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Re: [REQ] VR Maids

Posted: Mon Apr 16, 2018 3:24 pm
by Tr0llz0r
Sweet, Sebastian Graves the butler shall arrive shortly

Re: [REQ] VR Maids

Posted: Mon Apr 16, 2018 3:27 pm
by TehMagicPudding
Rock and roll

Re: [REQ] VR Maids

Posted: Mon Apr 16, 2018 10:28 pm
by Tr0llz0r
BTW, is Bio the Icon Bio, or IRL bio?

Re: [REQ] VR Maids

Posted: Mon Apr 16, 2018 10:43 pm
by TehMagicPudding
It's both. Your character's personal history both on and off Icon

Re: [REQ] VR Maids

Posted: Mon Apr 16, 2018 10:47 pm
by Tr0llz0r

Re: [REQ] VR Maids

Posted: Mon Apr 16, 2018 11:39 pm
by HoneyBuzz
I'll join as well <3

Re: [REQ] VR Maids

Posted: Tue Apr 17, 2018 12:00 am
by TehMagicPudding

Re: [REQ] VR Maids

Posted: Tue Apr 17, 2018 12:42 am
by Veilstar
Real Name: Rainie Leore

Username: Mystic Mist

Age: 18

Preferred Weapon: Dual Daggers

Game Skills: Dual wielding, Basic self healing magic, Acrobatics, Alchemy/Herbalism.

Out of Game Skills: Cooking, Gymnastics, Acting.

Personality: Rainie can always be found with a smile no matter the ordeal she faces. Everything is a challenge and even though she has a cheerful nature she can be pretty competitive. Now she knows and is working on this but it's a trying thing to overcome. When she lets her competitive side run loose though this little girl is ruthless. Part of her enjoys toying with people but only when it came to combat situations. Outside that she doesn't have the heart to mess with people's feelings or minds. In fact she's a little sweetheart that'll try to make you smile. At times Rainie can be a bit goofy and will intentionally act clumsy to make you laugh.

Bio: Rainie comes from an extremely wealthy family that has kinda just accepted her habits. It's not like she's an only child and the sole heir to the fortune. She had an older brother that'll take care of the company and make sure his beloved little sister lives a happy life. Rainie or should I say Starry Mist her Icon username, did help improve her family's stocks and such. On Icon she became a star known for her adorable avatar and cutthroat fighting style.

It was a common thing to see her on adds throughout the game and at every PVP tournament. After all Starry Mist had a reputation to uphold and it did help the company. They used their daughter's internet likeness in the real world for commercials and advertising. People being people and wanting to have her skills ate this up. Slowly by slowly though this excitement of combat started to dim. No one was a challenge for her and Starry Mist simply vanished.

Rainie didn't stop logging no, she loved this virtual world. She just gave up the moniker of Starry Mist and turned into Mystic Mist. M&M for short. Now she was going to create a new life in this grand world. Cutting all contact with her old buddies Rainie started new. With a whole new look something caught her eye and she thought it'd be fun. There was an advertisement for one of her old rivals, they needed some maids for their virtual home. Mystic didn't really see the point of it but decided it could be fun to try out.

Real World Appearance: Image

Avatar: Image

Re: [REQ] VR Maids

Posted: Tue Apr 17, 2018 1:32 am
by HoneyBuzz
Real Name:
Yvonne Sweetwaters

Faelight (Often goes by Fae)


Preferred Weapon:
A simple stave, decorated with small feathers.

Game Skills:
-Armor Crafting
-Hand-To-Hand Combat

Out of Game Skills:
-Medicinal Knowledge
-Poetry Skill
-Lore Knowledge

Yvonne or 'Fae' as she often goes by, is a rather mysterious woman. She talks little of her real world self, and even less about why she is a maid for another player. She has an air of wisdom about her, and often seems to know more than she will ever let on; But sometimes she does give pieces of advice and knowledge few should know. She can be a bit off at times, and is rather quiet around those she does not know or does not like, although it's very difficult to get on her 'bad side'. Yvonne is by no means a hot head, and is surprisingly calm no matter what the situation may be. Although, she can get agitated and rather scary if something manages to rile her up. She's very protective of those she likes, and even more so of those she allows to actually get close to her. Once you get past her cold and somewhat stoic exterior, Yvonne is a cheerful and warm person. She can also be very flirtatious, and you can never really tell if she's joking or she's serious. She always as a smile of sorts on her face, and always has stories or jokes to tell to keep others happy. She's a sweet person, although her strange mannerisms and secretive nature hide can be a little off-putting.

