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(OOC) Promise (Golden/Miro)

Posted: Fri Feb 08, 2019 10:37 pm
by Miro-chan

He remembered turning to face her, to the woman shorter than he was, and his eyes focused entirely on her own. They were silent for a few moments, each stood on a wooden platform, where the waves of the ocean gently lapped against its sides. They had only met two weeks by chance because he had found her being taken by a large group of men. He was a mercenary who had a new contract to kill someone who had been hiding away in Verkhoyansk, Russia and he had done it only two days prior to seeing her for the first time. At first, he was going to leave her be because whatever had been going on didn't relate to him in any way and he wasn't gonna get paid anymore by intervening. However, when she and group entered a large, broken down building and he heard screams, something made him run inside. Just like the woman, he had been shocked to see some guy eating one of the men who he had seen only moments earlier. That man died and in an instant, he was back on his feet, grabbing another of the men and he sank his into him. He found the woman looking at the scene in horror and he quickly grabbed her wrist and tugged her out of the building. Even when the screams died down, he kept pulling her behind him until they reached another building. He let go of her and he told her that he would be leaving. Though, she stopped him, telling him that she could pay him if he helped her get back home, but he just scoffed at her, telling her she didn't appear to have any sort of money.

He left her then, but they ended up meeting again as she was being attacked by some sort of creature. It looked like it had been human once, but it had drastically changed, like as if it had been kept in someplace for a long time. Again, he saved her, and the two were soon forced to work together to survive through a horrific experience. As the days went by, the girl proved to be pretty skilled with a gun, as well as some close combat, as well as her somewhat bubbly personality showed. She was the opposite of him. He was a hothead, had colorful language, and enjoyed killing the things that came after them. Two months passed by, the two having grown pretty close, and they were kidnapped by some organization. The two were kept there for four months, each having thought the other was dead. Throughout those four months, they each went through their own testing, but he only had to have his blood drawn a bunch, whereas she was forced to be cut and sliced into over and over again because she had a healing ability. He had also been injected with something that made him much more stronger, faster, and increased his sense of hearing and taste, but it didn't cause him to turn into one of the creatures they had fought off.

When they found each other after an outbreak had occurred within the facility, the two were glad to see a familiar face, as well as relieved to see that the other hadn't died. They both changed into some regular clothes before finding weapons and they escaped to the outside and a few hours later, they stood on the wooden platform, outside and far away from that facility that had self destructed. She had told him that she would pay him for all of his help since he had saved her countless times, even though she had saved a few of those times. He blinked down at her as he asked her if she would really do so, honestly not really wanting the money like he had months before and she nodded to him, saying that she promised. She had told him long before they had been captured that she promised she would keep him safe, despite the fact that she was the one who had to be saved. Though, if the mercenary had to be perfectly honest with himself, she had saved him from himself plenty of times and he was greatful to her. His usual cold gaze softened as he took a step closer to her and he thanked her. He blinked up at him surprise, not used to the sudden change of behavior. Then a soft, warm smile graced her features and she took the cell phone from her pocket and called someone she apparently worked with.

It took her friend two days to send someone to come pick them up and when he told her that he wouldn't be going to the states with her, she had turned to him, confused. However, when he explained that he'd rather be off the grid, not wanting to be recognized, despite all of his charges being dropped for saving the world, she reluctantly agreed. They had shook hands, his hand held onto hers for a few seconds too long, and he when he finally let go of her, he found himself regretting it. He was left there, standing on the same platform and watched as she walked into the helicopter and his eyes never left the transport until it disappeared from sight, behind the morning's white clouds. He got into the car they gave him and drove off, never to be heard or seen again.

Six months had passed since the outbreak.

Six months since the experiments.

Six months since they had seen each other.

Six months and he was in someplace off the grid, working to help villagers in some remote area to kill anything, or any person that caused terror and hevoc for him. The woman he met had sent him every single penny of the payment he had demanded and he had barely touched it, only using it when he needed to. It was pretty funny to him how now he was working as some sort of bodyguard for those who really needed it and was being paid with food rather than how it was six months prior, where he would have only done the job for money. He still had nightmares with her in them, where she was being kidnapped by the people who had took her and he could never reach her in those dreams. In other nightmares, they would be getting shot at, or be surrounded by the undead creatures, and he would have her guarded one minute and when he'd look back at her, she would be gone. She was having nightmares as well, though hers were of the experiments she had been forced to go through again and in others, she would be trying to protect him, only to be horrified at seeing him die over and over again. His nightmares weren't as frequent as hers, hers being every single night and the lack of sleep caused her to not think correctly while at work. She was still trying to live a normal life, well as much as the government would allow her, and he was still doing what he loved; killings things and people. They thought of each other more often than they'd care to admit and each would try to push their thoughts away.

