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Chapter 1: zillion arena

Posted: Thu Nov 08, 2018 11:57 pm
by Eragon
’A universe where science and magic compete.’

Chapter 1: Zillion arena

Every five years the zillions will open up their arena to forget the fire from war and let every race unite under a friendly yet fragile banner to compete in the games. Iconic and powerful beings also join the action!

“But Mr, why would I want to join, I will only get myself kill.”

Yes you certainly will but if you don’t the prize might! Your name will be posted on every planet, on every holo-board. Fame will be your new name, as well as access to the legal technology you desire and trillions upon trillions of credit to your account. Also a small trophy.

Now it has been 504 Terran hours since the arena has been opened and the main event has just begun; The ‘Death’ Match but not as you know it!

Zultex, leader of the zillion empire and director of the arena entered the briefing room. His leathery blue skin reflected some of the dim blue light his practised eyes looked over the participants of the death match. Some faces he knew, others were just in it for money and other for revenge. The tension in the room was so high that it threatened to turn into a brawl.

His two guards took place in the corners of the room and blankly stated.

Zultex knew for a fact this is going to be some good entertainment.

“Welcome to the ever first death match in history. You all should be congratulated for even signing up to such an event. You all have your reason for being here wether it be just for fun or for fame, regardless your not going back now. There are 150 of you and if you hadn’t read the rules I will quickly go over them. In one hour you all will be transported to the arena and from there to the underworld or my good mate Death’s realm. You have two objectives. To rack up as many kills as possible and to find the portal back to the natural. The contestant to achieve both will be declared winner. A draw is a possibility. If you fail to find the portal within 24 hours it will close and you will be stuck in Death’s realm if you’re not killed already. You can use any personal weapon you desire, all I ask is make some fancy plays and kill at least two.”

As Zultex looked over the crowd, a number of different eyes showed different emotions. Some show fear, others are eager and some simply are unfazed. Either way they will all get aa fright at some point.

“For now you can either go to your rooms or stay here and make some friends. Just be ready to go through the doors behind you.”

And with that he retuned through the door where he came from.

- Intermediate RP rules apply.
- No God modding, meta gaming, vision hacks or aim bot.
- Stick with the story. By that I mean keep the constant action going and do some really cool tricks.
- Profanity and sexual references allowed. Keep it mature though, don’t go over board.
- My word is law and law is my word.
- I will constantly add obstacles in the way to keep you all busy.
- Contrary to my second rule. I want to see some really cool and crazy characters, just keep it even among yourself, where no one has a massive advantage over each other but do some crazy and unique stuff.
- Don’t be boring, have fun and do some fancy tricks!

Some stuff you might want to know:

- Zultex is a character that I will be controlling.
- A little about Death’s realm: The area that Death has selected is made specifically to mentally and physically stuff everyone. You will have no sense of time unless you have a watch on you. The ground is made of sandstone and is filled with giant skeletons and rocks. There is a circular barrier that you cannot cross but you probably wont be able to reach it in time. The portal will be located anywhere inside the barrier. I will reveal it when I want to (I want to see some interaction first). Strange creatures lurk around and I will give you an idea what they are when you come across them.

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Posted: Fri Nov 09, 2018 1:45 am
by Xcelgamer
interesting, so with the races it can be anything?

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Posted: Fri Nov 09, 2018 2:22 am
by Eragon
Any race you want but keep it in the humanoid kinda area. Lemme just switch the posts around...

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Posted: Fri Nov 09, 2018 2:24 am
by Eragon




Location: (Where you live/stay (planet preferably))

Loyalty: (If you represent a race or yourself.)






Fighting style:

Supernatural abilities: (Magic and stuff, be creative but have meaning behind it like where does the energy source come from on so on.)

Biography: (Nothing too fancy or fancy if that’s your fetish.)

Physical characteristics: (You don’t need a picture but have it detailed.)

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Posted: Fri Nov 09, 2018 2:25 am
by Eragon
I didn’t realise I posted the CS first.

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Posted: Fri Nov 09, 2018 7:21 pm
by Fluffking
I'm interested.

Seems like a cool idea, but I do have one question: When you talk about supernatural abilities could we make it a technology? Was thinking of maybe making a cyborg character with some augmentations, and those augments could be described as a supernatural ability, right?

