[req] Interdiminsional house

RP here if you don't want to worry about guidelines or length. (4 sentences or less per post, on average.)
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[req] Interdiminsional house

Post by TakoshiWolfite » Mon Feb 05, 2018 3:30 am

This is a casual RP where OC and other Characters reside in a house I created years ago for me and my friends could hang out and interact with/or as our characters and any other characters from other worlds.
You can use any form to submit a character and as many as you like.
Here are the rules of this place.

1)Anything and everything is possible here only limitation is your own imagination.
2)No Matter how much you destroy this place or it's occupants they'll just respawn after a while. (Characters will respawn in their own rooms)
3) I do allow God like characters as long as they can be defeated and all battles be held in (Battle RP)IDH. (and no one-shotting) *will make if needed*
4) You can challenge other players here, but Everyone has the right to decline it.
5) No Harassing anyone if they ask you to stop in character or out please do so.
6) Flirting and Perverted jokes are allowed as long as the other party allows it.
7) Head to your Character(s) room to be left alone.
8) Have Fun.

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