One day, she had been putting her things away in her car when she felt a large hand find its way around her mouth and she was being pulled backwards into a car. Having learned a few new self protection moves, she was able to get the large man to release her and she screamed as loud as she could, gaining people's unwanted attention. The man moved back inside the car, growling out that he was not done with her, and she crumbled to the pavement as the car sped away. Cops were called and her shaking form was escorted back to her home. The government sent bodyguards to her house and they informed her that the same company from before had sent those men to take her away. It was more likely that those same people would be after the man she had nightmares about and he most likely that he wasn't safe where he was outside of the United States. When the guards told her that they would be going to find him, where ever he had fled to, she insisted on going with them. It took her weeks, but they finally agreed to bring her along. Not even three days passed and she was in the country he was suspected of hiding in. Now it was all about if they could find him in time, before some agents from that company would find him.

She had gone out alone and found herself in a small, abandoned town. Her disguise was rather simple and she was looking for him out in the open. She stopped in her tracks when she heard a familiar voice speak in the country's language and slowly turned around and both of the old friend's eyes widened in surprise at seeing the other. He was shocked that she would even be in such a dangerous place and how she got there without being harmed was a miracle, but unusually happy nontheless. He suddenly pulled her into a tight hug, something he wanted to do when they departed six months ago, and whispered in her ear, asked her if he was dreaming and that if she was real. She hugged him back and told him that she was real and that he wasn't in a dream.

That is when their new journey began. Would they be able to get back to the US safe and sound? Would they be captured again? What sort of enemies will they encounter and will they be able to tell each other how they truly feel?

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Posted: Fri Feb 08, 2019 10:38 pm
by Miro-chan



Full Name: Nia Marlayna Storm

Age: 21

Short Bio:
Nia grew up in a secluded area within the United States. Her parents died when a strange outbreak occurred when she was very young. Having been infected by one of the scary monsters and after she was found by government officials and returned to safety, she became an “object” of strict surveillance by the US and was relatively safe in the government's care. Nia basically grew up being constantly tested in secret, government labs and even though she was put in a private school, Nia never really had a normal childhood. As she grew older, after all the constant begging and rotesting she put her "daycare" through, they finally agreed to teach her some self defense move in case anyone saw what she could really do; heal wounds rather quickly. As she was being transferred to a different safe house within the states, her escort and guards were killed and she was kidnapped and taken to Russia. While in Verkhoyansk, Russia, she was just about to have something horrible done to her when (Muse A), a man she had never met before, came running to her rescue. Once they escaped the terrifying creatures, she decided that she would help him in any way she could, despite not being able to do much combat. However, despite her little knowledge of combat that she had, she still proved to be useful. Nia even saved him more than a few times. However, when they were captured by an unknown organization, the same one that had kidnapped her when he first appeared, and she was put through horrible testing. The experiments were absolute torture for her and she currently suffers horrible nightmares from them.

-Muse A.
-Fettuccine Alfredo (she may eat it with shrimp &/or grilled chicken).
-Being able to do things on her own.
-The color blue.

-Remembering the experiments/torture sessions from the past.
-The zombies/creatures, as well as the workers, from the unknown organization.
-Being able to heal (it is very painful for her).
-Being left all alone.
-Not having a normal life.
-Being attacked.
-Being told that she can't do something.

- The Beretta 92FS handgun.
-A small hunting knife that Muse A gave her.

Height: 5 ft, 4 inches (163 cm).
Weight: 47 kg (103 lbs).
Nia has a rather small, petite feminine frame. Her shoulders are a bit wider than a regular woman's and her chest is a size 32 A. Her ocean blue eyes are very rounded and her lips are an average size, neither being too thin nor too round. Her blonde hair has some curls and ends around her shoulders. She often wears a white, button up shirt, with a black spaghetti strapped undershirt, which is tucked into her dark blue pants that have large pockets on the outer sides of her thighs, and brown boots that end in the middle of her calves. If she is in a cold climate, she will wear the same undershirt, a tan-tinted white turtle neck, black tights, black or dirty white wool socks, which are tucked into the same boots, a dark brown coat lined with fur on the inside and hood, and black wool gloves. To top it all off, she will often wear her "lucky red scarf." Nia isn't much for jewelery since the time she was kidnapped, it almost got her killed.

