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[One] Vampire In The Night

Posted: Tue May 26, 2020 2:13 pm
by WinterRose
This is a repost of an rp I created on an old account I lost the password to.

Muse A lives alone in an apartment in the middle of a worn city that thrives in the night. She takes care of her only friend which is a puppy and tries to live a normal ordinary life not expecting much for herself.

Muse B, a vampire, lives in a mansion outside the city in the dark forbidden woods that surround the town. Folktales scare the citizens from venturing into the woods. But that doesn't bother muse B at the slightest. He has an uncontrolled desire to drink the blood of a virgin girl. The most sweetest of them all. He travels for days, months, and even years trying to satisfy his thirst and always returns home.

On one occasion on the eve of her birthday Muse A returns home on the darken streets of the city in the freezing air after a recent rain. Water covered the sidewalks and roads. A hand reaches out and pulls her into an alley. Fighting for her life Muse A cuts herself trying to escape his clutch and runs in no particular direction. She ran and ran her heart pounding tears falling she ran at first the man followed until she ran into the woods ....

Just a basic Cs needed. Min of 4-5 sentences per post. I’ll be Muse A.


Extra: (if any)

Re: [One] Vampire In The Night

Posted: Wed May 27, 2020 4:03 pm
by Mara115
Name: Sierra Marsh
Age: 19
Height: 5'7"
Species: Vampire
Bio: Sierra was only bitten recently. The dude who bit her was her boyfriend, now ex. Sierra has lived a rather normal life until now. She has a cat named Nibble, and has a nice apartment. She does her best to not bite people, and when she gets too thirsty, she finds some wild goat or something.
Appearance: Raven black hair, light green eyes, black flowy tank top, dark grey jean capris, a silver stag pendant
Extra: (if any) She has a scar right above her left eye
Personality: She's kind, sensitive, loves cats, hates biting people, is obsessed with re-watching Full House (like me right now), is very friendly

Re: [One] Vampire In The Night

Posted: Thu May 28, 2020 4:43 am
by WinterRose
Name: Isabella Valentina

Age: 21

Height: 5’5”

Species: Human

Bio: Isabella had a normal human life. Dropped out of college. Moved out of the home of her adoptive parents and decided to go somewhere different. She barely had enough money by the end of the move to keep her on her feet so she works at the small towns local cafe. In the evening and helps out at the library during the day.

Rewind to the very beginning Isabella was adopted at three weeks old by loving parents. Lived a simple life and kept to herself. At seventeen she accepted into college but even with scholarships and everything she wouldn’t be able to pay. She decided to drop out college due to finances and things that began to happen. This this she had enough notice to start over and move to the small town by a thick forest and brush.

Back to present Isabella is currently a busy bee and is still rather new. She knows of the stories of the dark forest and the fear of the locals. Only ones who go in are the idiotic drunks who dare eachother to go in. Isabella hasn’t given it much thought too focused on making ends meet for her and her puppy which she found wandering around late one evening.

Extra: Isabella is a fanatic for great novels and classic reads and has a weird fondness for Shakespeare’s Tragedies. Also Loves the city’s cafes hot chocolate.

Personality: Isabella is a kind hearted girl who loves to read way too much. She keeps to herself and works really hard. She would help others to a fault even if she isn’t okay. Though is stubborn like no other. And a bit naive. She’s shy when it comes to the opposite sex unless it’s professional. Not is she good at making friends of any sort. She will keep a wall up to everyone around her so know one sees her pain as well as get close to her heart so she’s not hurt.

Re: [One] Vampire In The Night

Posted: Thu May 28, 2020 5:42 am
by WinterRose