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Posted: Sat Nov 10, 2018 1:35 am
by Xcelgamer
Name: Elexis

Age: 27

Gender: Female

Race: Human (Cyborg)

Location: Lab 7, Australia, Earth

Loyalty: Herself/ Lab 7

Likes: Cartoons, Video games, Just about everything Sweet, Hot Chocolate, Violence, Cigars

Dislikes: Coffee, People, Aliens, Authority Figures, Idiots, Most Eating Utensils

Fears: Becoming Obsolete, Everyone but her from Lab 7 is killed,

Personality: Elexis has a damaged psyche, due to the damage she received emotionally and physically, however she does care about the other people that was taken in by Lab 7 since she considers them family. Because of that care she doesn’t attack people out of randomness nor without being provoked as she sees this as reflecting badly on her family. Despite that she is very easily bored, often satiated by violence, cartoons or video games, she is brash, impatient and is the only one in Lab 7 that relishes fighting and because of those three qualities she is quite easy to provoke, with the easiest way is to either hurt or threaten her family. To anyone else she meets she is often rude, impersonal or making jokes and puns at their expense only working with others if a person she is fighting she can’t defeat on her own, even though she is very unhappy that she does have to ask someone for help

Weapons: Bear trap on a chain, her abilities

Fighting style: Elexis usually prefers to fight using keep away, basically staying out of a person's effective range and using her abilities to hurt people while they try to get close, even though she is equally skilled up close it’s just preference to fight out of people’s range

Supernatural abilities: With the Biorobotic parasite they planted onto her, Elexis has the ability to use hammerspace, she can think of, pull them out and use them, although the weapons often reference something from cartoons or video games, These items include a comically large smith & Wesson that fires baseballs, bullet bills and tin cans, her bear trap and chain, a shotgun, a banjo that she can't properly play, a hammer, chainsaw and a tetris block to block attacks, among other things I personally can't think of at the moment, she can do this as long as she can focus on the item meaning the longer she is in a fight, means she is less likely to actually pull out the object, she can also partially warp reality, although this amounts to making a floorboard appear that pushes up for an attack, making random objects fall, such as a steamroller, Timmy T.V., Patrick Piano, Anvils, a weight and spike balls, among some other items and make holes appear to teleport as well summoning living objects for her gang, those being Patrick Piano, Mickey, Outlaw Olive and Timmy T.V. Due to being combined with a biomechanical parasite, the parasite has increased her endurance around five-fold, giving increased stamina and resilience to pain and the parasite is unique since it’s a mixture of robotics, magic and a normal creature which is how she gained this unique set of powers.

Biography: Before Elexis was the person she was, she used to be a sweet little thing. Albeit constantly going through different slave trades, from people who just wanted a kid that was X years old, forced to perform maid duties for rich folk. In one of the last ones she would ever be in, she was a maid at the time and made a mistake. This caused one of the owners to get angry with her, making him gouge her eyes out and break her arms and legs beyond repair and she was dumped into an alleyway. After a few hours of slowly bleeding out, a mysterious humanoid came along and dragged her away. In a lab, her arms and legs were removed while all the blood on her was cleaned away. She was outfitted with all sorts of cybernetics, such as long noodle like arms, outfitted with a unique biorobotic parasite fitted around her, as well as floating eyes that fed visual information straight to her brain. A year after learning how to control and amplify her abilities Lab 7 decided to enter Elexis into the upcoming Zillion arena and she was willing to enter since it meant getting money for her entire family.

Physical characteristics: Due to her robotic limbs, Elexis only stands in at around 156 cm tall and her arms when taken off and standing straight up is slightly taller than her, the arms and hands are completely metal with the arms being stringbean in width, the hands are covered in black and white gloves which look like an exact replica of 30’s cartoon gloves, underneath the gloves are long almost claw like hands .Her eyes are completely black from having her eyes gouged out, although she gets around this blindness by have robotic flying eyes constantly feeding her visual information and she constantly has a large grin on her. She has ginger hair that curls at the tips and reaches the floor. She wears an ankle-length, dress that looks like it was coloured right out of a black and white cartoon with it looking like a bell. Over her dress she wears a hoodless cowl again coloured like it was right out of a cartoon as well as comically large bow tie with tails that covers most of the cowl. While she looks like she’s wearing boots, those boots are actually just her robotic legs. On top of Elexis’ hair she wears a large black and white top hat that is about a third of her height so around 52 cm, although you can’t completely tell since it droops slightly. Underneath the dress is a very slim body and a hole next to heart in which where the parasite dug its way in and wrapped itself around her heart

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Posted: Sat Nov 10, 2018 5:12 am
by Eragon
Supernatural by definition is 'works' outside of the natural. Magic for instance. That isn't natural or travelling through time. It depends what the cybernetic enhancements are capable of. Either way cyborgs with magic powers are fine. Just don't go too overboard.

Looking good Xcelgamer, just have a guideline of what she can pull out of hammerspace. An unspoken limit. Other than that, it is accepted.

BTW if you want to make more than one character go right ahead.

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Posted: Sat Nov 10, 2018 5:48 am
by Xcelgamer
I've added stuff to what she can pull out and beyond exhaustion and loss of focus is the only things i can think of any other weaknesses

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Posted: Sat Nov 10, 2018 1:06 pm
by Fluffking
Sa'che "The Lone Wolf" Nazasis



Lupin(cyborg). A genetic engineered race that eventually wiped out their engineers after a war broke out between them. The lupin shares human and animalistic features, most commonly wolf like features such as tails and ears.


