The Dragons Keep fantasy/medieval rp

RP here if you don't want to worry about guidelines or length. (4 sentences or less per post, on average.)
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The Dragons Keep fantasy/medieval rp

Post by princess » Wed May 27, 2020 5:43 pm

YC is a legend. You are the dragon. Myths and folklore is spun around about YC from the elders of MCs village. Pictures have been drawn of you. Magnificently drawn. You live up on the green mountain. You can shapeshift to a human form to walk among us without being spotted.

The green mountain is the tallest mountain in the village. The mountain is surrounded by the forest of enchantment. Creatures of myths live there. Centaurs, tree nymphs, trolls, fairies, minatour, griffin, and of course werewolves.
All these creatures are why the people of my village don't go in there at night. It's a beautiful forest in the day time. Children play. The men hunt for food, fish, train to fight. But at night its full of mythical creatures.
One mythical creature they have warned us about is the green worlock. They say that he is one that has imprisoned you to the green mountain. You can come out once a year to gather food and fly but that is it. By sundown you are back to your lair on top of the green mountain.

There has been men who try to prove themselves worthy to be fighters who try to climb the mountain to take the only thing precious to you. An egg that has not hatched in decades....

On the day you're out MC is out hunting. Proving she can be just as useful hunting as she can making baskets and preparing food. She is with her father. He is guiding her through the forest. "keep alert Ayla. Always have your arrow pointing to the ground while hunting. Make sure to keep all senses clear. Even in the daytime the creatures can appear." he whispers to her. She nods following his moves.

After a while of hunting they rest in a clearing. Eating to keep up strength to walk back to the village. Ayla sighs leaning up against a boulder. She looks up at the sky. As she does she sees a huge figure flying gracefully through the sky. She gasps and stands as she watches this figure sore over the trees. He looks down as he glides seeing the hunting party. She watches him hover high above the clearing. Stunned knowing he is the dragon, or looks like a dragon, YC looks over seeing the only female in the party. Their eyes lock and they stare at each other for a few minutes before he flies off.....
She blinks a couple times and looks around not seeing him any more. She walks back to her father. Wondering if she might have just imagined seeing him.

That night they get back to the village. She helps the women prepare the food they hunted still thinking about what she saw. How magnificent he was in real life. But still thinking she may have daydreamed him....

(this is a romance always. You can choose your own dragon if you like. The pictures are how I feel he looks. When in dragon form and in human form. You can also be evil. Thinking humans only want your egg. Or kind. It's up to you.

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