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Full Name:
August Ramsay. Although he hardly, if ever, reveals his real first name. Most know him as the infamous Ramsay. Others, such as locals (he travels and relocates often), likely know him as a generic, overly used, completely forgettable name. Like John. Or Michael.


Short Bio:
August was born on an unusually hot, scorching day, at the end of a muggy summer season. His mother, who was dead-set on naming him August, was severely disappointed when he decided to stay in a little while longer, saving himself from future embarrassment. You know, "Hi, I'm August and I was born in August." Alas, he was born in September.

Anywho, all he ever knew of his father was that he was some attractive guy his mum met at that one bar around Christmas time. I know, real romantic. Clearly Christmas that year had been lonely for both of his parents, seeing as they decided to spend it in the middle of no where, at a freaking bar. Perhaps that's why he never really had that sense of family or togetherness. After all, he was an only child, born to a fairly young single mum.

His childhood was alright - nothing too special. They weren't well off, for obvious reasons, but things could've been much worse. He still has fond memories of laying beneath the night sky, listening to elaborate stories told by his mum about various constellations and the fantastic world's beyond theirs. For a little while, August dreamed of space exploration, and about being an astronaut. As time passed, the dream broadened to include planet earth as well.

His mum tried to give her son the best possible upbringing, but that ended when she brought home a new father figure. Her new boyfriend wasn't kind to her young son, who was probably around 9 or 10 at the time. As August got older, his temper began to flare up more often, usually due to the boyfriend and about some stupid shit he said. He was notorious for getting into fights, both at home and at school.

By the time he was a teenager, August couldn't stand to live in the same home as the boyfriend. He'd couch surf or sleep on the rooftops of abandoned buildings, watching the twinkling night stars shine down on him. But being a minor meant that eventually, he'd be brought back. That cycle continued for years, until that amazing September day when August turned 18. He packed his bags, left that house once more (for the final time), and enlisted for the army.

The training process to become a Navy SEAL was pure torture - but it gave him the skillset that he'd need to make a name for himself. He was in prime physical shape, trained in numerous types of combat, but most importantly, we was able to take orders well. While overseas, he was able to apply and strengthen those skills, while dabbling and learning various other languages. He became ruthless; able to complete any assignment with very little regret. He was desensitized quickly, and it helped him direct the seemingly infinite anger he had stored deep inside himself.

One day, a private company approached him and offered to pay a high price for his services. August never looked back. He became a mercenary, one who was well known for his brutality, consistency, and broad range of skills.

- Muse B
- Freedom
- Money
- Getting his way
- Revenge
- Hot climates
- Starry skies
- Adventure/exploration

- Being confined or held down
- Being humiliated
- Being called stupid nicknames
- Cold climates

- Semi automatic handgun
- AK47
- Military combat knife
- His fists

August has dark brown hair that he tries to keep short, with more length on the top. He sports dark facial hair, which he also likes to keep from getting too long and raggedy - but that isn't always a possibility. His eyes are a golden hazel colour, and framed by a set of dark eyebrows. Tying together his dark features is a naturally tanned complexion, which only deepens in hot climates. Freckles dot over his nose and cheeks, while scars and even some tattoos adorn the rest of his body. He is tall, standing close to 6'3, and is well-built due to the demands of his lifestyle. Typically, he wears combat boots, slim-fit military cargo pants, and a t-shirt.
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Posted: Sat Feb 09, 2019 1:12 am
by Golden_
Perfect, I'll get to work

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by Miro-chan
Awesome sauce!

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by Golden_
Omg happy birthday :D

Also, are you okay with cussing? Because that's one of August's wonderful quirks

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by Miro-chan
Lol Thanks, but I got my day and month mixed up when I signed up. I meant to put 10/2/1997. 😂😂

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by Miro-chan
Oh! Yes I am fine with cussing. I do it all the time. Haha

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by Golden_
Lol you should change that :lol:
But aye another 97 baby!

Also, good. Because August will cuss

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I did. Haha. XD Yeeeeaaah!

Good good. I am alsmost finished drswing Nia. Haha

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by Golden_
Wow I wish I could just draw my own characters.

So is the whole zombie thing like a known thing? Because from your last post, it seems that some places were just chaotic and apocalyptic and I said that he'd never seen such a thing