Vampireville RP

RP here if you don't want to worry about guidelines or length. (4 sentences or less per post, on average.)
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Vampireville RP

Post by princess » Mon Jun 01, 2020 12:14 am

MC Olivia has just recently moved to a small town in Texas named Newlyn. She was offered a early admission to Princeton sister College, Newlyn University.

Now Newlyn TX is a different type of town. Not to much of it. It's about 200 miles from any other city or town. The town looks like any normal one horse town. Quiet. Where every one knows everyone else. Kids play in the streets, riding bikes, playing baseball, basketball, football. Playing tag. Playing in the sprinklers....however when the sun goes down that is when things turn and not for the good. Because this little town in the middle of no where. Has a big dangerous secret. This town is home to vampires. These vampires are different in only own way. They own the town. Even there government is owned by vampires. And not just vampires but ancient vampires ones that know alchemy.
The humans in this town know about the vampires and know that if they aren't inside before dark they are in danger of being drained dry.
The day Olivia arrived she thought it was just another boring town. She unpacked her things and decided to go exploring. Though she didn't know the rules and it was almost sundown.
She walked out of her room and down to the commons area. Walking slowly looking around. She had just crossed the street to the coffee shop when 2 huge men in trench coats stopped her.
"you do know what time it is?" one said to her.
She laughs "yeah it's 7pm" she say looking at her phone. The other one chuckles "no its time for weak little humans to be home" he says walking closer to her. She looked up at him "oh is there curfew?" she laughs
The guy who spoke first. Steps up to her making her walk backwards into wall of the buidling. "you must be new here...." he inhales deeply. His eyes go from brown to red as he smells her blood. "here's a warning...." he whisper. "don't get lippy with your superiors. Little human. Or I'll chew your tongue out" he says.
She looks up at him seeing the color change in his eyes. Her heart stops as she has now has realized why now no one was out at this time.
As they start to advance ob her. She hears something behind them. They turn seeing YC. "I believe you two are on the wrong side of the town. Get moving or I'll make sure you two dry out in the desert" he says.
"we will patrolling making sure all humans are obeying the curfew. The second one says.
"I'll make sure she knows the rules" YC says.
They look back at Olivia and flash off quickly.....
(yc can be a secret vampire who has vowed to protect humans because you were forced to turn. Or you can be a vampire hunter. It's up to you. Dm me if interested)

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