Yvonne was never really a 'rich' person, though her family was well off that was for certain. She was often shoved into the limelight, whether it be from her first few steps being recorded and put out into social media for hundreds to like, or her first piano recital being streamed for all to see. Both of her parents were influential in the gaming world, both PvP and PvE. Her mother was a well known PvP player, who was often spotted spectating smaller tournaments to scout out new potential 'apprentices'. Yvonne was suppose to follow in her mother's footsteps, but something deep within her felt as if the whole idea of being a star wasn't for her.

Yvonne herself did participate in quite a few PvP tournaments, before mysteriously dropping away just when she was invited to one of the biggest tournaments yet. She quickly changed her username and even her avatar to make sure nobody would know who she was, and started a fresh slate. She began to participate in PvE runs, doing dungeons and raids to gather enough coins to buy some mounts or cosmetics and such. Over time, though, she found that the PvE world was much more dangerous than she liked; And a lot scarier. So, when she heard offers of being a simple maid floating around, she quickly snatched it up. Having always wanted to live a more simplistic life, Yvonne was eager to become something she had always wanted; Not Famous.

Real World Appearance:


Re: [REQ] VR Maids

Posted: Tue Apr 17, 2018 5:18 am
by Tr0llz0r
Real Name: Marcus Smith

Username: Sebastian Graves (Occasionally referred to as Gravestone)

Age: 24

Preferred Weapon:
(Main Loadout [CQC])
-2 Baretta PX4 Storm
-2 "Ambassadors"
Ignore the carving of a woman
-2 Trench spikes (actual weapons)
-Throwing Knives
- 2 short or long swords

The rest of these weapons are locked away in his quarters:
(Stealth Combat):
-2 Baretta PX4 Storm w/ silencers
-2 Trench spikes (again)
-Throwing knives

(Kick open the door guns blazing combat [Loud]):
- 2 "Ambasssadors"
- PPsh 41 SMG

(Long Distance Combat):
Remington 700- .308 Winchester

Game Skills:
Crafting (Mostly munitions, minor health items [small first aid kits, etc.] and armor)
Firearm Proficiency
Blade Proficiency (Throwing/regular knives, also a sword)
Driving (Land/Sea/Sky/Space Vehicles)
Musician (he can play a crap-ton of instruments [exceptions being bagpipes])
Dancer (knows how to dance)

Out of Game Skills:
Brain Freeze resistance
Popular with ladies (IDK if this counts as skill, but he is "eye candy" for ladies cause his appearance)

Marcus is usually quite reserved and quiet. That's it (He's also quite the nerd [closet otaku]). He is the same in Icon, only when he speaks, his voice makes himself seem more regal. He is also protective of his co-workers (Zero'ing protection).

Bio: Marcus was born into a pseudo-rich family (not middle-class, not rich) and was pampered until he was an overweight bastard at the age of 15. Around this time, he decided to begin living a healthier lifestyle (mainly cause his dad died at 30 from a massive heart attack [his dad was fatter than him]). So to adhere to his request, his family (now only 3) moved him into a small apartment building, where he began living healthier (Though for the second week he starved himself).

When he was 17, he noticed the world of Icon. Interested, he acquired a copy, made an account, and logged in. There, he tried his hand at BOTH PvP and PvE. He failed and Zero'd many MANY times. Soon, he started to get better, to the point of winning multiple PvP tournaments, registered as Graves, before retiring. But his true claim to fame was in PvE, where he not only decimated wave upon wave of hostiles, but mercilessly Zero'd Pkers, Exploiters, Extortionists, Hackers, and the like. Often without saying a word. These actions earned him the nickname "Gravestone" due to the fact that, "He's merciless. He's colder and quieter than a graveyard. And once you're in his sights, pray." (Anonymous Hacker, before 40th Zero by Gravestone)

After a while, PvE lost it's luster to Marcus. So, he took his equipment and skills and looked for a job (changing his Username since there are many Graves imitators running around) and ended up on this transport, as a "Combat Butler". With cleaning duties.

Real World Appearance:

Minus the cigarette

Avatar: Image
Probably changing this later