Himself. His engineer.

Dark areas. Meaty snacks. Being alone.

Relaying on someone. Loud noises. Thunder. Bright flashing lights.

Explosions. Has arachnophobia.

Sa'che is very self reliant. He has a harsh personality and doesn't easily show signs of happiness or joy. While his easy to read once you get to know him, he will often not show his emotions at all. He also doesn't feel like other people are worth the effort, and as such often wants to simply be left alone.

- A full automatic Gauss-class assault rifle. (Some would call it an automatic Gauss canon, but it doesn't have nearly the same impact, range, stopping power, or accuracy)
- A hand cannon(powerful handgun capable of penetrating light armor)
- A blade augmentation on his right hand that is retractable and suitable for melee combat.

Supernatural abilities: All augmentations drain power from a generator located around his heart. This generator powers his entire cybernetic half, it's fitted with a self repair mechanism, but is prone to shut down if overused.
Cybernetic augmentations:
- Augmented eye. Sa'che's right eye is cybernetic and can see in infrared, UV and human-visible-light.
- Booster. Sa'che's right foot has a powered booster that can help him gain height in jumps, and extra speed when running. Can also be used to slow falls slightly, and decrease stopping distance when running. Can also be used for other actions.
- Calculative processes. When closing his left eye and focusing his mind he can perceive things at a rate 1000x higher than normal. During this time his mind works overtime, but can still think up plans and maneuvers.

Experimental augmentations: As an order from his military superiors Sa'che is to use these at least once to show the world the power of Lupin cybernetics.
- Pulse ray. From his right hand he can extend a ray of immense energy. The energy is equivalent to 24 kilograms of TNT but requires intense amounts of energy, that will likely shut down his generator.
- Hardlight shield. Hardlight, a new Lupin discovery that crystallizes sunlight into almost unbreakable constructs. The hardlight shield utilizes this to make a shield the height and width of the user. Creating the shield takes a lot of energy, but it requires no new energy to keep using it. A downside to the shield is that it shines a bright light that makes Sa'che an easy to locate target.

Fighting style:
Sa'che's fighting style utilizes both his immense military-combat experience with his augmentations. He'll use his Gauss-rifle for long distance combat, but do his best to close the cap. When within 50 meters of the target, he'll switch to using his hand cannon. And if he can, he'll go to melee range, where he will use his blade augment to fight his opponent.
One thing to look out for is that Sa'che is very mobile and agile. It's not uncommon for him to jump left and right, or even sky-high when closing his distance. He uses little martial art when fighting melee, but has great strength, especially in his robotic right arm, which can be devastating if underestimated.

Sa'che's story is not a happy one. Among the lupins those that stand alone stand out. If humans are a pack animal,lupins are hive animals. But there are the uncommon "defecters". Sa'che is a "defector," a lone wolf so to say. His entire life he has preferred to stay alone rather than be with a group. Since this made him unlikable in most work areas he joined the military. Here he went through rigorous training mental anguish. But he pulled through and was placed in Platoon 54, one of the dreaded suicide platoons. The platoon consisted only of others like him. A squad of lone wolves, relaying on no one but themselves.

Sa'che is one of the only ones from the suicide platoons to live past the age of 30. And one of the oldest from that row of platoons at all. So he has seen more than a slight amount of death. But he only really cared when it was himself that laid before death's door. A grenade had found it's way down his cover and blew up, incinerating his right leg and almost completely tore off his right arm. His entire right side suffered irreparable damage. And yet he still somehow managed to fight off the enemies he was fighting, and get back to camp. Here he had little choice but to, at the age of 25, let himself become part robot.

The damage was greater than anticipated. Most of his organs had taken massive damage or was completely destroyed. The surgery to replace everything, and give him his robotic right side took more than 2 days to complete. But somehow, as if by a miracle he survived. He spend the following two weeks adjusting to his new body, before getting sent back out again.
As Sa'che found things lacking with his new body parts he reported it and got improvements or even augmentations. Quickly his name began fluctuating outside Lupin controlled space. He was a fierce 1 man army with no remorse for his enemies, and almost impossible to kill.

Physical characteristics:
Sa'che's right side isn't afraid of showing it's cybernetic. The left side is therefore what I'll describe instead.

Sa'che's eye is a reddish brown color, and his hair a dark chestnut color. Like most of his race he has an elongated mouth and nose, looking like a mini-snout. His eye is filled with experience and death. He stands at almost 2 meters in height and his fleshy side is rigged after years of physical stress. Was it not for the large number of scars and injuries, coupled with his right side, he might look rather handsome, but instead he looks like a damaged mess.

On a side note. One major disadvantage Sa'che has is that a well place powerful EMP could knock out his right side, forcing him to drag over 20 kilos of metal while jumping on one leg. But he does have a number of fail-safes so don't expect to fry his brain/heart/lungs just because you EMP him.