[Req] Curiosity or fear? [1x1]

RP here if you don't want to worry about guidelines or length. (4 sentences or less per post, on average.)
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[Req] Curiosity or fear? [1x1]

Post by Sollandris » Sun Mar 04, 2018 8:38 pm

With every big mountain, deep lake and dark forest comes a tale. A scary story that keeps children away. Most times it's just a story and no true core is to be found... but sometimes... there is.
In northern England lives a young man called Nolek Anderson. He is a quiet person with a big heart. Eventhough he has good intentions and often wants to help people in need he gets scared away by peoples reactions. Sometimes they are nice but sometime they aren't. And that what cares him. Nolek lives a peaceful life as a student. He lives in a small house together with his family. Since he is the only child of his parents he got a lot of attention from them and soetimes even too much. That often made him run away from situations when he was little. But as he grew up he became braver. At least a bit.
One day he was walking home visiting his grandparents that lived across the town. It started to dribble and besides his hood he had nothing to keep him dry so he hurried through the streets looking up from the ground from time to time. When the rain became heavier Nolek started loosing orientation. After the last sign he had to go right, wasn't it? Whatever... he thought. He still kinda knew were he was and so he would find his way. And that way lead him through a small forest piece. The street was everything he could walk on since the ground around it was to wet to properly step on it so he tried his best to walk near the side so he wouldn't get hit by a car. He looked up a little more frequently to watch out for passing cars but it seemed like it wasn't much traffic today. When he heard squealing tires he turned around frightend but couldn't see anything. Slowely and still looking for a car that made that sound he started walking again. A little faster this time since his paranoia was kicking in again. Calm down...
But he had no chance to calm down. Where was he? Where did all these sounds come from? Cars, wild animals, people, explosions, music, shots.... and everything sounded so near but there was NOTHING. Nowhere! It also seemed like there was no end to this road. Shouldn't he have gotten out of the forest a while ago? Shouldn't he already see houses? Any kind of civilisation beides this road?
But he wasn't. At at that point, the point of total frustration and helplessnes.. he saw him. and his face went pale.
Ye... :D If anyone wants to join this is planned to turn into a lovestory kinda like beauty and the beast. It's MxM if you hadn't noticed yet. ^^ And I would need someone to play the role of the "monster" (I thought of something like slenderman. So still very human but not human at the same time. :D He has a house or mansion in the forest where he lives in. I thought of him as big&gentle but also empathic&emotionally fragile). I imagined it to be a curse that got him trapped in the forest turning into some kind of monster. Inside he is still more or less the same as before. Evil spirits rule over the forest occasionally luring people into it. Most of them die there. Some turn into monsters losing there mind and one guy got turned but still kept his mind. Because the evil spirits know that, they let people encounter him against his will and since most will fear him he slowely starts to loose hope and give in. But with Nolek a beam of light steps into his life. :3
You could create the whole backstory of the monster-man and his whole life, how he got there and what he's been through. Together we would try to fight against the evil spirits, break the curse and escape the forest. And while that happens they also fall for each other. x3
I speak german fluently and english as good as this whole thing is. :D So both languages are fine for me.
That's how I imagine Nolek :3
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