probably pass off both the eyes and body to say that she was cursed so was literally touched by Magic

Re: [Req] The Long March

Posted: Wed Mar 13, 2019 2:57 am
by Monika
I considered making Kali for this, but *cough* I'll go with something normal.

Re: [Req] The Long March

Posted: Thu Mar 14, 2019 6:28 am
by Orophin
This sounds really interesting. I'd like to see what a few others do for their CS first, but afterwards I'll get up one of my own as well.

Re: [Req] The Long March

Posted: Fri Mar 15, 2019 12:25 am
by UnluckyNumberXIII
Lucky Number 7!

Name:Judah Tribal



Appearance: Judah stand at 5'11 and weighs about 165 pounds. His black hair is fashioned into thin dread locks that come down in between his shoulder blades though its normally placed into a tail. His eyes are gray. His skin tone is currently milk chocolate, but he does become darker during the summer.

Personality: Judah is more of a go with the flow type of person. Tries to not let anything bog him down and would rather move with the motion in the ocean rather then against it. He loves to playfully tease his friends and loves it more if they tease back. He's always down to help a friend out provided that it doesn't get him into trouble or a lot of trouble. That's how he is around friends, but among strangers or new people, he's generally more quiet and watchful. Trying to figure out the motion of that particular ocean. When interacting with strangers he's respectful to a point.

Religion: Tenno faith of the divine. Though he doesn't truly believe. He just knows enough of the practices and terminology to blend in.

Magic and abilities: Judah has the ability to change and repair objects. Whether it's a fair in clothes or changing the dye of his attire. He can also shorten the length increase the length of a weapon. He normally only uses this ability when he's alone and taking care of his gear or if theres a lot of chaos unfolding and he feels confident he can go unnoticed. When he uses this magic it gives off a faint golden glow until the change or repair is finished.

Strength 20/100
Intellect 50/100
Endurance 10/100
Dexterity 30/100
Charisma 10/100

Occupational history: Judah was a handyman when it came to fixing things. Though when on the job he'd never use his magic outside of quickly fixing a tool he broke. He chose this job to help him understand his magic better by doing everything the hard way.

Re: [Req] The Long March

Posted: Fri Mar 15, 2019 2:06 am
by UnluckyNumberXIII
Please don't be dead already. This is the first idea I found and liked

Re: [Req] The Long March

Posted: Fri Mar 15, 2019 2:27 am
by Monika
The RP owner lives in a country other than the US, so he's got his own times he's on. a couple hours of no response doesn't signify something's dead.

Re: [Req] The Long March

Posted: Sat Mar 16, 2019 11:58 pm
by JLW
could I join in ?

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