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The Elder Guard

Posted: Thu Oct 11, 2018 3:45 am
by DSoldier63
For generations, the country has seen nothing but strife. War has ravaged the fields, fires burn where there should be fertile fields, blood runs where water should, fathers are burying their sons long before their time. There is no joy, no... laughter, no song of merry, there is only the sounds of war. But my dear children, i set this up so that i may teach you a very important lesson. Even in the darkest of nights, one single ray of light can cast out that darkness, now allow me to tell you the story of a King, THE King. This is the story of how King Eliam threw out the darkness and brought light to the world...and of his fall." The old man ran a wiry hand through his still brown beard. His legs shuffled underneath his robes as the man settled into a more comfortable position before he casted his gaze back to the throng of children before him. With a thin smile, the old man took a breath before telling the tale.

King Eliam was a strong man, his will which never swayed, was one of his most notable qualities and it was what made people trust him above all else. He rode with the vanguard of his armies into every battle he fought. He was a fierce warrior, defeating many a foe. His war cry heartened his men, gave them courage and terrified his enemies, but even this war born man, still knew how to be as regal as the noblest of kings. His tongue, as convincing in a throne room as his sword on the battlefield. He signed a treaty with each of the Four Nations; the barbaric Bersekers of the north, the agile Archers of the East, the noble Lancers of the West, and the valiant knights of the South, eventually bringing the entire country under the rule of a single monarch. He established the Kingdom of Alleble, and gave birth to peace.

Alas, King Eliam knew that peace would not last if action was not taken. Tensions were still high among the Four Nations, but Eliam saw an opportunity. With his decree, he created an order known as The Elder Guard, this order was made up of the mightiest and loyalist warrior from each Nation. This order was tasked with carrying out peaceful missions, with being the generals of King Eliam's army, and eventually they became like family. But as his time grew shorter, Eliam knew he had to choose a successor so he appointed one of the Members to the position of Sentinel who was tasked with protecting the King and training to be the next King. Eliam chose the one he saw...more in, the knight known as Paragal. Paragal was already loved by all, the trust he held was almost greater than the King's. But He still had a lot to learn, so Eliam gave him access to his private library so that he could study and learn of the history of their country and the traditions of the people in it.

Over the years, Paragal read every book the library held and his knowledge was rivaled only by the King himself. But it was that rivalry that awoken the darkness in Paragal's heart. He soon began to resent the King, because no matter how much he learned or how much wealth he gained or how much the people loved him, it was known by all that King Eliam was greater still! As Paragal fell deeper into the darkness that began to eat away at him, he began to lure others to his side. With riches he bought them, with knowledge he beguiled them and with power he coerced them.

In the dead of night while the rest of the Elder Guard was away on a mission for the King, Paragal's men kidnapped their families and brought them to the castle as Paragal himself fetched the King. Telling the King of an urgent matter with a group of people, he led the King to the balcony that overlooked the courtyard. Inside the courtyard was the fountain and inside the fountain, bound and gagged soaked in oil was the families of the Guard. Paragal gave the King a choice, his life or theirs, but he already knew the Kings choice and in one swift motion he beheaded the King before tossing a torch into the fountain burning the families of his friends.

It wasn't long before the Elder Guard learned of their comrades treachery and returned with an army at their back. For months they launched an assault on their home, hoping to drive out the evil that had taken residence in The capital. After a long bloody conflict, they broke into the castle but before they caught him, Paragal and the remainder of his force slipped out of a secret exit and escaped across the Black Plains. Paragal may have lost that battle but he is stubborn and soon he had rebuilt his army and established a small nation of his own. And it was then that he declared war on Alleble, seeking to take back the throne he had stolen and to kill the people whip had taken it from him.

"And that my dear children is the end of my tale," the old man spoke as he puffed on his pipe. The children sitting around him were all disappointed at the lack of any real ending to the story.

"But mister, what happened? Surely that's not all to the story, " one youngster piped up.

The old man glanced at the boy and simply laughed softly. "Oh my dear boy, i can't give you an ending to an epic that has yet to conclude. The Ending, children, is up to the Elder Guard and Paragal to decide, " the old man spoke as he looked past the group of children to the men of the city working hard to rebuild the damage to the once fine capital of Alleble and the women who worked tiresly to treat the wounded of the recent battle.

How will you choose to unite Alleble once more, my fellow Roleplayers?

Hello, i really hope anyone who made it this far enjoyed the story and is interested on creating the Ending. The available roles i have I mind are the three remaining Elder Guard and i will play Paragal, if more people are interested i will create more available roles.

For your characters, i will post a CS shortly if people are interested and part of the CS will be to create your own culture and history. I laid out the basics each Nation already but i will leave it to you to create their culture and customs in your CS

Well that is all i have for now, goodbye and i look forward to playing out this story with you.

Re: The Elder Guard

Posted: Thu Oct 11, 2018 4:20 am
by Cr25pltro6
Count me in. I'm interested in the valiant knight part

Re: The Elder Guard

Posted: Thu Oct 11, 2018 4:30 am
by DSoldier63
Unfortunately the knight is Paragal which is my role. If we're able to fill the other 3 roles we could introduce a replacement knight in the Elder Guard

Re: The Elder Guard

Posted: Thu Oct 11, 2018 7:38 am
by Ash
I would love to play the role of the Archer if that is alright?

Re: The Elder Guard

Posted: Thu Oct 11, 2018 11:17 am
by Cr25pltro6
That's cool. I'll take the berserker than.

Re: The Elder Guard

Posted: Thu Oct 11, 2018 6:43 pm
by DSoldier63
That's alright, now all we need is a Lancer. A lancer is typically one who fights from horseback using a lance or other mid range weapon