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Romantic Treasure hunt rp

Posted: Sat Apr 04, 2020 9:39 pm
by princess
MC and YC are in same college. We don't ever really notice each other. We only have one class together and thats historical papyrology. It's the second week of class and the instructor has chosen a few students for a treasure hunt. MC and YCs are paired as one group. We are give are treasure map. We are given 2 weeks off of school and given credit for hotel rooms in Washington. The map contains clues and riddles we need to follow to get closer to the treasure. The instructor doesn't tell us what the treasure is but tells us we will be very pleased. The morning after we meet at the airport waiting for our flight. MC is sitting in the airport snack bar eating breakfast...(think of National Teasure 1 and 2 and Gold Rush)