(REQ) Born A Main Character

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(REQ) Born A Main Character

Post by CrashJr » Thu Sep 06, 2018 7:47 am

(For reference just go to this link lol. https://imgur.com/gallery/J5sbp )

Ayeka Hino was just like any newborn child, but her parents worried slightly for her, however, they choose to ignore it saying that it's just a rarity. See Ayeka was born with bright blue eyes while both her parents and and relatives had darker eyes. As Ayeka began to grow her hair her parents began to fear more and more as her hair would grow out pink, and even dying it to black didn't help as it would seem after a day her hair would once again be pink. By the age of 2 her mother walked out leaving her father to be her sole parent. Growing older her father would tell her stories of something called a Main Character and that it would seem she was one, he then would show her shows and movies pointing out the main character's so that she would understand.

As the years passed Ayeka would lean to become colder and shut herself off from most people in order to not become what she is destine to be. Now in High School it seems that she has managed to stay away from getting into anything that would spiral into her story. Yes all of those around her love the thought of being a main character, but to Ayeka it was nothing but a curse. She had at least was able to tell off the cute creatures that would ask for help or ask if she'd like to sign and other worldly contract. She'd managed to stay away from the back corner desk next to the window, choicing instead to sit in the front middle of the class rooms. She was even able to avoid that random prince that suddenly showed up asking to marry her.

Yes it was hard to lead such a dull life, but it was making her happy. Happy that she would soon be 18 and be able to maybe get over this curse (in her mind 18 is when the Main Character curse becomes noel invoid). However, two new students have just arrived, twins, and they seem to be interested in Ayeka.


CS. Looking for at least two people or someone that doesn't mind playing two characters.

Name: (Same last names).
Gender: (I prefer one twin be a female and the other a male).
Age: (around the same age as Ayeka)
Appearance: (going for full with this idea so anime picture).


Name: Ayeka Hino

Gender: Female.

Age: 17.

Personality: She comes off as uncaring and goes as far out of her way to avoid anything Main Character like. Speaks in a monotone. Focuses on her school work when in class, and outside of class she doesn't speak to anyone and just heads straight home.

Bio: See above lol.

Appearance: (can't upload a picture through my work computer so here's a ling to the picture) https://orig00.deviantart.net/26a9/f/20 ... 85jngl.jpg

Extra: Isn't in any clubs nor play's any sports, this is do to her being the best even if she's never played a sport in her life.


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