Fantasy modern times rp

RP here if you don't want to worry about guidelines or length. (4 sentences or less per post, on average.)
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Fantasy modern times rp

Post by princess » Mon Jun 15, 2020 4:17 am

YC and mine are having summer romance we both were 17. You claimed you loved me one night. But the next night we were supposed to meet at our favorite spot in the field under our tree. You never showed. I waited there until it rained. Then walked home. Come to find out you father had died. Though I tried to find you I couldnt. It's like you disappeared. (what happened to you is up to you)
5 years later. I am a successful reporter. And your a very famous motorcycle stunt man. I ahbw been assigned to cover your most dangerous stunt. I am waiting in the hall by your dressing room to interview you as you come out.....

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