A strange RP

RP here if you don't want to worry about guidelines or length. (4 sentences or less per post, on average.)
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A strange RP

Post by princess » Sat May 23, 2020 12:40 am

This rp is a fantasy
(back story)
The characters in the rp are special. They are. Human with extra powers.
MC always thought that she was different. Always seeing things that were there. Or seeing that's happened in the past. Like a person that died in the past at a place or area she was at. (they never spoke to her) She had no friends because when this would happen she was just stare at the place with fear. Which would make her 'friend' think she was weird.
When she turned 18 she was approached by these people who said they could help with her...special senses. She was hestainte at first but agreed to go
A week later she moved into this mansion in another state with 5 other people. All had a different sort of power.
The little girl. She could control the environment.
One of the boys could control emotion
Another boy could see a persons future if he was to touch them.
The 3rd girl. Who was a little younger then MC her powers were to read minds. Only she couldn't read the minds of the Others. Just humans.
YC was MCs age. Your power is yours. You can reveal it when ever you like. You can keep it secret. However because of your powers something in your past happened that devastated your life. And you ended up in the mansion when you were 15.
Being the new girl in the house MC was ignored by the others. She would eat alone. She didn't talk to them ans they wouldn't talk to her.

One night shes walking back to her room from the bathroom when YC comes out of his room. She stops looking at him. She did learn of a 5th person living here but was told that he was more of a loner that he only stayed in his room. She was told this by the director. YC stops as well looking at MC.
She clears her throat "hello... I'm Lilly" she says and continue walking to her room.....

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