[1x1] Love's A Game

RP here if you don't want to worry about guidelines or length. (4 sentences or less per post, on average.)
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[1x1] Love's A Game

Post by Miro-chan » Mon Jun 08, 2020 3:24 am

(Posted this in the wrong section. Sorry. Still kinda half asleep. Lol Could someone please move it to Casual Rewuests please? Thanks!)
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(Muse A) is a book editor who has loved books all of her life. She would give anything to be able to write one of her own, but she is too afraid to try it, so she had settled to becoming a book editor and she is very good at it. It pays her well and she has little complaints. She's (twenty-something) years old and she has had no love life. She is a hopeless romantic, often daydreaming about what her characters' love lives would be, but she has never even thought about finding someone for herself, nor has she found anyone who tickled her fancy. Having no interest in a love life for herself, she focuses a little too much on her work and health.

One day, she finds out that she has the opportunity to become an editor of one of her favorite writers, (Muse B). (Muse B) is a (late-thirty or early forty year old) man who writes many romance novels. However, he hasn't had much inspiration to write a romance novel for nearly two years and has moved to writing mysteries and crime type of novels. For his romance novels, he has been known to write on his personal experience with women. Much like a method actor, he has performed each of the actions with a woman and has made millions off of his books. Rumors have it that he never stays with one woman and he leaves them shortly after he has released the novel.

(Muse A) is unaware of that little fact when she takes up the job to be his editor, being a huge fan of the writer and his romance novels. She wants to be able to write like him one day and hopes that he might be able to give her some tips on how to become a successful writer like him. At first, (Muse B) wants nothing to do with her since she isn't even his type and he doesn't want to write another romance novel. With a lot of desperation and determination, (Muse A) manages to convince him to write another romance novel and he begrudgingly agrees.

The two go to a party and a drink is spilled on her favorite shirt. When (Muse B) takes her to a hotel he had performed and written different scenes in one of his more famous books, he asks her why they needed to have a meeting and she tells him that she wanted to speak with him about a new romance novel idea. He first tells her to take a shower so he can wash her alchohol stained clothing and she agrees, thinking nothing of it. When she is finished, he orders some booze and (Muse A) begins to nonstop throw ideas to him and he is obviously bored. He thought when she asked for a meeting it wouldn't be an actual meeting. He thought it would be something a little more fun, like he was used to. Devilish thoughts come to his mind when he decides to tease her a bit (even though be is convinced that she is not his type of woman and she certainly wasn't the type of woman he was used to) and it takes her a little bit until she finally takes the hint. She is shocked when he is finally able to plant a kiss on her lips. Feeling embarrassed, she falls trying to get out of the hotel room.

He helps her up and is amused by the way she acts. Deciding that she probably couldn't handle anything other than the teasing kiss, he leaves her be and tells her to go to bed. Leaving her in the room, he gets himself another hotel room beside hers and contemplates on what he should do. (Muse B) finally decides to play along in the unravelling script in his head, becoming curious as to how the relationship will turn out, as well as having found his new inspiration for a romance novel. Meanwhile, (Muse A) is still embarrassed that she had lost her first kiss to one of her top idols and isn't sure why he had done such a thing to a woman he had just met.



So I'm looking for someone to play (Muse B), the flirtatious writer. I wanted to do something a little different and more like a romance slice of life. Sorry it isn't really aimed towards high school, but I've done a lot of high school romance stuff. I thought it was time to do something with older characters. (UwU)

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a good day~!
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