[REQ][F][M]Free at Last

RP here if you don't want to worry about guidelines or length. (4 sentences or less per post, on average.)
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[REQ][F][M]Free at Last

Post by Acdeia » Sun Feb 05, 2017 7:30 pm

In the twin Kingdoms of Kadia and Kanem, people are ruled by caste levels, by colors. The high and mighty golds, the silver knights, the bronze commoners, and the stone slaves, each barked by the swirling markings covering their skin. For many eons, this has been the way the kingdoms have been run and it has worked but recently, there have been rumors of a new caste, one more powerful than and gold could ever dream to be, Obsidians.

Obsidians were believed to be formed in a freak accident in an experiment performed by a bronze doctor. The doors of his room had been closed luckily and anything that had happened had been contained in a single room. The doctor himself as well as many others died but those whom lived came out changed. Smarter, stronger, and with powers. The last trait was what disturbed the golds the most as it was something never seen in a person and if used correctly, could be used to overthrow the golds.

In an attempt to keep their power, the Golds immediately had the Obsidians detained the moment they found out about these powers and had them imprisoned. Forced to do manual labor, the Obsidians are kept under constant surveillance, each Obsidian with somewhere between 4-10 soldiers on each of them at all times, weapons drawn an aimed at them and the manual labor meant to expend the energy they need in order to use their powers.

Recently, the Obsidian prisoners have managed to escape their hellhole. What will they do with their new found freedom?

The time this rp will take place in is during a time where monarchy is still existent. Basically medieval.

Caste System
The caste system consists of 4 levels natural levels, Gold, silver, bronze, and stone. Obsidians are a new caste that were created in a freak accident.

Golds are the rulers and nobles of Kadia and Kanem. The the King of Kanem and Queen of Kadia are each decided through a tournament in which contestants will fight to the death. The remaining golds will be considered nobles. Golds are characterized through their metallic gold markings.

Silver are the knights and soldiers of Kanem and Kadia. They fight off any threats and pick off whoever the Golds tell them to. Characterized by metallic silvery markings.

Bronze are the average people of the kingdom. Bakers, doctors, etc. Characterized by metallic Bronze colored markings. (I think you get the idea on the markings by now...)

Stone are the slaves and servants. Generally, they're treated like dirt and are even occasionally referred to as objects rather than human beings. Characterized by dull gray markings.

A caste artificially created in a freak accident, Obsidians have powers that terrify all in the kingdoms. All obsidians have momentarily been detained and imprisoned at the edge of the kingdoms. Characterized by their shiny black markings, unusual eye colors which vary, and enhanced speed, strength, and intelligence.

*Note-This is momentarily just an interest check. If I get three or more people interested, I'll post the CS and Rules

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Re: [Req][F][M]Free at Last

Post by Wolfrider » Sun Feb 05, 2017 9:36 pm

I like the idea and would be interested

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Re: [Req][F][M]Free at Last

Post by Deus Arctos » Tue Feb 07, 2017 3:56 pm

Well, I'm interested. Count me in.
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