[REQ] Epidemic: Origins

If you're willing to consistently post a paragraph and want more depth than casual, try this on for size. (5-10 sentences per post, on average.)
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[REQ] Epidemic: Origins

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[Location: Washington, D.C. 100 feet underground.]
[6 months ago.]

"Is the patient prepped? I'm itching to see if this trial will be a success." A woman interrogated. She had dark auburn hair and near flawless pale skin.

"I was just about to get started." A man in a lab coat responded. The pair stood in front of a window that led to a room with nothing in it but one man. The man looked afraid and confused, as if it wasnt his choice he was placed in that room.

The man in a lab coat used a pair of large tweezer-like tongs to grab onto a purple crystal sitting nearby. "Here goes. Trial number two hundred and thirty-six." He whispered before placing the purple crystal in a slot near the window.

The pair watching from outside the window stared intensely as the purple crystal was absorbed and the room began to fill with purple smoke. From inside the room, the man began to gag and cry out for help. Then suddenly, it went quiet.

As the purple mist dissipated, the man that had been gagging had transformed. His eyes had become pale and lifeless. His skin grew pale and a rash now covered it. His veins seemed to be trying to escape from his skin they had become so enflamed. His cries for help had been replaced with growls and snarls.

"Perfect." The auburn haired woman said. "Bring in the cattle."

The man in a lab coat pressed a button and a door opened. Suddenly, a young woman was thrown into the empty room by two guards. She struggled and cried as they did so.

The woman looked at the man that had just been a human test subject in horror. "Marcus, is that-" she cried out, "what did they do to you?"

The man exposed to the purple mist growled and turned to face the young woman that now inhabited the room with him. He let out a scream before lunging at her.

"Marcus!" she screamed as he pinned her to the wall. He snapped his teeth at her as she struggled to fight back in his tight grip. Suddenly, he took a deep bite of her neck causing blood to spray all over the white walls of the room. The woman kicked Marcus away from her and ran towards the window.

"Please let me out! Help!" The girl cried. She placed one bloody hand on the window and pounded as hard as she could. "Please!"

Marcus grabbed the girl from the behind and took another bite out of her neck. The woman fell to the ground in his arms as he finished his feast.

"Good work, doctor. I think were ready to move on with our plans." The auburn haired woman explained before turning away from the window with a smile on her face. "Let's weaponize this."


[Location: Freedom City outskirts.]
[Present Day.]

"... the radical group known simply as, 'The Harbingers,' has broadcasted another message threatening bio-chemical warfare. President Marin has yet to respond. In other news, a shooting outside of--" an anchorwoman said from behind the television of a highschool classroom before having the TV powered off.

An old man in a sweater vest walked away from the TV and addressed the classroom in front of him. "Does anyone have an opinion on these so called, "Harbingers?" He asked.

A young woman in back raised her hand. She had long dirty blonde hair pulled back into a sloppy bun and piercing blue eyes. "Yes, Ashlotte." The old man questioned as he pointed at the young woman.

"I think they should be taken more seriously. I mean," the girl replied, "shouldn't all internal threats on our land be?"

"Yeah, but who would be dumb enough to try to start a war with the entire world?" a handsome young man interjected, "one fanatic group against hundreds of countries?"

"Maybe if the hundreds of countries you're talking about were united, I'd agree with you, but were not." Ashlotte responded.

The old man cleared his throat. "Ashlotte, you make some points. As does, Brady. I just wanted to hear a young perspective on the matter, that's all." He admitted. The man sat at his desk as the final bell rang. "No assignments tonight. Enjoy your Halloween! I'll see you all Monday.

The students quickly cleared out of the classroom mind bent on enjoying their Halloween weekends, Brady and Ashlotte included. They regrouped outside the classroom at their lockers. "So you're coming to Amanda's Halloween party tonight, right?" Brady asked.

"Is she still having that party?" Ashlotte wondered. "Doesnt the statewide curfew start at nine tonight? I'm not trying to get arrested."

"What's your point, Ash? Its Halloween. Dont be lame." Brady replied.

"What am I supposed to do with my brother then?" She retorted.

"Bring him."

"Not likely. I'll text you, okay?" Ash bargained. She closed her locker and headed on home.

Something told her that tonight wasnt going to end well.


This is most definitely a zombie roleplay with a plot.


Freedom City: A city comparable to New York City that was founded in the 50's just outside Washington D.C. It has a huge population and several highrise buildings.


The roleplay will begin the night of Halloween. Whether you plan to be a teenager at Amanda's party, a random civilian, a police officer, soldier, etc. is up to you. Even if the characters dont meet straight away, they eventually will. There is also a bit of plot that the characters will follow along or be left behind, but for the most part it will have some sandbox as well.

Please have some experience and be able to put a little bit of detail into your posts.

Zombies will start after my first official post IC.


Character Sheet:



Survival Skills:

Please see other threads to submit your character, etc.


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