sky high 2.0 //Please go ahead and join in!!

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sky high 2.0 //Please go ahead and join in!!

Post by Darlingcopycat888 » Wed Nov 07, 2018 2:11 am

Today was the first day of high school. Well it wasn't normal school. It was a school to help the family of heros and villains. From batman to Deadpool all the children were here.. Well most of them. Spice should have been exited and hopeful but she was sick to her stomach in nerves. See the school allowed everyone no matter the parent but everyone still looked at the villains children in a bad way. Spice was the daughter of Vanessa well.. copycat. Not a lot of people knew a lot about her mother other then she was with wade wilson..Deadpool and was a stripper. A lot of people shamed that and on top of that a lot of drugs and knew that would be held over her head.
Spice looked up at the school sign as she got out of the bus her heart racing. Pulling at her sliver hair as her light red eyes stayed to the ground. Spice had light blue skin making her stand out more then others.Moving to the gym where everyone was seated. She sits off in the back trying to stay away from others knowing today was the hero.. or side kick sorting as well did not help her nerves.

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Re: sky high 2.0 //Please go ahead and join in!!

Post by Monika » Wed Nov 07, 2018 4:47 am

Welcome to RPF. please be sure to read the rules, and the section on how to make rps to see how we do things here.

If you want people to join, I would recommend posting a request thread up so people know it exists. Also, this is the OOC section, not the RP section. I can move it to the RP section.
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