[REQ][SIMULTANEOUS RP] Mother/EarthBound 1+2+3+64 Roleplay + TwistBound + CrossBound

RP here if you don't want to worry about guidelines or length. (4 sentences or less per post, on average.)
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[REQ][SIMULTANEOUS RP] Mother/EarthBound 1+2+3+64 Roleplay + TwistBound + CrossBound

Post by LBA-001 » Sat Jun 13, 2020 8:33 am

Mother 1/EarthBound Beginnings part

In the 1900s, George and Maria abducted by the aliens. They will taking care of Giygas. 3 years later, George researches Giygas' psychic abilities and how to use it while Maria taking care of Giygas. When Giygas knew this, he plotted to invade the world because he thought that when his psychic abilities is learned by humans, it will might use a weapon against him. 80 years after that event, Ninten, the great-grandson of George and Maria and his friends are tasked to collect the eight melodies and defeat Giygas.
No crying until the end.
Mother 2/EarthBound part

After many years, a meteor strikes on Onett outskirts, and awakens Ness in his house. He and his frienemy, Pokey (Porky), searched for Picky, Pokey's brother. Then, after visited the spot, they saw a bee. The bee said Giygas is coming back to invade the world again 10 years later, but he can stop this if Ness defeats Giygas. Now, Ness and his friends will come and save the world again.
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Mother 3 part
After the events of EarthBound, in a unspecified time period, While having a peaceful day on Tazmily Village, Nowhere Islands, Pigmasks invaded the world. After the twins, Claus and Lucas, playing with a draco, they heard noises on the forest. When Flint saved Fuel, Hinawa is gone missing. After they investigate the disappearance, they knew that a reconstructed Draco killed Hinawa. Lucas' heart broke. After Claus fought with the draco, Claus mysteriously disappeared. After 3 years, Lucas and his party will save the world, defeating Pigmask army, and awaken the dragon.
We making Mother 3 too! Dakota!
Mother 3 64DD/N64/EarthBound 64 part
The same story as Mother 3 but:
  • 12 Chapters
  • Little alteration on the original story
  • You can team up with Claus! (or Klaus, Klauss, Clauss?)
  • Blocky 3D feeling
  • Altered names
  • Incomplete story, so we can decide to add a twist.
This part will be here if the main owner decides.
Facebook counterpart exclusives
You can crossover your favorites and the EarthBound series! Even you are a Harry Potter fan!
You can add twists or surprises in TwistBound! Like Stranger Things enemies!

  • VoidTermina- The main owner
  • Lucas0021a - The co-owner
Planned simultaneous launch
June or July, if everyone fill their time zones on Facebook
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